Many of you will know the Onix name from the 80s and 90s, but the brand has been given fresh life in the last few years and here Jerry looks at the Onix RA125 Integrated amplifier which retails in the UK for £1975.

“Founded way back in 1979 in Brighton, England by Tony Brady, Onix was a well-known and well respected “small ra 125 b (front)English brand” in the 1980s.  The OA21 ‘shoe-box’ style integrated amp was something of a cult item and was highly regarded largely due to the excellence of its power supply implementation.
Onix dropped out of sight in the 1990s until finally being acquired by the Chinese Shanling company in 2002 where the marketing focus was the Far East and the USA. But Italian Francesco Pace then took up the reins of European distribution with his Pacetech company and a complete new line of Onix products started in 2008, encompassing amplifiers, pre-amplifiers and phono stages as well as CD players and DACs.  The Onix brand is distributed in the UK by UKD.”

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