TIMBER Audio was founded by Braden Wiscombe who’s passion for guitar building inspired the design process of TIMBER Audio. The company aims to provide listeners with unique audio products that are driven by the use of wood to be aesthetically and acoustically stunning. The Prelude, the company’s first product, is an “Acoustically Beautiful” headphone made from solid wood and Aluminium, set to release on Kickstarter on June 6thPackage

For the past nine months, TIMBER Audio has been working to perfect their design of an “acoustically superior headphone, the Prelude”.

TIMBER Audio’s real advantage, says the company’s press release, is in combining the acoustic material of solid wood and the innovation of wireless connectivity. You’ll be able to connect to your smartphone or other Bluetooth capable device and free your hands from cables to listen to music or take and make phone calls.

With their KICKSTARTER release just around the corner, early-bird supporters can look forward to discount prices up to 50% off the estimated retail price of $198 to help the company reach their funding goal of $55,000 in 30 days.

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NuForce announce their BE6i wireless in-ear headphones. Optoma has just unveiled the enhanced version of its winning BE6 earphones which takes the same design but offers an battery life of up to 8 hours. The new model is also IPX5 certified making the earphones more durable and ensuring greater protection from rain and sweat. The cables you see are merely to connect the two headphones to each other! Nuforceineqrs

The new BE6i is still the only Bluetooth® in-ear headphones to be fully crafted from aluminium. In addition, the headphones feature Bluetooth with aptX® and AAC compatibility for superior quality audio streaming.

“The feedback received for the BE6 has been excellent so we’re excited to unveil the next evolution of our premium wireless in-ear headphones.” explains Joe Ahmed, Head of Marketing at Optoma EMEA.

Five sets of custom designed silicone and two sets of Comply™ soft memory foam ear tips are included so users can find their perfect fit.

NuForce BE6i earphones come in both grey and gold, and are available now.

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Electrocompaniet have announced the EC1 6DX that incorporates and integrated amplifier along with a streamer and digital to analogue conversion.The built-in streamer is said to be flexible and easy to use. It can play directly from music services such as Tidal, Qobuz and Spotify, can be fed music through AirPlay or DLNA, and it can index and play from your own music collection stored in your network. The powerful hardware ensures that all popular formats are supported (including DSD) and that continuous software upgrades can support the latest and streaming services. ECI6DX_front_med-res

The streamer shares the same DNA as the ECM 2 and the new EC Living product line. This means that you can use the same apps and interface, and play all of the same music on all units. All units will work equally well together.ECI_6DX_rear_med_res

The ECI 6DX can be operated by their iOS & Android application, the universal webinterface, or with the straightforward IR remote control.

The converter will deal with 24bit /192kHz files, has SPDIF; 2 Toslink and a USB input. The streamer section has 802.11 Wifi with MIMO a 1Gigabit Ethernet and a USB for external storage.   Supported formats are: WAV/WAVE, MP3, AAC+, Vorbis, AC3, DTS, ALAC, FLAC, APE, WMA, up to 192kHZ/24bit, DSD, up to DSD 128 (5.6 MHz)


Preamplifier section    
Input impedance ( Balanced input ) 47Kohm  
Maximum input level 10 Volt RMS  
Noise floor ( 1Vrms, 20 – 20 kHz, balanced) -135 dB  
THD + N   (1Vrms, 20 – 20 kHz, balanced) <0.004%  
Gain (Balanced) 0 dB  
Amplifier section    
Output Impedance < 0,02 Ohm  
Frequency response 1 – 150 kHz  
Channel separation > 120 dB  
THD ( 20 – 20 kHz) < 0.004%  
Maximum peak current >100A  
Damping factor  8 ohm load >350  
I Input sensitivity  120W output 1.3Vrms  
Input sensitivity HT  120W output 1Vrms  
Gain HT Input x36 (31 dB)  
Rated output power    
8 ohms 2 x 125 W  
4 ohms 2 x 200 W  
2 ohms 2 x 370 W  
Width 465 mm / 18.3 inches  
Depth 405 mm / 16 inches  
Height 128 mm / 5 inches  
Weight 20Kg / 44 lbs.  


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Noble Audio, in-ear monitor specialist, has added three new solid materials to its flagship Prestige Custom In-Ear Monitor (CIEM) line. The range-topping Prestige models are hand-crafted entirely from solid mediums including exotic woods, carbon glass, genuine honeycomb and aluminium webbing, and now Noble Audio has added three new options: Pablo (pictured), Pinecone and Space Zebra. Noble Audio Prestige Pablo

Pablo is a fresh new colourful material that’s Cubist in appearance. Pinecone sees tiny pinecones carefully cast in fabulous colours for a spider-like appearance, and Space Zebra comprises thousands of layers of knitted material, cut and combined at angles.

The Prestige (solid materials) option applies to two custom-fit models from the Noble Audio range: the flagship 10-driver Kaiser 10 and the new Savant.

The Prestige process begins with digitising acrylic moulds of the inner ear where over 2.5 million points of data are collected and manipulated per ear. Once digitised, the pieces are shaped from a solid medium in a CNC process that can take up to 30 hours per ear. Each piece is then hollowed-out by hand to accommodate the driver assembly and internals, before being finished with a hypoallergenic lacquer and buffed.

Prestige comes with a detachable two-pin cable and further supplied accessories include the Storm Box (crush-proof carrying case), black velvet carrying pouch, two Noble Audio bands or amp bands, a cleaning tool, a Noble cable plus an ownership card. It carries a two-year limited warranty.​

Savant Prestige (from £1,115); Pinecone £1,185; Space Zebra £1,255; Pablo £1,325

Kaiser 10 Prestige (from £1,800); Pinecone £1,870; Space Zebra £1,940; Pablo £2,010


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Saturday 21st of May 2016 saw the seventh North East Bake Off (NEBO) up in the icy wastes of Co Durham (UK). The Chimneys Hotel in Blackhall proved to be an ideal venue for the day which began at 11am and ran until 11:30pm.NEBO7-300x248

As the early birds arrived one of the regulars speedily assembled a system so music could be enjoyed as others set up their systems and chatted about all things Hifi. Once the wink had been tipped, the chequered flag was lowered and the day was underway.

Read the full report of NEBO 7 here. 

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In celebration of the final production run of one of the UK’s most iconic loudspeakers, Acoustic Energy has announced a limited edition final production run of the award winning AE1 Classic loudspeaker.ae1-silver--22

Just 100 numbered pairs of the AE1 Classic Limited Edition speakers will be produced for worldwide distribution, turning this Classic into a classic collector’s item.

In addition to the Piano gloss, each unit will be finished with gold or silver plated bolts and feature a matching gold/silver plated Limited Edition plaque with serial and edition numbers on the back of each speaker. Each unit will be tested, tuned and pair matched by AE’s senior design engineer and supplied with a signed certificate of performance and authentication.

Famed for its acoustic design based on the original AE1, the AE1 Classic LE will retain the same instantly recognisable twin front ported cabinet, spun aluminium cone and 25mm magnesium alloy dome tweeter and offer the same detailed and engaging sound. The decision to end the life of this highly renowned audio gem is derived from some of the bespoke parts no longer being made available to AE.

Owners are encouraged to register their AE1 Classic Limited Edition on the AE website to qualify for a free 5 year guarantee and the opportunity to win tickets to Acoustic Energy’s 30th Anniversary party in April 2017.

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The Russian company VacuumGlow presents the unique product at HIGH END show in Munich VacuumGlow24

At the recent High End exhibition, the Russian company VacuumGlow introduced one more use of the technologies from the past – the nixie tube clock. Gas-discharged indicators that represent the time on the VacuumGlow clock were the technical breakthrough in the middle of the 20th century. They were used for displaying the digital information on production equipment, calculators, New York Stock Exchange and, even more, in submarines. However, in the 70-s new technologies cut them out.

The technology of the past is combined with the cutting-edge technology of the VacuumGlow clock. The clock is run by an application on a smartphone, is equipped with sensors and it synchronizes with GPS.

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TAGA Harmony today announced the launch of 3 new speaker models in the Audio Video series:

TAV-616F floorstanding loudspeakers

TAV-616C center speaker

TAV-616S surround speakers.dsc_6410_27205801476_os

The speakers are based on TAV-606 technology with enhanced dynamic range and sound stage imaging to meet demand of premium multi-channel and stereo systems.

Key features:

  • TLIE(Taga Low Interference Enclosure) – new enclosures are now even more rigid and neutral to vibrations and colorization. The increased MDF walls thickness compared to the TAV-606: from 12 mm to 15 mm in a floorstanding speaker (plus 18 mm thick front panel) and from 9 mm to 12 mm in Center and Surround speakers (plus 15 mm front panel).

Increased cabinet dimensions provide bigger internal volume and acoustic pressure reflecting in higher dynamics and lower bass.

  • Revised woofers and mid-woofers cones – now lighter with a higher SPL and faster, more accurate cone movement to quickly react to changes in dynamic sound passages;
  • Bigger 5.25” mid-woofers in Center and Surround speakers deliver even higher sound performance and resolution in multi-channel systems;
  • New decorative pure aluminium trim rings to enhance sound dispersion


Taga Low Interference Enclosures are made of high-quality thick PVC coated MDF boards (Front speaker: 15 mm full cabinet with an extra 21 mm high gloss gloss black front panel. Centre and Surrounds speakers: 12 mm full cabinets with an extra 15 mm thick high gloss  black front panel) to increase stiffness and limit any unwanted resonances. The front speaker has additional inside braces made of 9 mm MDF boards. dsc_6421_26633037434_os

The shapes are crafted to lower any unwanted vibrations, diffractions or turbulences, which can affect the sound performance. Acoustical damping material used inside cabinets eliminates problem of internal standing waves and bass-reflex ports are uniquely designed with low-turbulence and high-velocity ports utilising concave diffusers for increased dispersion of low frequencies.

The floorstanding model sits on solid spikes that provides stability and good isolation of speaker from the floor.


Design: 3-way, 4 drivers, floorstanding, Bi-wiring,  front bassreflex port,

crossover points 470Hz 3KHz,

TLIE Enclosure

2-way, 3 drivers, Center speaker,

wall mounts, crossover point 4kHz,

TLIE Enclosure

2-way, 2 drivers, Surround speakers,

wall mounts, crossover point 3kHz,


TLIE Enclosure

High-Frequency Driver: 25 mm (1″) TWG Faceplate  25 mm (1″) TWG Faceplate  25 mm (1″) TWG Faceplate
Midrange Driver / Bass Midrange: 165 mm (6.5″)  2 x 133 mm (5.25″) Polypropylene  133 mm (5.25″) Polypropylene
Bass Driver: 2 x 165 mm (6.5″) Polypropylene
Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 – 160W  20 – 120W  20 – 120W
Frequency Response: 36Hz – 25kHz  50Hz – 25kHz  50Hz – 25kHz
Impedance: 6ohm  6ohm  6ohm
Sensitivity: 91dB  88dB  80dB
Dimensions (H x W x D): 98 x 23 x 28 cm  20 x 46.5 x 14.45 cm 30 x 20 x 14.45 cm
Weight (net): 34.3 kg / pair  5.2 kg / pc 7.7 kg / pair

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“Furutech’s recently-developed ‘Alpha Nano-Au-Ag’ OCC conductor is among the best that the brand’s engineers have ever conceived for sound reproduction. Not surprising, then, that it underpins the brand’s new top-of-line power and speaker cables. “ says the Japanese company’s recent press release.

The specialized manufacturing process begins with Furutech’s Alpha-OCC conductor which, after undergoing a patented two-step cryogenic freeze and demagnetization process, is treated with Furutech’s “finely-tuned transmission enhancer, Nano Liquid”.

Nano Liquid features a precise ratio of tiny gold and silver particles (approximately 8 nano-meters or 8/1,000,000th of a millimetre in diameter) that finely coat the conductor, filling up and smoothing out any microscopic concave-convex areas left on the conductor’s surface during the production process, and thus providing a greater contact surface.

Furutech’s engineers found that the precise ratio of gold and silver particles and of the dispersing Squalene oil used in the Nano Liquid had a notable effect on sound reproduction, and undertook extensive tests before settling on their final, very specific ratio.

NanoFlux NCF power cable

The NanoFlux NCF is Furutech’s new top-of-line power cable, featuring Alpha Nano-Au-Ag OCC conductor. Furutech NanoFlux NCF EU mains

A double-layer insulation combined with a complex outer shield, damping layer and EMI-absorbing modules reject external vibration and electromagnetic radiation.

The NanoFlux NCF power cable also includes Furutech’s new and unique NCF piezo ceramic series connectors. Furutech’s Alpha pure-copper rhodium-plated conductors are housed within a body that contains an active damping material, Nano Crystal² Formula (NCF). The latter incorporates a “special crystalline material with two active properties: first, it generates negative ions that eliminate static; second, it converts thermal energy into far-infrared. This remarkable material is combined with nano-sized ceramic particles and carbon powder for their additional ‘piezo effect’ damping properties”.

This is then enclosed within a multi-layered non-magnetic stainless steel and silver-plated carbon fibre outer shell, incorporating a special damping and insulating acetal copolymer, the EMI-absorbing GC-303.

New NanoFlux speaker cable

The new NanoFlux speaker cable, again built around the Alpha Nano-Au-Ag OCC conductor, sports Furutech’s CF-201(R) rhodium-plated nonmagnetic pure copper spades along with CF-202(R) non-magnetic rhodium-plated banana connectors. Furutech NanoFlux Speaker Cable

Pricing & availability

Furutech NanoFlux power & speaker cables are available now, priced as follows (incl. VAT).

NanoFlux-NCF power cable Length 1.8m £ 3,795
NanoFlux speaker cable Length 2.5m £ 4,995 (per pair)

Note: Custom lengths are available to order.

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with a 2.2 system that showcases the company’s « accurate » sound technology and ‘invisible loudspeaker’ sonic presentation.TD510ZMK2_SV_img_inter_01

Following the company’s successful participation at The Home Entertainment Show in 2015, plus numerous other US shows in recent months, including the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and CES, ECLIPSE will be returning to the US once again, supporting their US distributor On A Higher Note.

Eclipse’s 2.2 system comprises two TD510ZMK2 speakers (£3,840 pair), complemented by two TD520SW subwoofers (£3,000 each). “The system has been optimised to reproduce the soundstage and imaging that Eclipse has become known for, making the speakers seem ‘invisible’” says the company’s recent press release. ECLIPSE’s TD510ZMK2 stand-mount speakers nestle just beneath the flagship TD712ZMK2 with the TD520SW subwoofer being the more affordable of ECLIPSE’s two offerings.

In addition to the main 2.2 system, Eclipse will also have its Airplay-ready high-resolution-enabled TD-M1 desktop audio system on demonstration. Partnering electronics will be provided by Luxman.

ECLIPSE will be in Room 410 and looking forward to welcoming visitors.

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MELCO, the audiophile division of Japanese computer peripheral company Buffalo Technology, has announced the launch of its latest firmware update to its Digital Music Libraries. Available to all existing and new owners, V3.00 FW enables users to make a once-and-for-all archival quality import of their  CD collections onto a MELCO that will never have to be repeated.melco_hifi_news

In keeping with the Melco concept of simple operation without sound quality compromise, it is now possible to import and store music using Direct Download from Web Vendors, USB import, or Network Transfer. Additionally, MELCO will now support direct import of music from CDs as either Red Book CD Music Disc (CD-DA), CD Extra, Mixed Mode CD) or CD Rom data disc containing audio files – all with auto format recognition.

This newly developed function allows a user to take CDs from their collection and make a bit perfect import into the MELCO – confident that the sound quality cannot be bettered and safe in the knowledge that if they use the easy MELCO backup routines, the music will be safe and secure.

Set up is simple – the CD is read using a USB connected CD loader direct to the MELCO via the front panel USB socket, or the rear-mounted USB 3.0 socket. (A list of compatible drives will be available on the MELCO web site, although any highperformance drive will deliver the desired performance) The Direct CD-Import function starts automatically once the CD is recognised and the imported music is automatically located within the MELCO in a folder called ‘CD-Import’ and is date stamped for user convenience.

Metadata is derived from Gracenote database. This includes high-resolution cover art royalty free and totally legal. Integration between the metadata download and the internal MELCO UPnP server ensures a comfortable user experience.

As the number of circulating CDs continues to rise, there may be circumstances with conventional solutions whereby the incorrect metadata decision is made by the system. MELCO removes any chance of metadata mistakes or duplications by offering the user the available choices on the front panel display, allowing the selection of the correct album before the download of metadata. This MELCO-developed system safe-guards the user from subsequent time-consuming and frustrating metadata editing. The result is a true archive quality duplication of the users CD library, leaving the user confident that they have the most accurate file and that it will never be necessary to import the CD again.

Music storage can be selected as either .wav, or .flac with selectable compression ratios including zero compression flac – favoured by audiophiles as there is no unpacking burden for the DAC. Both flac and wav have fully embedded metadata.

Users need to satisfy themselves of local copyright laws before using the MELCO Direct CD-import feature and MELCO specifically does not encourage any copyright infringement.

Supporting the Melco Direct CD-Import feature are the following additional features, all of which are packaged within V3.00 firmware:

Local USB player:
• Precision Start permitting connected DAC settling time for both PCM and DSD. Music delay is adjustable by the user.
• Automatic hybrid MODE control – auto selects Mode 0 or Mode 1 depending on the Control Point App chosen by the user. Mode 0 or Mode 1 can also be fixed by the user.
• DSD over PCM playback
• Gapless playback – both PCM and now DSD. (NB requires compatible DAC)
• QUAD DSD 11.3MHz or 256fs DSD support .dff and .dsf files
• Further sound quality improvements based on internal data-flow
• Compatibility Enhancement with new embedded drivers for additional external DAC implementations beyond UAC2. Full details will be posted on the Melco-Audio website.

Having used the MELCO in the Hifi Pig reference system for some time now this is an extremely useful and welcome feature.

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Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC announce the gold series Christine Reference Preamplifier

See it at the World Premiere at T.H.E Show 2016, California, Room 1417.ChristineFrontMA1027

“The Christine Reference Pre-amplifier is built with the finest components and attention to every detail like never before. Hand routed PCB layout of each trace, the placement of the trace, the length of the trace, the multistage power supplies, the selection and matching of the finest components, balanced configuration, isolation of power, all hand soldered connections, Silver plated pure copper wire with Teflon sleeving are only some of the engineering that make the Christine Reference Pre-amplifier so special.  Each unit is hand built and tested from the board level up to the finished unit. An external AC/DC Power supply unit ensures very quiet operations. The multistage power supply is so good, that power cords do not make a difference and the unit is impervious to noise on the AC line. ”


Frequency Response: to 800kHz 0.1db, 1.5MHz -3db

S/N:  110db

THD: 0.003%

Volume control:  -84db to +26db, 0.5dB steps, -84db attenuation, +26dB gain

Pre-set Gain range:  +/- 12db

Maximum volume and Minimum Volume Setting Range: 0 to 115db.

Input voltage Max:    +/- 10 Volts

Output Voltage Max: +/- 12 Volts

Inputs:   4 Balanced inputs

Outputs: 2 Balanced Outputs

Remote Trigger at 12 Volts, 20mA.

External Power Supply that is double fused.

1.25 inch White LED display.

Absolute Polarity selection: 0, 180



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IsoTek and Audio T got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us about an event they’ll be holding today and tomorrow demonstrating the benefits of mains conditioning.  isotekEVO111

The event kicks off at Audio T in Southampton at 4pm today (20th May) and finishes at 8pm whilst tomorrow it runs from 10am to 6pm.  There’ll be exclusive offers to be had and everyone visiting can claim a 10% hifi discount voucher.

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Pro-Ject Audio Systems has announced The Classic turntable which utilises a simple and elegant “frame” design, which bears a notable resemblance to some of the most famous turntables of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Hifi Pig managed to have a dem of this at the recent High End show in Munich and it looks great in a retro kind of way (see first picture). Speaking of the design, Heinz Lichtenegger has said:

“In my first year as a hi-fi dealer, working out of my mother’s petrol station using her trade license, I sold 50 Thorens 166 MK 2. In a town of 2000 people, I made everybody into a hi-fi believer…
Later I expanded to some Linns, Aristons, Heybrooks etc. Today Pro-Ject is the leading company for hi-fi stereo turntables and sooner or later I simply had to produce what I once loved…”project_classic_turntable_munich

The Classic’s design is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it also combines proven hi-fi technologies with the simple set-up so often associated with Pro-Ject turntables, so you can get down to enjoying your music as soon as possible.

The two-plinth design utilises Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE) to isolate the sub-chassis, rather than the traditional method of a spring-loaded sub-chassis. The layout effectively decouples the motor from the main bearing and the tonearm, reducing unwanted interference between the components.

The idea of reduced resonance transference carries through to the platter configuration. The instantly recognisable dual-platter layout has been chosen instead of the old cast platters. The main platter on The Classic is machined from an aluminium alloy which is lined underneath with TPE damping. The sub-platter/bearing assembly combines a hardened steel rod with a bronze bushing that is lined with Teflon, resulting in a very smooth, low-noise solution. The configuration is similar to that of a Debut turntable, but the tolerances for these components have been improved by a factor of 10 over the Debut Carbon.PJ-Phono-TheClassic-Eucalyptus-Silver-Cover (1)s

The Classic also boasts an entirely new tonearm, exclusively designed for this special anniversary turntable. The conical tube is made from aluminium, wrapped in a layer of carbon fibre. The carbon fibre keeps the tonearm light and stiff, while the aluminium adds improved damping and grounding.

The Classic Tonearm also uses a new bearing assembly with precision-machined, ultra-low friction Zircon bearings. Underneath, a new Japanese-designed ball-bearing allows for easier placement of the tonearm wires and a much freer movement of the tonearm. The new nickel-finished counterweight is also TPE-damped, reducing the amplitude of the tonearm’s resonant-frequency by 50%. Finally, the tonearm also benefits from the usual azimuth and VTA-adjustments associated with all high-end Pro-Ject tonearms.

A variety of counterweights will be available for The Classic, supporting cartridges up to 25g. The Classic Tonearm will also be available for sale separately in the future.PJ-Phono-TheClassic-Eucalyptus-Silvers

To increase accessibility for The Classic, the turntable has been designed with a new set of feet, which effectively allows the turntable to perform as well as possible in a wide variety of installations, even when it’s not placed on an ideal platform. The feet are both dampened and height-adjustable, ensuring the turntable can be adjusted to sit level on unbalanced or imperfect surfaces.

The Classic is supplied as standard with the Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge, which has been designed exclusively for Pro-Ject Audio Systems. However, the ability of the turntable is such that it’s also capable of working with a wide variety of high-end Moving Coil options. The inclusion of a junction box on the back-panel, also allows for cable improvements as and when you improve your cartridge option.

The Classic turntable is available in Eucalyptus, Rosenut or Walnut (shown) finishes. It is supplied as standard with all necessary set-up tools, a fitted dust cover and Pro-Ject’s specially-developed Connect-IT E turntable cables.

SRP £799.00
The Pro-Ject Classic will be available in the UK from June 2016.

Technical Information
Speed: 33 / 45 RPM (manual speed change)
Drive Principle: Belt drive
Platter: 300mm aluminium (TPE-damped)
Main Bearing: Stainless steel (Bronze bush with Teflon lining)
Wow & Flutter: ± 0.03% (33rpm) / ± 0.05% (45rpm)
Speed Drift: ± 0.10% (33rpm) / ± 0.11% (45rpm)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -71dB
Tonearm: The Classic Tonearm (9”)
Effective Arm Length: 230mm
Effective Arm Mass: 13.5g
Overhang: 18mm
Included Accessories: Dust Cover, Connect-IT E (RCA) cable Power Supply: 15V / 1,600mA DC
Power Consumption: 5W Max. / <0.5W in standby Dimensions (W x H x D): 460 x 131 x 351mm (lid closed) Weight: 10.2kg (net)

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Superfi in Stockport are using the North West Audio Show 2016 to highlight the differences between sources. In three separate rooms they will be using identical systems but using different source components. PJ-Phono-RPM5Carbon-Red

The core system will be an Arcam SR250 along with KEF R700s. The unique difference in each room will be that in one room there will be the UDP 411 Streamer, in another the CDS27 CD player and in the final the RP>M3 turntable. 

This is a great opportunity for visitors to the North West Audio Show to discover the difference the source can make to a system.

Get your free tickets here

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TAGA Harmony have announced the launch of the “TAGA Harmony at your home – Share your Experiences!” campaign.taga8jan_2016

To meet the requests of TAGA Harmony users, TAGA Harmony has decided to regularly publish pictures of audio systems based on TAGA Harmony products. The submitted pictures, after being approved by the TAGA Harmony team, will be published on TAGA Harmony Facebook page in a separate album created for this purpose. This will help current and prospective TAGA Harmony users to explore which audio systems and configurations are the most popular.

Once a month, The TAGA Harmony team will select the most interesting arrangement which will be granted a free TAGA Harmony gadget.

REVIEW –  TAGA Harmony HTA – 700B V2 amplifier, Platinum B-40 Speakers and Platinum 18 Speaker Cables Package Review

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The Roksan TR-5 S2 loudspeakers that Hifi Pig reviewed sometime ago are now available for £995 in the UK. roksan_loudspeaker_review_2


The design innovations focus around a new crossover and an improved internal layout to produce a more controlled, faster sound. The crossover uses improved and modified electrical components and large low-impedance air core voice-coils on a meticulously-designed double- sided PCB. Meanwhile, the cabinet internals have been re-designed and feature a high-absorption internal damping material to eliminate unwanted resonances or standing waves. The end-result is a sound-stage that’s wide, deep and articulate while maintaining its musical core.

The TR-5 S2 retains the same drivers from its predecessor. The custom-designed bass driver ensures an extended and accurate bass response from such a compact speaker, while the sound remains tight thanks to its rigid cast chassis. Similarly, the high-tolerance ribbon tweeter provides an open, responsive and clear high-frequency spectrum. In combination with the new crossover, these drive units create a relatively small but attractive speaker that provides room-filling musical enjoyment.

The back-panel is neatly finished with bi-wirable gold-plated speaker sockets, allowing  for integration into a number of systems. The TR-5 S2 will be launched to the market in a premium gloss black finish, with alternative options to appear in the future.

The TR-5 S2 loudspeakers do make a perfect partner for Roksan electronics; their price and sound performance make them an ideal choice for the  K3 integrated amplifier. However, more so than ever, the TR-5 S2 is a “worthy consideration for anyone who takes their musical enjoyment seriously”.

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Karma-AV is delighted to announce the UK launch of Revel’s Concerta2 Series loudspeakers. Designed to provide very high sound quality at modest prices for a wide range of music and home theatre applications, the new Concerta2 line-up introduces numerous design enhancements to the Concerta originals, integrated within beautifully contoured high-gloss black and high-gloss white enclosures.Revel_concerta_2_UK

The six-model Concerta2 range includes the M16 bookshelf monitor, two floor-standing tower speakers the F35 and F36, the C25 centre and S16 surround speakers, and the 800W B10 active subwoofer.

Concerta2 Series loudspeakers employ a sophisticated 1-inch aluminium tweeter with an integral phase ring, derived from Revel’s upmarket Performa3 Series. The tweeters are fitted with a patented fourth-generation Acoustic Lens Waveguide, which optimises driver integration and improves off-axis performance for a smoother, more consistent performance over a wider listening area.

The Concerta2 bass/mid drivers feature newly developed deep-anodised aluminium cones, designed to improve rigidity without increasing mass for more linear excursions and reduced distortion throughout the drivers’ operating range.

Each Concerta2 model has been developed using computer-optimised driver positioning and crossover network integration, producing a more lifelike soundstage for music and movie systems. The speakers’ best-in-class acoustic performance has been further verified via double-blind testing at the Harman Listening Lab. Based in Northridge California, the HLL is a one-of-a-kind facility purpose-built to advance the science of loudspeaker design through meaningful double-blind listening.

Concerta2 loudspeakers are built to extremely high standards using 3/4-inch MDF enclosure construction with non-parallel sidewalls to attenuate internal standing waves. The enclosures have edge-to-edge “windowpane” bracing to reduce cabinet-induced colouration. Premium internal parts and wiring are used throughout, including gold-plated multi-way binding posts to accept a variety of speaker cable terminations.

The Concerta2 enclosure’s curved side panels impart a more compact, streamlined appearance, enhanced by the matte black trim rings surrounding the drivers, a matte black tweeter waveguide and a removable magnetically fastened grille. There are no visible fixings on any front surface. Revel Concerta2 loudspeakers are available in stunning high-gloss black and high-gloss white painted finishes.

Revel Concerta2 speakers typical retail prices

F36 2.5-way floor-standing tower: 1-inch tweeter, three 6.5-inch woofers; SRP: £1900/pr

F35 2.5-way floor-standing tower: 1-inch tweeter, three 5.25-inch woofers; SRP: £1500/pr

M16 2-way bookshelf monitor: 1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch woofer; SRP: £900/pr

C25 2.5-way centre channel: 1-inch tweeter, dual 5.25-inch woofers; SRP: £600/ea

S16 2-way surround speaker: 1-inch tweeter, 6.5-inch woofer; SRP: £450/ea

B10 powered subwoofer:10-inch woofer, built-in 800-watt amplifier; SRP: £1350/ea

Availability June 2016

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