UK based manufacturer Graham Slee is a name well known in audio circles and Graham has recently been in touchjazzclub_graham_slee_news with Hifi Pig to tell us about an interesting concept the company has hatched, to help their current customers and attract new ones. Whilst this isn’t news per se; it is certainly new to us and we thought it would be interesting for Hifi Pig’s readers.

The Owners Club Forum is basically a forum in support of the Graham Slee brand.  Graham wanted the forum to be a relaxed and respectful place for owners of his products to engage with himself and other owners.  The forum is used to educate and advise, sending out detailed information about Graham Slee products and announcing new products.  Market research is another key element as is sharing reviews of the products.  There is also DIY information demonstrating that Graham really knows his stuff when it comes to electronic design.  Non owners are welcome to join as they can then try out products through the loaners program and hopefully go on to be owners!  Members are signed up manually so that spammers are kept out and there is also a loyalty program that rewards active contributors to the site, the more you post the better discount you get.

The Loaners Program is part of the forum.  Graham has found volunteers to act as organisers of the program in the UK and Western Europe, the USA, Australia and Canada.  These volunteers are sent the full range of Graham Slee products to keep in their ‘toy Cupboard’.  The program is designed to be like a lending library so that people can try before they buy rather then buying a product cold, trying it and then returning it to try something else.  Graham argues that while the old way of doing things is completely within the consumer’s rights it is not the most efficient way of doing things, with the need to repackage items to then be resold as used items having an environmental impact. With the Loaner Program members contact the organiser for their region through the forum to put in their loan requests and then just pay for the item(s) to be shipped to them.  The general loan period is 2 weeks, after which the loaner sends the item back to their regional organiser and, if they are happy with the product, they can submit a review and of course go on to buy their own if they so wish.

At Hifi Pig we think that this is a great idea and wish Graham Slee and his team every success.


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The Wax Box is a system for storing, cataloguing and playing music.  The new Wax Box 3 has the same user interfacewaxbox3_news as its predecessors but in a much more compact case.  It features 1TB of storage and 3Beez say that it is ‘Simple enough for technophobes, configurable enough for audiophiles’.

The Wax Box 3 is available now from 3Beez of Colorado and is priced at $4600.


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P5 Wireless are Bowers & Wilkins first Bluetooth® headphones. Constructed from leather and aluminium they areP5W_announced simple to connect to a compatible device such as your smartphone, tablet or computer.  They feature intuitive controls that allow users to not only play/pause and skip music, but also answer calls.  The rechargeable battery lasts 17 hours before a charge is required using the supplied USB cable.  If a cable is preferred to wireless listening, one is supplied in the box along with a padded carry case.

The new P5 Wireless is priced at $399.99 and available online immediately and in retail locations by July 15, 2015.


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Monitor Audio has appointed new brand leaders and recruited fresh talent to complete their team.  The new salesAlex_Emson_Monitor and marketing team will support the introduction of the latest Gold and Bronze series models worldwide and prepare for new product announcements expected next year.

The promotions and recruitments include:

Director of Global Sales and Marketing: Alex Emson (pictured) Head of UK Sales: Joseph Boyd. Digital Marketing and Community Manager: Ai Pheng Yeap. Export Sales Manager: Jeremy Brown (joining from Cyrus Audio).  Export Sales Manager: Sylvain Quainon (joining from Cabasse).

Managing Director Andrew Flatt said “Our ceaseless drive for excellence will gain a new impetus with the promotions and appointments to our sales and marketing team. I believe that we now have the most talented, dedicated and experienced team in the industry and that their passion for our products will really help us to grow the Monitor Audio brand.”

After 15 years with Monitor Audio, International Sales Director, David Hobbs is retiring from this role. David set-up the Monitor Audio German sales network, which he will continue to run with his wife Anja.


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Noble Audio is celebrating the 43rd birthday of its co-founder, audiologist John Moulton, aka ‘The Wizard’, with a sale. Starting on 01st July at 12.00 midnight PST (08.00am GMT), the Wizard NOBLE-K10Birthday Celebration offers a 15% discount against all Noble Audio universal and Prestige products, for a 43-hour period only. The special limited-period promotion includes Noble Audio’s new Savant (launched in May) and the critically acclaimed K10U, which contains 10 drivers in the standard Noble form factor.


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Pro-Ject are set to take their own traditional design, and completely revolutionise it to accommodate the ever-growing number of vinyl listeners.Project_digital_turntable

The Essential II DIGITAL aims to be the first hi-fi specified turntable that can be connected – out-of- the-box – to any modern home entertainment system. The brand new internal phono stage gives customers the option between an analogue Line Level output, or a 24-bit/96kHz digital Optical output.

The analogue portion of the output stage uses a phono stage based upon Pro-Ject’s Phono Box design. The Line output allows for easy connection to any Line-Level (Auxiliary) input. The 24-bit/96kHz Optical output uses a high-performance Analogue-Digital Converter (ADC) to send a clean, uninterrupted signal to your digital hub. So whether you currently listen to music through a soundbar, an AV receiver, a DAC, a TV, a digital pre-amplifier or a multi- room system with external input options – the Essential II DIGITAL should fit right in.


The Essential II DIGITAL has a high-gloss paint finishe, and the “Digital” logo emblazoned on the plinth. It also boasts all the pre-existing features that have made the Essential II an international award winner. The 8.6” aluminium tonearm, heavy MDF platter and low-voltage motor with perimeter belt drive system make a winning combination; while the Ortofon OM5E is the perfect cartridge to get instant gratification from your record collection. The turntable is available in black or white finish, and is supplied with a dust-cover in the box.

With the ever-growing success of the vinyl format, Pro-Ject aim to produce a range of products that give any customer the tools they need to integrate a high-quality turntable into their listening system. The Essential II DIGITAL expands the potential for digital audio fans to revisit the fabled black wax, without fundamentally changing their current system.

SRP £309.00

The Pro-Ject Essential II DIGITAL will be available in the UK from June 2015.


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Rather than bringing out a single pair of Bluetooth in ear monitors, Noble Audio the California based IEMNoble BTS_Side specialists have come up with a clever little gizmo called a Bluetooth Solution (BTS). It’s a tiny clip-on device that turns headphones and IEMs wireless using Bluetooth. Barely bigger than an AA battery and weighing just 10 grams, the BTS system plugs into headphones and pairs with phones, tablets and compatible devices up to 10m away. It charges in 2 hours and plays back music for 7. The BTS system features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX CODEC technologies, as well as an omnidirectional microphone with push-button controls, giving users complete flexibility with partnering devices.

Following its pre-order launch in April, the Noble Audio BTS is available now direct from Noble Audio.


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Akiko Audio think that the importance of a good power supply cannot be stressed enough.Aerostar_FI50

“That’s why we took another critical look at, and where possible improved, the top range of our power cables: the Aerostar.” Says Marc van Berlo, co-owner of this Dutch company. The quality of the silver plating has been improved, together with the ‘filament’ system to achieve maximum isolation. The biggest and most eye catching improvement is the use of Furutech FI-50 connectors.

The Akiko Audio Powercord Aerostar FI-50 is sold with an international 14 day money back guarantee.


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Voxtok, a Frano-American company with their R&D team based in the South of France, announces the launchvoxtok_news of AudioCapsule, an audiophile-grade player and a music server, controlled from your smartphone, tablet or Smart TV. Combining a premium quality player, a multi-room music service, and a CD-ripping feature, AudioCapsule also comes with a high-capacity internal storage, and provides access to cloud-based services.

AudioCapsule can be pre-ordered from today at an early bird retail price of 1199€, with a one-year subscription to related services included.

Voxtok has also launched its Accelerator Program. Users are invited to share their opinions and ideas, and to play a vital role in designing upcoming features of AudioCapsule.

AudioCapsule will be available from November 16th 2015, full price will be 1999€.


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PureAudioProject make some very interesting open baffle loudspeakers that we first encountered on the NewcomersTrio15TB ALU_PureAudioProject Stand at High End Munich 2013.

Their self-assembly speakers now have the option of the new Trio15, three piece, all aluminium frame, which has been engineered for  better vibration control, stability and aesthetics and is compatible with their WTW and WWT models.

It is currently being offered at a special pre-order price of US$ 1,499 excl. VAT, shaving 300$ off the catalogue price. This pre-order offer is time and quantity limited and the planned shipping date is the beginning of July.


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Theta Digital are now shipping the new Dreadnaught D modular main amplifier, designed and built in their Montebello,Theta_Digital_Dreadnaught_D_Silver_Three_Quarters_View California manufacturing facility.

Designed to accommodate up to 8 channels of amplification, the Dreadnaught D has a built-in power supply using dual power cords, power switches and toroidal transformers plus 4 slots designed to receive proprietary Theta Digital amplifier modules.

There are three modules available for the Dreadnaught D, all based on the Hypex N-Core class D amplifier circuitry.The stereo amplifier module is rated at 225W RMS per channel at 8 ohms and 400W at 4 ohms with no more than 0.05% THD from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. One of the two single-channel modules has identical performance.The other bridges the two modules to deliver over 500W RMS at 8 ohms with over 800 W RMS at 4 ohms.

The Dreadnaught D is available in platinum or black, in standard or rack-mount chassis with either 117V or 230V power supplies.

Pricing depends on the chosen configuration, for example MSRP for 225W x 7 is $9,995.00; 400W x 3 plus 225W x 2 is $10,695.00. Stereo amplifiers are available with 225W x 2 at $6,149.95 and 500W x 2 at $7,445.00.


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The NuPrime IDA-8 Integrated Amplifier, a single-chassis, integrated stereo amplifier with a DAC capable of decodingNuPrime_1DA8 USB PCM 384 and DSD256 in addition to a 100Wx2 power amplifier in a 8.5” wide chassis.

NuPrime tell us that the IDA-8 is packed with innovative features including:

– NuPrime power amplifier design breakthrough technology Ultra Linear Class A Module (ULCAM) to achieve high-end Class A sound signature with Class D efficiency

– State-of-the-art DAC supporting USB PCM 384 and DSD256, that is also capable of decoding DoP formats via coaxial and optical inputs

– NuPrime SRC IC chip provides FPGA processing with ultra-low jitter and distortion

– NuPrime vibration-free isolation feet (patent pending)

– Analogue line-out (Sub Out), with 3X the standard output power, provides impressive lows and a wide sound stage specifically designed for subwoofers

– Four digital inputs and one stereo input for complete system flexibility

– Extension port for Bluetooth dongle and WiFi audio streaming (optional)

The NuPrime IDA-8 is available worldwide for a suggested retail price of US$995 and shipping in mid-June.


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Geneva have just launched their AeroSphère music system.Geneva_Lab_1

Controlled via App or handset, AeroSphère is a stylish looking and versatile multi-source, multi-room music system comprising wireless active speakers in two sizes, for table top, shelf or floor stand, together with an optional network-connected entertainment module, the AeroSphère Base, which adds CD, DAB/DAB+, FM radio and a further line-in to the setup.

Adding to their Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity, both AeroSphère speakers offer a stereo mini-jack line input for local analogue audio sources.

Available from UK stockists this month.

AeroSphère Small – £349

AeroSphère Large – £649

Dedicated Floor Stands – £149

AeroSphère Base – £449


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Ruark Audio is a family-owned British firm that has made well reputed loudspeakers for over thirty years. Today it hasRuark_R1_OL applied the same principles to design and engineer a new generation of compact tabletop music systems.

Ruark’s R1 Mk3 and MR1 models are now available in the U.S. Pre-order now from Ruark for delivery in early July.

R1 Mk3 – $299.95

Elegantly styled and simple to use, with Bluetooth technology, the new R1 is a complete compact tabletop music system.

Limited Edition Osborne & Little R1 Mk3 – $349.95

In collaboration with British designers Osborne & Little Ruark have introduced a limited edition of our new R1 wrapped in one of O&L’s latest fabrics called ‘Melo’.

MR1 – $499.95

The new MR1 Bluetooth speaker system was created to partner modern music sources, such as laptops, smartphones, flat panel TVs and iPads.

Both the R1 Mk3 and the MR1 are available in real wood Rich Walnut, Soft Black or Soft White.


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NuNu Distribution in UK got in touch to tell us about the  new Chromium Style range of speakers from quadral that consists of 4 products: Style 8, Style 6, Style 2 and Style 1 (Base). This newQuadral_chromium_pr range has:

  • The new “genuine” ribbon tweeter with an aluminium membrane  which the company say “guarantees exceptionally low distortion ratings and produces fascinating fine reproductions”. Using extremely powerful neodymium magnets and a transducer with a sintered, high current ferrite core
  • 6 inch (155mm) woofer
  • Available in a high gloss varnish of black or white
  • White speakers come with a white front grill
  • Premium gold plated stereo connection terminals
  • Titanium coated membrane
  • Covers are held secure by magnets


                                                     STYLE 8                     STYLE 6                 STYLE 2                   STYLE 1

Type                                            3-way                          2-way                      2-way                       3-way

Principle                                     Bass reflex                  Bass reflex              Base reflex              closed

Nom/Music power (W)             140/200                       110/170                   60/90                       100/150

Frequency response (Hz)       32…55.000                  35…55.000              48…55.000             55…55.000

Crossover frequency (Hz)      340/3.400                    3.400                        3.400                        300/3.400

Efficiency (dB/1W/1m)             89                                 88                             86                               86

Tweeter (ribbon)                       aluminium                     aluminium                aluminium                  aluminium

Midrange Titanium-PP            155mm                          2x155mm                 155mm                       155mm




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If you are in the Brittany region of France the weekend of the 24th, 25th, and 26th of July then you really do owe it to yourself to pay a visit to the absolutely fabulous Fest Jazz at Chateauneuf-JFESTdu-Faou.

There’s a whole weekend of gigs and events in the town over the weekend, but the main event takes place on the Sunday.
Artists on the day are:

Electric Swing Circus

Davell Crawford

Raphaele Atlan

Remi HAris

Major Swing

Natascha Rogers

Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band

The Hippocampus Jass Gang

Malo Mazurié

Jack Daniels String Band

Good Time Jazz

Ginger Stompers


Old Chaps

Les Ragamuffins

Les Trimarantes

Keep Why

Usual Suspects

Tickets for the Sunday are from 21 Euros and a weekend pass is just 50 Euros for a truly international line-up of artists.
From past experience this really is a fabulous festival, with a lovely chilled out atmosphere that is certainly as family friendly as it gets.
There are advertisements dotted around Hifi Pig so if you are going to be finding yourself in the Brittany area around the dates then get yourself booked for what is a really great Jazz Fest.

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“Excellence is a lifestyle, an art de vivre,  consciously  chosen  by those who cannot settle for less than the best; those who have the knowledge to determine in all domains of life what is  betterLogos_anatta_front_goldmunc intrinsically, but above all, what is better for them. It is with these customers in mind that the Logos Anatta was created” announces the latest press release from Goldmund.

The new Logos Anatta cannot hide it is related to the Apologue Anniversary Limited Edition designed twenty five years ago by the contemporary Italian artist Claudio Rotta Loria.

Modern and cubic, Goldmund wanted the Anatta to stand out as being different, special, yet timeless. Its design is adapted to contemporary styles but also creates an interesting contrast in classical decors.

The Logos Anatta is 1.6 meters (5’6”) height and uses the best quality steel, ultra-rigid brass, aluminum, rhodium, and gold. The Anatta is made out of aluminum that is treated to create the traditional Goldmund satin finish.

All Logos Anatta speakers are assembled by hand at the Goldmund factory and consists in sourcing each element of the speaker from  the  most expert Swiss companies. Some of them are small enterprises that work with only a few selected customers such as Rolex, Patek Philippe and Goldmund. Each of  them  being  highly  specialized  in one domain only (mechanics, treatment, electronics etc.)..  

Logos Anatta is built with the Mechanical Grounding technology developed by Goldmund to evacuate spurious vibrations that affect the sound quality.

The Logos Anatta is a “wireless capable” speaker. It adapts to your needs in terms of system options.

If you wish for extreme simplicity, you can use the Anatta with the USB computer dongle that is provided with it. Plugged in your computer, it will wirelessly transfer the signal to your speakers without any need for additional equipment to listen to your tracks. If you have several sources and want to connect your television, your computer and your disc player, a wireless hub like the Mimesis 11 or the Talisman (this one with the size and shape of a jewelry box) will be enough to transmit from all of them. If you wish to use the Anatta as front speakers in a home cinema, you may also choose an acoustic processor and a wireless transmitter.

The power cord, the only really necessary cable, is completely hidden  within  the  frame and connects at the rear bottom part of it and amplifiers and filters are integrated within the speakers. The Anatta can also be used wired by a coaxial link and the digital link RCA plug is located right next to the AC connector.

When the Logos Anatta operates as front speakers in a multichannel system, it is delivered with a customized configuration created from the mathematical model of the room in which it is installed and taking into account the rest of the equipment used in the system. Configurations are calculated by an engineer of the Goldmund Geneva Acoustic  Laboratory.


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Roth Audio announces two new finishes for its OLi POWA-5. The Bluetooth aptX-equipped powered stereo speaker system is now available in matte black and matte grey, complimenting the Roth AV_OLi POWA-5_Matte_Finishes_Pressexisting black and white high-gloss options. All choices feature elegantly curved cabinets and house an impressive 80-watts of amplification, as well as a host of connectivity possibilities.

In addition to Bluetooth, the POWA-5’s connectivity list includes 1 x pair RCA analogue connecters (e.g. CD player), 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack input (e.g. MP3 player), 2 x optical inputs (e.g. Sky box, and DVD player), as well as a pair of USB outputs to provide power to mobile devices.

Roth AV founder James Roth commented, “Our customers asked if we can provide more colour options and these two are the first we’ll bring to market. We’re hoping that this beautiful new matte finish will win the hearts and minds of many more people who want a pair of active loudspeakers that sound great, have the best connectivity options in the marketplace and provide unbeatable value-for-money and still ooze class. They look, sound and feel incredible.”

The Roth OLi POWA-5 matte black and matte grey finishes both launch on 01 July 2015 at an RRP of £249.00 (per pair).


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