The Focus XD series, comprised of the compact 200 and floor-standing 400 and 600 models, provides a well thought out solution dynaudio_xd rangefor music playback say Dynaudio: The digital music signal is transmitted losslessly from the source to the driver and without analogue conversion. The new Focus XD speakers integrate digital amplifiers, DSP, its own digital volume control, as well as digital and analogue inputs.

The Focus XD works from the digital input via the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to the digital amplifier at native 24-bit / 192 kHz resolution. High resolution files are transmitted from any digital player.

The amps are remote-controllable digital volume controlled, delivering 150 watts power per driver. Each driver has its own amplifier, thus providing the individual Focus XD loudspeaker models with 300W, 450 W and 600W total output power respectively per speaker.

Each Focus XD model has direct, high-resolution-capable digital inputs (75 ohm coax) and an additional analogue input (RCA). Since the volume and tone are adjusted directly in the speaker, the only thing required is an audio source. In addition, the Focus XD can be wirelessly connected to the Dynaudio Hub: The Hub accepts both analogue and digital audio sources, such as computers, Bluetooth receivers or televisions, and sends the audio signal wirelessly to the Focus XD speaker. Multi-room and multi-source system installations are also possible.

The Focus XD has a speaker position EQ with which the bass response can be finely adjusted to the room acoustics. This way, with a speaker setup near a wall or corner, the bass energy can be reduced in order to achieve a balanced playback. Similarly, the high- frequency range can be discreetly raised or lowered. All properties are consistently adjusted digitally and are thus lossless. The input sensitivity on the Focus XD analogue input can be adjusted with analogue music sources.

In the Focus XD, Esotec+ woofers and tweeters are used. Extremely lightweight aluminium voice coils, the specially-developed MSP membrane material, silk- fabric tweeter domes with precision coating, rear-vented drivers with low-resonance cast aluminum frames are characteristic of Dynaudio and are employed in the Focus XD. The completely new, ultra-long-throw 18W54 Esotec+ woofer has been developed for the top-of- the-range Focus 600 XD model.

The Focus XD models are available in satin white and satin black lacquer as well as in rosewood and walnut real wood veneer finishes. The remote control is designed in black aluminium.

The Focus XD models

The Focus XD production starts in late October 2014 with the following models:

Focus 200 XD – Digital high-end active-compact speaker with a 2-way amplifier and 300 watt power.

Focus 400 XD – Digital high-end active standing speaker with 3-way amplifier and 450 watt power.

Focus 600 XD – Digital high-end active standing speaker with dual woofers, a 4-way amplifier and 600 watt power.


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Audiophiles never really doubted the validity of vinyl but it seems that the resurgence of vinyl is continuing at a pace with vinyl vinyl_Playalbums experiencing their most significant sales figures in almost twenty years. The figures are pretty impressive with more vinyl albums being sold in the first three quarters of 2014 than were sold in the whole of 2013. The Official Chart Company say that around 800 000 vinyl albums have been sold this year as opposed to 780 674 in the whole of last year.

Big sellers on vinyl in the UK have included AM by Arctic Monkeys, Lazaretto by Jack White and Definitely Maybe by Oasis. The top selling albums on vinyl this year show that it is predominantly rereleases that are being bought, with Led Zeppelin having three of the top ten sellers to their name.


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Monitor Audio’s new Airstream S200 Wi-Fi speaker is say the company’s press release “an inspirational answer to the stereo S200_monitoraudiodilemma, concentrating state-of-the-art connectivity, advanced digital processing and powerful amplification within a diminutive speaker design, smaller than the average one-box system but endowed with the latest tech to generate a deceptively big stereo sound from every conceivable audio source”.

The new speaker has Apple Airplay, Airstream Direct, Bluetooth, Bluetooth aptX® and DLNA on board, and will play music via PC, MAC, NAS, and Apple, Android or Windows mobiles. Away from a Wi-Fi router Bluetooth or Monitor Audio’s proprietary Airstream Direct can be used to stream to the S200. “The system’s superior audio architecture is designed to resolve higher quality streams from uncompressed Bluetooth Apt-X, ALAC (Apple lossless) and FLAC file formats as well” continues their press release.

iOS devices can be plugged in to the S200 directly using the USB/charge input for playback, charging requirements, and simple Wi-Fi sharing. Analogue and other devices can connect through a 3.5mm stereo jack.

Drivers include the proprietary gold dome C-CAM tweeter flanked on angled baffles by dual 3”-CAM metal cone bass drivers, which are augmented by a rear-firing Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR). The signature C-CAM drivers are directly powered by three separate class-D amplifiers optimised by intelligent digital processing.

The speaker is available in a choice of white or black finishes with toughened glass end trims and cvan be used on shelf or table-top, or from a wall via one of our optional MASM (MA Speaker Mount) ¼” UNC mounting kits.


Frequency Response: 80Hz – 25kHz

Maximum SPL: 101 dBA (both channels driven at 1W@1m)

Power Output: Bass 2 x 25 watts / Tweeter 15 watts

Driver Complement: 2 x 3” bass drivers with C-CAM metal cone technology

1 x 20mm Gold C-CAM dome tweeter

System Configuration: ‘race-track’ profile ABR (Auxiliary Bass Radiator) rear-mounted auxiliary Input

Impedance/Sensitivity: 10 kohms/ 300mV

Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 94dB

AC Input Voltage: 90-264V (auto-range)

Amplifier Category: Class D

Power Consumption: 0.3 watts (standby); 70 watts maximum

Works with: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPod touch (1st – 5th generation), iPod nano (2nd – 7th generation)*, PC or MAC running iTunes 10.2.2 or greater

Supported file formats: AAC, ALAC, MP3 AAC, ALAC, MP3, FLAC

Bluetooth version:  4.0 with aptX support.

Wireless network protocol: 802.11 b/g

Colour/Finish: charcoal grey with black grille cloth; white with light grey grille cloth

Weight: 2.26kgs (5lbs)

Approvals ETL/CE/FCC/CB/ERP/Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi WMM/Bluetooth/Apple MFi Certified.


Approx. retail price (inc VAT): £200


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Densen have introduced an updated version of their B-250 preamplifier called the B-250 XS.densenbx

Improvements include a volume control using an attenuator made of Vishay metal film resistors switched by relays controlled by the microprocessor which Densen say has virtually no self-induced noise and extremely low distortion. The attenuator has 200 steps for precise control of the volume.

The new preamplifier also has sockets on board for the SA Board for surround and the DP-03 MM phonostage. The SA boards (Surround Audio Boards) are an add on for the B-250XS and will give 5.1/7.1 line input and line preout meaning you can connect a surround processor, DVD player, or SACD player.

On the back panel of the B-250XS there is a socket for use with internal DAC which Densen will soon be introducing. It will have USB, Toslink and coaxial digital inputs which you will be able to control from the Gizmo remote and from the pre’s front panel.


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Pangea Audio has announced the introduction of their MFI-tested, Apple-certified Lightning cables for use with the iPhone 6, 6 pgl5_5blk-largePlus, 5/5S/5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini with Retina and all Lightning-equipped Apple devices.

Pangea Lightning cables are an extra-long 5-feet in length—42% longer than Apple’s standard Lightning cable—and feature “superior shielding”, robust 27-gauge signal conductors, heavy-duty 21-gauge power conductors and Apple’s newest, thinnest C48 Lightning connector on one end, with a USB ‘A’ connector on the other end.

Five available colors (Black, Blue, Green, Pink, or White) are designed to match your iPhone, iPad Mini or other Apple device.

“Pangea’s Lightning cables offer a no-compromise design and the convenience of a longer cable length all at a very affordable price,” explained Pangea cable designer Jay Victor. “The easy-grip molded connectors and durable cable cover make our solution ideal for everyday use, and we have added a touch of elegance to these Lightning cables by carefully matching Apple’s 5-shade color palette,” concluded Victor. MSRP for the Pangea Lightning cables is $29.95 however they are available from some outlets at a special price of of $19.95.


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Pro-Ject’s RPM 1 Genie turntable was an instant hit around the world when it was first revealed over five years ago. Today, RPM_Genie8carbonHenley Designs Ltd. and Pro-Ject Audio Systems are delighted to announce the release of the fourth incarnation of this turntable, the RPM 1 Carbon.

The RPM 1 Carbon utilises a number of premium technologies and principles. The low resonance chassis houses a newly designed inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for reduced rumble. While the decoupled 15V AC motor is driven using an ultra-precision AC generator with DC power supply for enhanced speed stability and ultimate reliability. The stand-out component though is the brand-new S-Shaped carbon fibre tonearm.

With an effective length of 8.6”, this tonearm is made from carbon fibre, but boasts an aluminium resin core – effectively creating an arm that is super-light but also extremely solid. Made by a three step process that involves heat treatment and 100 bars of pressure, the RPM 1 Carbon’s tonearm is not only light and rigid, but the damping properties of the materials are maximised to a point that unwanted resonances are effectively eliminated says the company’s press release. The arm is finished off with a counterweight that itself has a ring of TPE damping at its fixing point, and is supplied with a 2M Red cartridge pre-fitted. The new magnetic anti-skate system makes set-up even simpler than ever before.

Available in three gloss finishes (Black, Red and White); this new turntable boasts the perfect combination of sound performance, modern technology, visual appeal and affordability.

SRP £325.00


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On the 16th October between Noon and 19.00, Oxford Audio Consultants invite Hifi Pig readers to the launch of the try new mu-somusonaim_news wireless music system (£895) from Naim. Its advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes AirPlay, UPnP™ streaming, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth (aptX), iRadio, iOS and Android app control and multiroom capability.

Oxford Audio Consultants will also have other rooms with the following kit available for audition:

  • Naim 300 power amplifier driving Magico S5 loudspeakers via Naim A5 standard speaker cable. Source will be a Naim NDX streamer with optional XPS power supply into the 252/SuperCap preamplifier. All on Naim Fraim equipment supports with Naim interconnects and power cables. Themselves a great upgrade for any Naim component.
  • At the other end of the scale there will beNaim’s £1725 UnitiLite all-in-one player with Kef’s £800 LS50 stand mount speakers.
  •  In the large demo room they will have Naim’s £3495 SuperUniti Audio Player with PMC’s £5750 twenty26 floorstanding speakers.

Mark Raggett of Naim will be on hand to answer your questions too.


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Crystal Acoustics has unveiled its Reference Wireless Speakers, a new range of Bluetooth speakers including a number of cuby_newsstandalone music speakers, two soundbases and a soundbar. All products in the Reference Wireless Series use new WiSound tech – a new technology that for the first time has created speakers that sound the same regardless of where in the room the listener is in relation to the speaker. “As consumers position wireless speakers in a wide variety of ways in the home, the invention of WiSound solves a very real problem and guarantees – in a way never before possible – the good experience of the consumer in their home” says the company’s PR.

The headline products in the new reference Wireless Series – and the first to become available are the Cuby 7 and Cuby 5 wireless Both Cuby models feature Apt-X Bluetooth compatibility, a class-D amplifier onboard, and a range of four colour finishes, as well as WiSound.

Cuby 7 uses seven drivers of various designs firing forwards, upwards and sideways, in order to radiate all the acoustic energy smoothly through the space towards the walls of the room, thus creating a balanced set of reflections giving a consistent tonal balance and a “dynamic, punchy and musical performance throughout the room”.

Buy two or more speakers and you can have an instant multi-room system, with no need for a ‘bridge’. Simply stream your music directly to the Cuby speaker using Bluetooth, and the speaker will simultaneously pass on the music to the other speaker(s) via Wi-Fi. You can have Reference Wireless Speakers in every room in the house, and stream different songs in every room, or the same song everywhere. You can even use this facility without a network – if the Cuby speaker doesn’t find a network, it creates one itself.

Cuby 7 £299

Cuby 5 £219


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Tivoli Audio lifts the lid on the Custom Cabinet programme for its Albergo+ Bluetooth digital radio. The collection enables Albergo+tivoli_colours owners to add personal design preferences to the tabletop radio by choosing from 16 different cabinets.

The Tivoli Audio Custom Cabinet Albergo+ collection for 2014 is made up of three ‘typically Tivoli’ natural wood and a further 13 finishes, including Beton Surface, Camouflage Light, Canvas, Granite Rose Surface, and Visone Leather.

Tivoli Audio hand builds the Custom Cabinets in Italy and the transformation process is simple. The system enables users to simply slide their Albergo+ main unit – available in five colours – into their chosen Custom Cabinet, and includes a locking system to guard against slip.

Tivoli Audio is keen to emphasise that this is just the beginning for the Custom Cabinets line. The maker aims to add to the collection on an on-going basis, as well as consider one-off requests from individual consumers as well as businesses. Indeed, the company has already marked its Selfridges residence with a custom-built 24-carat gold leaf-wrapped Custom Cabinet.
The Tivoli Audio Albergo+ Custom Cabinets go on sale the UK during September 2014, priced from £49.00 (RRP) to £99.00 (RRP), with individual design requests costed on application.


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KJ West One, the New Cavendish Street-located audio retailer, is to hold a ‘Quad Open Evening’ on Thursday 16th October from quad_open_evening6.00pm to 9.30pm . The event offers attendees the opportunity to see and hear products from the well known brand, as well as meet Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at IAG, Quad’s parent company.

Quad was founded in 1936 by Peter Walker and its company timeline counts a number of landmark products, including the famous Quad ESL full-range electrostatic loudspeaker. Quad products offer incredible quality, and its service department regularly maintains models originally bought over 50 years ago.


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TIDAL, the first high fidelity music streaming service with HD music videos and curated editorial, today announced the partnership tidaland integration of TIDAL into products from16 of the best known home audio brands. In preparation for the upcoming UK and U.S. launch, TIDAL is working closely with its integration partners to ensure that music lovers will be able to register and experience the catalogue of 25 million-plus tracks, streaming at HiFi, lossless sound quality, on some of the world’s best known home audio products.

Sonos, Denon HEOS, Harman Omni, Bluesound & NAD, Meridian, Auralic, Electrocompaniet, Simple Audio, Raumfeld, Dynaudio, Audiovector, Pro-ject, Airable by Tune In Media, HiFiAkademie and ickStream will all have products that seamlessly work with TIDAL, with users just needing to sign up to the service for access.

Commenting on the partnerships, Andy Chen, CEO at TIDAL, said: “The reaction from the home audio industry to TIDAL has been exceptional and we are really excited that our first 16 confirmed partners are such highly-considered brands in the industry. Experiencing TIDAL on high-quality home audio systems and headphones proves just how good high-quality music streaming can sound. We will therefore offer TIDAL across the broadest selection of home audio systems with these premium partners and more to come.”

As an advertisement-free, lossless, CD-quality music and HD music video streaming service with extensive curated editorial expertise, TIDAL will be available in the UK and the U.S. for a monthly subscription of £19.99 / $19.99 starting later this autumn.


First there was the Arabesque Glass Master, a floorstanding speaker with an all-glass cabinet. Then came the Arabesque Mini, a CrytalCable_minissimosmaller standmount speaker that retained the original Arabesque’s distinctive shape. Now, Crystal Cable has announced the Arabesque Minissimo, a new compact speaker sporting innovative design and a vibrant range of colours.

The idea behind the Minissimo is to bring genuine Arabesque performance at a more affordable price level and the new loudspeaker has new Natural Science crossover topology, new cabinet material allowing cost effective construction, mono-crystal silver internal wiring and WBT silver terminals and they’re available in a range of matt and high gloss cabinet finishes.

The Arabesque cabinet shape was developed specifically to minimize common problems associated with conventionally shaped loudspeakers, using advanced Comsol mechanical and gas dynamic modeling software. The non-symmetrical shape aims to eliminate parallel walls and common dimensions, resulting in “natural resonant decay without resorting to damping materials”. The Minissimo adopts a one-piece cabinet construction, milled from a solid block of resin/metal matrix material is itself a costly process, but it does dramatically reduce the time necessary for assembly.

With regards the crossover, the company’s press release has the following to say “Extensive research has resulted in the Natural Science crossover, a new topology that offers non-reactive electrical characteristics along with significantly improved phase linearity and rhythmic articulation, more realistic harmonic and spatial reproduction”. The hard-wired crossover employs air-cored inductors, precision silver-oil capacitors and pure graphite resistors.

The Arabesque Minissimo by Crystal Cable is available in 3 standard colors

(Pearl White, Solar Orange & Aquamarine Blue. Slight color deviation may occur). UK retail price: £9,998.00


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Elipson has now included Bluetooth with APTX coding to its Music Centre so you can now stream music to the MC from any ELI_MC_seul_reflet_CMJNBluetooth enabled device including smartphones, tablets, PCs, MACs etc.

Elipson’s Music Centre Bluetooth includes a DAB/DAB+/RDS FM radio, CD player, touch sensitive control panel, luminosity sensor and remote control.  The wired connectivity list includes a USB input (MP3/WMA compliant), 2 stereo analogue inputs, and a digital optical input.  Outputs include a 3.5mm headphone output, pre-amp and sub outputs.

A switching amplification solution from Bang & Olufsen ICE power (R) was chosen for its sound quality and high power efficiency.

The new Music Centre is available from BBG Distribution now at the retail price of £899.99 with a striking floor stand as an accessory option for £99.99


  • 2 x 120 W / 4 ohms ICEpower® Amplifier
  • Bluetooth aptX input for high quality wireless sound
  • CD Player (MP3/WMA compliant)
  • Sensitive touch panel
  • Optical digital input
  • 2 analog stereo inputs (RCA)
  • USB input (MP3/WMA compliant) / MP3 analog input (3.5 mm mini-jack )
  • RDS FM / DAB / DAB+ tuner
  • Headphone output (3.5 mm mini-jack )
  • Pre-amplifier output
  • Subwoofer output with cut-off frequency setting
  • Luminosity sensor
  • Supply :100-120V / 220-240V AC – 200 W
  • Remote control


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WyWires say they are looking forward to their annual trip to Denver, as WyWires’ Red Series headphone cables will make their WYWires_rmaf_newsDenver debut at CanJam, the biggest headphone event in the North America.

“Since launching WyWires’ Red Series headphone cables this year, we’ve had a blast getting friendly with some of the most innovative companies in this space. We are proud to be at CanJam with Mr. Speakers, Cavalli Audio and EXOGAL – and we’re bringing 5TBs of music with over 90,000 tunes.  A 20% show discount applies to orders placed at CanJam” says the company’s representative.

On the traditional hifi side, WyWires will be debuting their new DIAMOND Series Cables  which they say are “the absolute state of the art for us, moving electrons from point A to point B in a new and imaginative way”.

WyWires will be on the main floor at CanJam, in the Iris Ballroom with partners Modwright Instruments and Daedalus Audio, in the Tower with partners Zesto Audio & Technical Audio Devices (Rm 1117), and Prana Fidelity (Rm 517).


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Mass Fidelity is a community of audiophiles, designers and engineers based in Toronto, Canada connected in a mission to bring Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.55.35the world high fidelity sound in the most convenient way possible. “Simplicity in design and dexterity in function make Mass Fidelity products unlike anything else you have ever seen or heard. Beautiful, thoughtfully created conduits for the sounds you love” the most recent press release tells us.

The Mass Fidelity Relay is a Bluetooth DAC that allows you to stream to your existing hi-fi set-up, allowing you freedom to roam the house with the ability to control your hi-fi at your fingertips. Unlike most wireless music systems there is no hassley Wi-Fi set-up, no downloading of apps to control the system, no unnecessary hoopla. With the new Mass Fidelity Relay Bluetooth DAC, you simply plug and play; wireless music straight from your smart device, in your usual media player, to your hi-fi set-up all in a matter of moments.

So much more than just a Bluetooth receiver the Mass Fidelity Relay contains a Burr-Brown DAC. This combined with the Relay’s Cirrus microprocessor, which decodes lossless aptX Bluetooth – means that “all of the musical detail is preserved, generating a dynamic range and full bandwidth response that elevates digital music from a series of ones and zeros to an emotion packed artistic expression.”

If you already have an outboard DAC you love, the Relay is still useful thanks to its Uni-fi output stage so have the option of using your outboard DAC with Relay. With a 5 second push of the power button Relay switches the two RCA jacks to output 24 bit S/PDIF digital, allowing you to stream to two outboard DACs at the same time.


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IAG UK, the British arm of International Audio Group got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us they are pleased to announce LUXMAN_IAG_NEwstheir appointment as UK distributor of the Luxman brand with immediate effect.

Formed in Japan in 1925 – the same year that Japanese radio broadcasts began – Luxman is one of the world’s oldest audio brands. It was originally created to deliver a domestic alternative to radio equipment emanating from the United States and Europe, and came to prominence globally as a leading manufacturer of hi-fi separates in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2009, Luxman became part of the International Audio Group’s family of audio brands, sitting alongside famous British names including Audiolab, Castle, Mission, Quad and Wharfedale.

The brand’s extensive range includes solid-state and valve-based amplifiers, SACD players, USB DACs, headphone amps, phono amps, turntables and cables.

Since acquiring Luxman in 2009, IAG had maintained the brand’s relationship with its previous UK  distributor, Select Audio. However, as Luxman approaches its 90th anniversary, IAG believes the time is right to incorporate it within IAG UK’s distribution portfolio, alongside the other famous names.

“Luxman is an audio brand with an illustrious heritage,” said Steve Macintyre, Sales Manager for IAG UK. “There is strong interest among UK-based audio dealers and their customers, and with Luxman’s 90th anniversary just around the corner, now is the perfect time to drive the brand forward in the UK. Products like

the L-505uX and L-550AX integrated amplifiers are a tantalising proposition for music lovers, with their time- honoured build quality, distinctive VU meters and sumptuous sonic performance. Luxman represents classic high-end audio from the Far East, for those with a penchant for something a little different. We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Select Audio for their sterling work with the brand over the years.”


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Cary Audio will be at the 2014 Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) in the Marriott Towers Room 8025 from October 10th-12thin Denver, Colorado with the following kit.

The eagerly awaited DMC-600, which will be shipping later this year. The DMC-600 is a digital music center incorporating a CD SLI-80_fronttransport and a wide array of digital inputs, including PC-USB, Bluetooth, Coaxial, Toslink, and AES/EBU.  Additionally, it will support native DSD via the PC-USB up to at least DSD128. Like Cary Audio’s past reference level CD players, this will also include a five step selectable digital up-sampling and a selectable vacuum tube/solid state output at the touch of a button.

Intended specially for The 2014 RMAF, Cary Audio has also custom built an “ultimate edition” SLI-80 integrated amplifier that will “leave you breathless and gasping upon listening”. Cary have built just two of these units and both will be available for sale at the RMAF. The ultimate edition includes the following:

Jaguar red chassis with anthracite black transformer cans/top.

WBT speaker posts.

Greyhill selector switch.

Hexfreds to replace the B+ power supply and bias rectifiers.

Bypass capacitors on the various electrolytic capacitors.

Replace resistor in the power supply section with a custom choke transformer.

Replace numerous resistors with high-end metal film resistors.

DC filaments on the input tubes and removal of rectifiers.

Replace coupling capacitors with V-cap CuTF capacitors.

Replace standard tubes with (2) 6DJ8 Amperex Bugle Boy input/buffer, (2) RCA 6SN7GT pre-drive/phase inverter, (2) RCA or Sylvania 5U4 rectifier, and (4) Genalex Gold Lion KT-88’s.


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Astell&Kern has announced an exclusive collaboration with Blue Note to mark the 75th anniversary of the legendary jazz label. BlueNote_07Astell&Kern has produced a limited edition of its flagship AK240 high-resolution music player; the AK240 Blue Note 75 is pre-loaded with 75 classic Blue Note albums, all in studio master quality audio (24bit/96kHz and 24bit/192kHz). This collection, from Thelonious Monk’s first sessions in 1947 to Gregory Porter’s 2014 Grammy Award-winning Liquid Spirit, includes 5 albums previously unreleased in high-res format.

As well as the pre-loads, the player will be packaged with all 75 albums on micro SD card, in unique cases that fit into a flexible display stand, which is also included. Completing the exclusive package is a 100-page book that guides listeners through the exclusive 75-album collection; featuring front and back cover art, track listings and detailed credits.

Only 1000 of these exclusive packages will be available worldwide. Both the AK240 Blue Note 75 player – featuring a blue finish, engraving and an exclusive leather case – and the accompanying display stand will be stamped with their limited edition number. 

Astell&Kern AK240 Blue Note 75: the complete package

  • Limited edition of 1000 – each stand and player pairing individually serial numbered
  • Custom blue colour AK240 with Blue Note engraving on edge of device and 75 year laser etch on back
  • Custom Leather case with 75 year logo
  • 75 albums each stored on a micro SD card, each one presented in an acrylic block to make up the Blue Note stand
  • Stand can make many shapes, from straight to blocked to a spiral (right)
  • Complete catalogue pre-loaded on the AK240
  • 75 year anniversary Blue Note book with album information
  • Available from specialist resellers from late October, priced £4999.99.


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