Janine Elliot cuts a rug with the Black Rhodium Quickstep loudspeaker cables costing £400 for a 3m pair. More »

The capital hasn’t had a proper Hifi show for a number of years and so Indulgence is a welcome addition to the audio calendar. Of course there were a few teething problems as there is always going to be when organising an event of this scope and scale, but, on the whole, we reckon it was a success.

The venue is good, well catered and the show organisers had ensured that signposting within the event was clear and plentiful, so there was no members of the audio public wandering around looking lost and perplexed as to where to go next. The show guide was also well laid out and nicely done.

What really impressed was the effort that the vast majority of the exhibitors had gone to in kitting out there rooms and exhibition spaces. They had clearly taken a great deal of time, money and trouble to ensure that rooms were as good sounding as they could be and they were also welcoming to the public. We attend a good few shows and the quality of the rooms at Indulgence was up with the very best!

There was an excellent line up of seminars throughout the weekend and live music too. Time constraints meant we didn’t see much of this live music, but what we did see was pretty amazing, particularly the pop up Marquee Club event on the Friday night – fabulously talented musicians and great classic rock tunes to boot!

The Indulgence Show was billed as a lifestyle event with a whole area given over to “Pure Pleasure”. Here visitors to the show had the opportunity to indulge in a spot of wine tasting, a look at a handful of rather nice vehicles, home cinema experiences, the chance to learn to play the blues in five minutes, excellent photography from Ross Halfin and some great drums and keyboards from Yamaha that you could get hands-on with. Personally I’d like to see this area of the show expanded upon to pull in people specifically for the “lifestyle” factor, but then take in the audio too.

The venue was huge and there were lots of rooms to see so it never seemed crowded, and, from speaking to a good number of exhibitors, the people that were there were keen to be involved and talk about the products on show. Talking to one of the organisers they said they’d pre-sold over 2000 tickets for the weekend and one exhibitor had 400, 600 and 300 people on each of the days respectively.

Next year we’ll make sure we have a full two days at The Indulgence Show as we simply did not have time to see all the exhibitors, specifically in the headroom area…so if you are going next year, book a two or three day pass to ensure you get to see everything!

So, all in all a very worthwhile event that will hopefully grow and flourish in the coming years!

Enjoy the next few pages of photographs from The Indulgence Show 2016. More »

Studio Connections are based in the UK and produce a wide range of cables for home audio use. In this review Dan Worth and Dominic Marsh take a look at the company’s Carbon Power cables retailing at £190 for 1m. OUTSTANDINGLARGE300DPISTARONLINE More »

Ian Ringstead gives us his views on this years National Audio Show at Whittlebury.

mfasponsor More »

People now demand that they have their music with them at all times, even when at the gym or out exercising and In ear monitors are becoming increasingly popular for this. Add Bluetooth and you make them even more portable. Janine Elliot takes a listen to the Optoma BE6i Bluetooth in ear headphones.  More »

Costing £1998, the DAC215 from Danish manufacturer Copland is a combined DAC, preamplifier and headphone amp in one good looking unit. Janine Elliot takes a listen for Hifi Pig.  More »

Hydra Z from Audiobyte is a USB audio playback bridge and clock generator whilst the Hydra ZPM is its matching Ultra linear audio power supply. Dan Worth is already a user of the company’s previous model Hydra X+ and most definitely a digital audiophile, so who better to put to put this £1050 combo through their paces.  More »

Room treatment is often seen as a dark art a somewhat expensive process. Stuart and Linette Smith try three products from GIK Acoustics including bass traps, acoustic panels and diffusors. OUTSTANDINGLARGE300DPISTARONLINE More »

Double Tap Audio, officially launched their Kickstarter mid-July to officially sell and distribute their handmade Double Tap R1 headphones with the goal of raising $9,000 by Aug. 18, 2016.double_tap_headphones_3

Each pair is handcrafted with the use of modified 40 caliber brass bullet casings. Including rare earth magnets and multi- layer cording to create durable tangle free headphones.

By pledging $55 or more to the Double Tap Audio Kickstarter backers will be the first to receive a pair of Double Tap R1 headphones, once fully backed.

All suppliers are lined and ready to ship then begins assembly preparation. Once the Kickstarter is officially backed assembly is expected to begin in Sept. and all backers with a pledge of $55 or more will receive their headphones by Dec. 2016 at the latest.

All products are assembled in Southern California. Every pair is tested by the maker before being shipped to assure customer satisfaction as well as a quality product.

Randy May, creator of Double Tap audio designed the headphones for durability and comfort to overcome the struggle of finding quality headphones for every day wear.

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Things are afoot in the world of reel 2 reels. Not only are there now at least 4 major companies producing reel to reel copies of famous master tapes, but very importantly after a long gap the Swiss tape recorder manufacturer Revox are bringing back the medium with a player based on the A700.FLAREBIRDSSPONSOR More »

David Robson takes a look at Indonesian company Vermouth Audio’s Rhapsody loudspeaker and mains cables costing £200 for a six foot pair for the former and £150 for a four foot cable for the latter.  More »

Lyn Stanley is the darling of the audiophile community and she certainly knows how to press our collective buttons to get us all in a lather over her recordings. Not content with just releasing her music on CD, she also releases her output on Reel2Reel and very high quality vinyl too – you may have even caught one of her live performances at High-End Munich (Lyn featured on the front cover of Hifi Pig’s coverage of High End 2015) and other audio shows.  More »

The £3785 Naim Superuniti is an all in one box streamer, DAC and amplifier, but is it a Jack of all trades and master of none? John Scott finds out for Hifi Pig.  More »

“The SI-300.2d integrated amplifier is yet another milestone as Cary Audio forges deeper into the new era of sought after premium audio systems” the North Carolina company says in its latest press release. cary_SI-300.2d

The SI-300.2d mates a 300 watts per channel stereo Class A/B power amplifier with analogue RCA and XLR inputs to a Class A analogue preamplifier gain stage. The amplifier itself is biased to run Class A for an extended portion of the power output. The digital section is a chip off Cary’s reference products thereby including technologies like their proprietary TruBit™ Upsampling and OSO™ reclocking features.

Digital inputs include; XMOS USB capable of True native DSD up to 256 and PCM/DXD up to 32 Bit / 384kHz, as well as Coaxial (2), Optical, AES/EBU, and aptX® Bluetooth inputs. All SPDIF and Bluetooth digital sources offer 10 TruBit™ selectable upsampling or PCM to DSD conversion options. On the analogue side, the SI-300.2d includes 4 analogue inputs (2-balanced XLR, 2-RCA), with one each of the XLR and RCA inputs offering true Cinema Bypass features.

Additional features include: a pre/subwoofer output, coaxial and optical digital outputs, IR hand held remote, trigger out, IR sensor input, and Ethernet and Wi-Fi for controlling the SI-300.2d with free iOS and Android apps.

Weight:  52 lbs.

Dimensions:  6″ H x 17.25″ W x 18 ” D

Retail Price:  $5,995

The SI-300.2d is now shipping

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Janine Elliot is keen to protect her hearing so she can continue listening to hifi and playing music for years to come…she think you too should be passionate about this too and so takes a “listen” to the new Flare Audio Isolate and Isolate Pro inner ear defenders priced from £23 to £46.  More »

Stuart Smith takes int he sights and sounds of this year’s North West Audio Show …part 1  More »

Liverpool based Do Good Audio is a wholly new retail venture, but has a link to the past. Martin, the founder of Do Good Audio, discovered his great grandfather owned one of the earliest audio shops in the country. Located in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in circa 1920 “Wireless Radio & Gramophone” sold wireless equipment, gramophones, 78s and other audio electronics, although the eventual fate of this business is unknown.Do_Good_old_slamm

Hifi Pig think it’s great to see a new independent Hifi retailer open its doors and it must be the first in Liverpool in ages.DO_Good_interior_small

After working for many years as a building contractor, Martin has taken a leap of faith and started what he describes as “a small online retail outlet”. Together with his partner Kirstie, they ran their business as an online only retailer, but they craved the excitement of a busy shop floor, and the opportunity to share their knowledge and passion for Hifi with like-minded folk. The Liverpool shop has allowed Do Good Audio to diversify the product range and provide a comfortable demo room. Martin’s Mum Mandy helps out in the shop too and the company say they hope to offer a very personal service.do_good_1

Brands stocked include Musical Fidelity, Roksan, Marantz, Pro-Ject, Dali, Q Acoustics, Edwards Audio and many more and Martin says theirs always the offer of a good cuppa when you visit the shop.


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Linette gives her perspective of this year’s North West Audio Show More »

Roksan’s latest BLAK range of equipment has high-end aspirations say the UK based company. Dominic Marsh sees if this claim stands up to scrutiny when he test drives the BLAK CD and BLAK amplifier costing £2490 and £2759 respectively.  More »

Hifi Pig reader Ken Stokes rather enjoys his first audio show.  More »

Hifi Pig reader Simon Hill has been looking forward to North West Audio Show for all year and was keen to tell others about his experience at the event. More »

Dan Worth has a listen to the £3000 Chord Hugo TT for Hifi Pig. More »

Mitchell and Johnson’s trio of CD Player, Amplifier and Streamer cost a total of £947 which puts them very much in the budget category but can they satisfy sonically? Dominic Marsh finds out for Hifi Pig.  More »

Pro-Ject’s first vertical turntable is now available in the UK.We caught a glimpse of it at Munich and it indeed very cool.

“The VT-E is a lifestyle product that still employs hi-fi principles to deliver a great sound from such a striking record player” says the company’s press release.

Retail price is £229.00 in all three available finishes. At launch we will only have access to the Right-handed version, and until the end of June VT-E will only be available through a select network of hi-fi retailers. From July 2016, VT-E will be available through the whole Pro-Ject authorised dealer network.

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TIMBER Audio was founded by Braden Wiscombe who’s passion for guitar building inspired the design process of TIMBER Audio. The company aims to provide listeners with unique audio products that are driven by the use of wood to be aesthetically and acoustically stunning. The Prelude, the company’s first product, is an “Acoustically Beautiful” headphone made from solid wood and Aluminium, set to release on Kickstarter on June 6thPackage

For the past nine months, TIMBER Audio has been working to perfect their design of an “acoustically superior headphone, the Prelude”.

TIMBER Audio’s real advantage, says the company’s press release, is in combining the acoustic material of solid wood and the innovation of wireless connectivity. You’ll be able to connect to your smartphone or other Bluetooth capable device and free your hands from cables to listen to music or take and make phone calls.

With their KICKSTARTER release just around the corner, early-bird supporters can look forward to discount prices up to 50% off the estimated retail price of $198 to help the company reach their funding goal of $55,000 in 30 days.

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The Russian company VacuumGlow presents the unique product at HIGH END show in Munich VacuumGlow24

At the recent High End exhibition, the Russian company VacuumGlow introduced one more use of the technologies from the past – the nixie tube clock. Gas-discharged indicators that represent the time on the VacuumGlow clock were the technical breakthrough in the middle of the 20th century. They were used for displaying the digital information on production equipment, calculators, New York Stock Exchange and, even more, in submarines. However, in the 70-s new technologies cut them out.

The technology of the past is combined with the cutting-edge technology of the VacuumGlow clock. The clock is run by an application on a smartphone, is equipped with sensors and it synchronizes with GPS.

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I’ve had this album on MP3 promo for a good while now and it’s a great piece of historical documentation of the underground, DIY electronic movement that took place between 75 and 84. It’s a sprawling four CD set with 61tracks and around 9000 words of sleevenotes by Dave Henderson of MOJO. You’ll know some of the names herein (Human League, OMD and Blancmange) but it’s the other, less well known bands that really make this album the gem that it is. More »

Ian Ringstead takes a listen to the interesting looking Ferguson Hill FH007 loudspeaker and their matching FH008 sub priced at £695.00 and £325.00. More »

Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC announce the gold series Christine Reference Preamplifier

See it at the World Premiere at T.H.E Show 2016, California, Room 1417.ChristineFrontMA1027

“The Christine Reference Pre-amplifier is built with the finest components and attention to every detail like never before. Hand routed PCB layout of each trace, the placement of the trace, the length of the trace, the multistage power supplies, the selection and matching of the finest components, balanced configuration, isolation of power, all hand soldered connections, Silver plated pure copper wire with Teflon sleeving are only some of the engineering that make the Christine Reference Pre-amplifier so special.  Each unit is hand built and tested from the board level up to the finished unit. An external AC/DC Power supply unit ensures very quiet operations. The multistage power supply is so good, that power cords do not make a difference and the unit is impervious to noise on the AC line. ”


Frequency Response: to 800kHz 0.1db, 1.5MHz -3db

S/N:  110db

THD: 0.003%

Volume control:  -84db to +26db, 0.5dB steps, -84db attenuation, +26dB gain

Pre-set Gain range:  +/- 12db

Maximum volume and Minimum Volume Setting Range: 0 to 115db.

Input voltage Max:    +/- 10 Volts

Output Voltage Max: +/- 12 Volts

Inputs:   4 Balanced inputs

Outputs: 2 Balanced Outputs

Remote Trigger at 12 Volts, 20mA.

External Power Supply that is double fused.

1.25 inch White LED display.

Absolute Polarity selection: 0, 180



The continued success of the vinyl format shows no signs of slowing and, judging by the number of turntables on show at this year’s High End, there’s plenty of choice for vinyl lovers when it comes to getting into the grooves.
There were turntables pretty much at every turn at the show with everything from the highly exotic to the more affordable and sober.
Here’s a few of the vinyl spinners that caught our eye on our tour of High End. More »

Ian Ringstead had only ever read about the Munich High End show from afar, but this year decided to jump in with both feet pops his cherry. Here’s what he thought about his first time.  More »

Lampizator, Skogrand, Emmespeakers, Analog Design, Kronos, Stacore, SoundKaos, SOtM, Bauta, Ayon,; Fischer & Fischer, Mudr Akustik, AVM and Elac

The High End Show at Munich is an absolutely gargantuan task for anyone to undertake but it always ends up been worth the effort of trying to see absolutely ever room you can as you come across some real gems that you just weren’t expecting…and of course some that you perhaps expected would be great anyway.

The vast majority of exhibitors go to an extraordinary amount of effort to make their rooms the very best they can be and all credit must go to them. As always though there are the rooms and stands that really leap out at you and remain in your memory for the whole of the show and a long time afterwards.

So, here are some of what I considered to be the real gems of this years show. They’re in no particular order and are likely to be in the order we happened across them. More »

It was interesting to see that British brand Entotem, who’ve Hifi Pig have been watching with interest for a good while now, had got their Plato unit in the Avantgarde set up, though they hadn’t got it in the system when we first popped our heads in the room. So, we thought we’d have a bit of a chat with Entotem to see what was afoot.  More »

Every year we make a beeline for the Newcomers stand at High-End as these are the people that are the potential future of the hifi industry. The stand in Hall 1 is a great idea of the High-End Society, giving brands with little or no marketing budgets the opportunity to share their ideas and their concepts with an audience they could only dream of having. We managed to get to see the Newcomers early on the final day of the High-End Show and a couple of the exhibitors were clearly flagging, but the vast majority managed to be enthusiastic and passionate about their products. More »

The High End Society have announced the next year’s High End show in Munich will take place on the 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st of May 2017.

Despite the rumours that MOC has been sold to BMW (this rumour had a big buzz around it at High End but we believe may not actually be the case) the organisers assure us that this will be the venue for the coming year’s show. Needless to say Hifi Pig will be there to bring you all the news just as we are doing this year. 

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Atlas Cables from Scotland will be showcasing its wide range of specialist audio cables at High End 2016 with some new additions and exciting upgrades.

Taking centre stage is the totally new Hyper dd, which takes the dd (dual drain) technology from its range-topping Asimi, Mavros and Ascent cables to deliver a cable with “high end performance at a measured price”.  Available with either Atlas’ proprietary Ultra RCA, XLR or Din connections, all of which are solder-free to maintain the integrity and consistent low impedance of the cable from connection to connection, the new Hyper dd is a high performance multi core cable compatible across a wide-range of audio systems.HIgh8end8;unich8Qtlqs

Where a more discrete cable is required, Atlas has also developed the Hyper dd Duo.  Utilising Hyper’s balanced core conductor, where two twisted pairs of identical, high efficiency OCC conductors are combined within a SINGLE shielded outer PVC cover to allow connection of twin RCA’s to a single run, Hyper dd Duo is for use within cabinets or for custom installation applications.

Also on show in Munch will be Atlas’ new Grun (from the German for green and the Scottish for ground) grounding cable range plus a range of new accessories.  Atlas will also be displaying a wide range of its current products, including the flagship Asimi Ultra.


The Chord Company released its flagship product, ChordMusic, at the prestigious KJ West One yesterday and Hifi Pig’s Linette and Stuart were invited there to take a listen.  More »

Once again, the HIGH END show at Munich will feature, not only great hifi and audio equipment,but also a wide variety of interesting talks, presentations, demonstrations and workshops with high-profile speakers all about consumer electronics.munich_high_end_hifi_show_2016_audience_lecture

Here is a small selection of the exciting topics to come:

Initiatives and trends for radio as quality audio medium

Mr. Werner Bleisteiner, editorial manager for digitalisation projects at BR-KLASSIK

Thursday, 05 May 2016, 3.00 pm
Friday, 06 May 2016, 4.30 pm

Radio has come a long way to arrive in the future: Digital distribution channels – on air and online – program associated data services and interactive features have blown the old box. Yet, audio quality is still the key issue to define the special quality of experience of the medium.

Major European broadcasters, especially from Germany, France and Great Britain, collaborate closely under the auspices of the European Broadcasting Union EBU to set future milestones and standards in media technology development.

Werner Bleisteiner (BR) takes a look at the European broadcasting landscape for surround sound, binaural and high quality streaming services with HTML5, as well providing first hand insights into the present stage in the development of the upcoming technology “object-based broadcasting”.

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Apel (Association of German Sound Technicians)

Friday, 06 May 2016, 3.00 pmUlrich_Apelmunich_high_end

Starting with an explanation of the basic function of a tube, different types and details on the tasks they perform in preamplifiers and final amplifiers will be explored. An important aspect is the comparability of the tubes made by different manufacturers, different type designations and an outlook of their lifespan. To finish, a few tips for integrating a tube amplifier into an existing system.

Dipl.-Ing. Ulrich Apel (Association of German Sound Technicians)

Saturday, 07 May 2016, 3.00 pm

What does it need to be able to do, and what should its settings be, to ensure it sounds right when playing master tapes?

By explaining how magnetism works, the way sound goes through magnetic heads and onto the tape is explored. Mechanical and electrical settings ensure perfect transmission. Finally, there are valuable tips for connection and level ratios.

Axel Grell, Sennheiser

Friday, 06 May 2016, 11.00 am
Saturday, 07 May 2016, 10.30 amAxel_Grell_munich_high_end

In his presentation, Axel Grell, Portfolio Manager at Sennheiser, explains an innovative am- plifier concept and sound converter system designed to unite the HE1 headphones, which cost €50,000, with exclusive materials.

Gregor Zielinsky, Sennheiser

Friday, 06 May 2016, 11.00 am
Saturday, 07 May 2016, 10.30 amGregor_Zielinsky_high_end_munich

The trailblazing 3D Immersive Audio technology makes recording and reproducing audio at the very highest level possible, thereby creating a hitherto unheard sound experience for the user. Within the framework of a presentation at the HIGH END 2016, graduate sound technicians Gregor Zielinsky provides some insight into the development of Sennheiser’s AMBEO 3D audio products, and speaks about the special features and application areas of the 3D audio technology.


Daily from 10 am to 6 pm

Following the extremely positive feedback received last year, a top-class multichannel audio demonstration will be held again this year, in conference room K1B, opposite Hall 1.

Loudspeaker icon Joachim Kiesler from Musikelectronic Geithain and cable specialist Hans M. Strassner from HMS have joined forces with the studio professionals from Merging Technologies from Switzerland and a German HiFi Internet platform to form an ambitious cooperative venture. Once again, demonstrations and workshops will treat the attende- es to acoustic performances of what is currently viable in terms of multichannel music playback.

The internationally renowned master sound technicians Jean-Marie Geijsen (Polyhymnia International), Jared Sacks (Channel Classics), Morten Lindberg (2L), Daan van Aalst (Navis Classics) and Stephan Cahen (Myrios Classics) will share reports from everyday life in the recording studio, and share their passion for multichannel music with their listeners. Accompanying presentations will round off the program.

Music in all formats will be played for visitors to listen to in closed, thirty-minute demons- trations. Stereo recordings, historical audio documents as three and four channel recor- dings, and the original master files from the most recent recording sessions by the sound technicians participating will encourage acoustic comparisons.

All those involved will be doing their very best to be able to demonstrate the music on an extraordinary system. Musikelectronic Geithain will be lending an exclusively loudspeaker set-up for this demonstration, using their reference products ME 800 K and ME 801K. This will be accompanied by the NADAC (Network Attached Digital to Analogue Converter) made by Merging Technologies as a source, and which the Swiss studio experts intend to use to redefine the quality standard in digital playback in the home entertainment sector as well. The first euphoric reactions from all over the world justify the high expectations. Hans M. Strassner from HMS will be continuing the state-of-the-art Suprema series he began with network cables, and will be contributing his brand-new, highest quality con- nection cables of the same name for use with this exceptional system. And last but not least, Reinhard Weidinger from Hörzone will be working with his sales partner, artnovion from Portugal, to provide the appropriate acoustics in the room, without which top-quality sound is not even possible.

Duration approx. 30 minutes
Advance reservations are not needed.Matthias_Boede_high_end_munich

Saturday, 07 May 2016
11.00 am
Topic: What role does the pick-up play for the sound of vinyl? Three pick-up heads – from MM to MC – in comparison.
Exhibitor: Transrotor/AVM – Atrium 4, Room F104

12.00 am
Topic: How much potential does bi-amping offer? Loudspeakers played using two or four monoblocs.
Exhibitor: AVM/Gauder Akustik, Atrium 4, room E105

2.00 pm
Topic: Does the phono cable define the record player’s performance? Conductors from the low-price segment in a cross check.
Exhibitor: Pro-Ject/Cabasse, Atrium 3, Room C118

3.00 pm
Topic: Is high-bit HiFi more than just a buzz word? Format checks from MP3 right up to 24 bit/192 kilohertz. Exhibitor: Burmester, Atrium 3, room D106

4.00 pm
Topic: Unique: Listen to record players from all price segments “virtually”. The new “STEREO Phono Festival” through a super system.
Exhibitor: MBL, Atrium 4, room D106

Read more news about Munich High End 2016 Here and Hifi Pig’s coverage of last years High End Munich here


Despite low cost streaming services, computer audio and the rest of it, the recent resurgence in vinyl popularity has proved irresistible and it was only a matter of time before old video formats were brought back from the dead and Cambridge Audio have come up with a world’s first with the CXVHS, the company’s brand new and first ever VCR player and recorder.


When interviewed by Hifi Pig a spokesperson for the company commented “When speaking to our customers, we discovered that their passion for analogue media formats extended far past the vinyl and audio realm. They felt lost when looking for a working VCR without gambling on a rough looking machine complete with embedded footprint at the local car boot sale. VHS tapes are just as collectable and as widely enjoyed as vinyl and we understand fully that your collections should be enjoyed for years to come. In its design, we wanted the CXVHS to bring a sense of nostalgia to the home”.

Here are some of the key features of the CXVHS:

Built in clock with recording timer

Wired remote control

Standard and Long Play support

Slow motion playback

4 VCR heads

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Hifi Pig has recently learned that KEF (The loudspeaker manufacturer) and their engineers are nearing completion of the development of a new aerosol spray which they have named Hydro Blaster.H20Blaster-Still-WhiteBG

The company say that this outstanding solution (about whose composition the company were particularly cagey about, though we did get a whiff of something familiar) when sprayed, effectively removes unwanted water vapour from the air and can vastly improve the wireless audio signal transmission in the listening area within a room or studio.

Johan Coorg, KEF’s Global Ambassador commented “Listening tests have proved conclusive and the quality of sound received once the room had been sprayed with KEF Hydro Blaster has never been sharper, clearer and more dynamic.”

In a Hifi Pig exclusive test, we can indeed confirm that Hydro Blaster had a phenomenal and miraculous impact on our Wifi network, particularly when streaming from the new Hi Rez service Tidl 

Recommended Retail Price: £69.99


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German supermarket and cut-price retailer Lidl has joined the competitive online streaming marketplace with their new hi-resolution service they are calling Tidl.

Tidl aims to bring high quality music streaming to the mass market by offering super-competitive monthly plans that the company believe will entice music lovers away from the current streaming providers.  TIDL

Tidl is launching today, with a monthly price of just £1.50 for its Premium service, with an intense online, television, radio and press advertising campaign featuring David Hasselhoff of Bay Watch fame being the “face” of the brand. The promotion will rely heavily on the stars hit single “Jump In My Car” and is said to have a few surprises and other guest appearances in store.

Gunther Bauch Lachen, President Of Vice at Tidl told Hifi Pig “ We are exceptionally proud to announce our new premium streaming service and we are convinced that consumers will sign up in their droves, just as they have embraced our sister company’s retail model. We are also especially thrilled to have “The Hoff” at our side to help promote the service.
He continued “We are of a strong opinion that our policy of playing only oompah band music and the wonderful music of David Hasselhoff will prove exceptionally popular with our friends across the globe and that within only a short few months we will become market leaders”


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The Intempo Retro Blaster continues the company’s fascination with past decades. Not so long ago I reviewed their 50s-style jukebox and today I take a look at their modern take on a 70s/80s classic – the ghetto blaster.

For those of you too young to remember when portable audio meant a small, mono, transistor radio the arrival of the Walkman and the mighty ghetto blaster was the dawning of a new age. No longer were you at the mercy of radio DJs when you wanted music on the move. Now you could pack a few C90 cassettes (ask your parents) with your favourite tunes on and then annoy anyone within earshot in the park, on the bus, or on the train.

Read the full review on GadgetyNews.


Dominic Marsh takes this €4790, chrome plated integrated amplifier from German manufacturer High End GmbH for a whirl to see if its sonic attributes live up to the amps good looks. More »

oppo-f1-hello-metalThe Oppo F1 smartphone was brought to a gathering of Oppo fans aboard a boat on the Thames. Whilst the F Series phones are aimed at the mid-range market, this new smartphone may well have ideas above its station, but manages to keep the price remarkably affordable.

Oppo has created quite a name for itself amongst the smartphone community for not only being able to release decent hardware at a very reasonable price point but for producing some great camera phones.

Get the full review at GadgetyNews.com


Janine Elliot continues her series of articles for Hifi Pig highlighting classic hifi from yesteryear. This month, given that Sennheiser have recently announced a new $55 000 Orpheus, she turns her attention to the original Sennheiser Orpheus, first released in 1991.  More »