Distributing a wide range of quality products, components and accessories through to Hi-Fi Dealers and Audio Installers for over 8 years.
Brands include:
Abis – Tonearms from Japan, The unique SA 1.2 being specifically designed for Moving Coil cartridges.
Chisto – LP/CD cleaning liquids. More than a simple wet application, these purpose designed cleaners are specific to the job in hand, and work a treat.
Hana – Moving Coil cartridges from one of the great Japanese manufacturers, multi-award winning range at very competitive prices.
Mass Fidelity – One box Players from Canada that offer tremendous audio quality from small boxes.
MS HD Power – Mains connectors and distribution components from a 40 year old Hong Kong based Manufacturing Company.
Astin Trew – UK Audio electronics company with a new range of Separates
STS Music – Audiophile LP’s, CD’s and R2R Master Tapes.
Xhadow – Super range of RCA, and XLR connectors, Spades and Banana plugs.

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C-Tech Audio is the exclusive UK distributor for WBT connectors and AVM electronics, two exceptional and world renowned German brands. Based in Worthing, West Sussex.

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we specialize in bringing quality, high definition sound equipment to Australia and New Zealand. We don’t believe that anyone should have to pay a premium for quality sound. For us that means bringing internationally-recognized and internationally-awarded brands to the Australian and New Zealand music scene at prices you can afford.


L’Analogie du Son is the department of Digital Family Company dedicated to High End business. We are representative and agent for multiple HiFi components manufacturers and distributors, acting mainly in France, but also in Benelux, Switzerland, Spain and some other parts or the World.

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Small personable distributor specialising in high quality audio products.
Distributing Hifi-Man, Schiit Audio, Sieveking Sound headphone stands and Synergistic Research.

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HBL are a trade and wholesale supplier of Hi-Fi equipment, including amplifiers, CD players. bluetooth receivers, wireless speakers, headphones, cable and connectors, and pro audio equipment.


HMF Solutions based in London are the importer for Acoustical Systems & Kronos Audio. We are dealers for Accuphase, Jeff Rowland, Nagra Focal Utopia, Lyra & more.


First and foremost we are musical enthusiasts and although we audition many products, we only accept those that we believe genuinely provide affordable audio excellence into our portfolio.
We are proud to represent the brands we do, which include: Audioplan, Audiomat, ISEM & Symphonic LIne.
Each brand enjoys over 25 years success as well as receiving numerous Audio awards form the Audio press around the world. Come and listen for yourself.


We are the official distributors for Markaudio full range speaker drivers and produce a number of loud speaker kits that use these wide band drivers. We also have a fully equipped workshop where we can custom make speakers to either your own design or we can design one for you to fit your specific needs.


Long Business Description: Distributors of some of the world’s most desirable HiFi products available today in the UK & Eire: Brodmann, Belles, Creaktiv, quadral, SSC, Oracle, TAD, Renaissance Amplification, Sonneteer, Kennerton Audio, Scherer Speakers, SPEC and more to follow

0044 203 544 2338

SCV are an established pro audio distributor who also carry several audiophile brands. We offer speakers, dacs, headphones, cables and more from premium manufacturers such as Fostex, Bricasti, Benchmark System, CEntrance and IsoAcoustics.

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At Sight+Sound Gallery, it’s our mission to help you find a home media system that works with your living experience. We believe that every house is different, which is why we work with you to design a media system that perfectly matches your space and lifestyle while adhering to our unmatched standard of quality. Sight+Sound only carries the finest high end speakers & audio lines suitable and customizable for any home. We specialize in 2-channel audio, personal audio, computer audio, music servers, streamers, amplifiers, and more!


UK Distributors of ADL, Blue Horizon, Canor, Clearaudio, Furutech, & IsoTek

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SuperSpikes UK are importers and distributors of the most practical and cost-effective audio support spikes on the market. Unlike traditional spikes, SuperSpikes integrate spike and protective cup in one stable assembly, meaning they couple perfectly to any surface without damaging it. Equipment is easy to move and spikes stay sharp for a lifetime. Plus each spike can support 700Kg!
SuperSpikes’ improved coupling drains resonances from equipment – improving image focus in loudspeakers and reducing microphony in valve amps, disc players and turntables. SuperSpikes’ are supplied with felt protective pads and are stable on uneven or carpeted surfaces.
SuperSpikes are easy to use – replacing existing spikes or feet. Self-adhesive versions are available too! They cost a fraction of the price of expensive “audiophile jewellery” yet work just as well and last a lifetime.

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