roksponsmallThis year at the Hifi Show Live, Windsor G-Point Audio are in the Sandringham 6 Suite. The core of the system is built around a digital source: LampizatOr TranspOrt and optional Mac Mini (Audirvana). Playback will be via the LampizatOr Golden Gate DAC, accompanied by LampizatOr GM 70 monoblock amplifiers and with audio cabling from both Skogrand Cables and Albedo Silver. Loudspeakers will be the hORNS Universum MKIII. More »

roksponsmallAbsolute Sounds, UK distributor of high-performance audio equipment will be hosting three rooms at The Hifi Show Live which takes place this weekend (29th-30th October) at the Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor. More »

The £950 Revel Concerta2 M16 standmount loudspeakers are the latest in a very long line of designs from the renowned American brand – part of Harman’s Luxury Audio stable, which includes Mark Levinson, Lexicon and JBL’s flagship Synthesis and ‘Project’ speakers. Dan Worth takes a listen for Hifi Pig.  More »

The £950 Revel Concerta2 M16 standmount loudspeakers are the latest in a very long line of designs from the renowned American brand – part of Harman’s Luxury Audio stable, which includes Mark Levinson, Lexicon and JBL’s flagship Synthesis and ‘Project’ speakers. Dan Worth takes a listen for Hifi Pig.  More »

These standmounters use a good few interesting design features and cost £1199. Ian Ringstead takes a listen.  More »

Steljes Audio NS3 powered speakers have been designed to complement any room in your home say this British company.

The Inputs on the NS3 are 1 x Optical, 1 x RCA Analogue, 1 x 3.5mm stereo jack input and 1 x Bluetooth receiver. NS3 has the ability to charge devices via a USB output, and you can add a Subwoofer.

These little speakers require two cables, one mains cable and a speaker cable to connect both speakers and they come with a remote control. Available in 7 finishes the ones sent for review come in a rather dashing yellow.

They cost £199. Review to follow.  More »

TAGA Harmony make a wide range of products and today Stuart Smith takes a listen to the company’s €2380 Platinum F-100 SE Loudspeakers. More »

The Axis Voicebox S loudspeakers are an Australian design, collectively envisaged and implemented by two Aussie engineers John Riley – the creator of the concept and brand, along with Brad Serhan. Dan Worth checks out this $(US) 2500 standmount loudspeaker that incorporates a 50mm metal ribbon tweeter.  More »

roksponsmallKEF has announced the LS50 Wireless, a completely active, digital and wireless lifestyle audio system consisting of two speakers whose connection to your music source is completely wireless. Designed in honour of the 55th anniversary of KEF, the LS50 Wireless is closely based on the design of KEF’s LS50 loudspeakers.
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roksponsmallMUSIC, owner of TANNOY, has stated that it remains committed to Scotland and will continue to build the TANNOY Prestige as well as other high-end loudspeakers in the country. The company which already builds current Prestige models at its manufacturing plant in Coatbridge, is considering relocating to a new plant following large investment from parent company MUSIC. The new facility will also see substantial investment in innovation and production, as well as a museum and show room for the brand’s 90 year heritage. TANNOY will celebrate its 90th anniversary this year and has been based in Scotland since the 1970’s.
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roksponsmallDanish hifi manufacturer, Dynaudio, used in some of the world’s most prestigious studios, such as the BBC and Air, reveals the new Contour series to the UK, at The Indulgence Show in London this coming weekend. The new series consists of four models: the compact 20, the medium – sized floor standing 30, the larger floor standing 60, and the 25C dedicated centre channel speaker for movie lovers.
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roksponsmallWilson Audio have today released the final prototype pictures of their huge new loudspeakers the Wilson WAMM Master Chronosonic. Wilson Audio say that these are Dave Wilson’s ‘Magnum Opus’ and have taken five years of intense research.
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roksponsmallDALI, the Danish loudspeaker manufacturer, has announced that they will be partnering with Meridian Audio, at this year’s The Indulgence Show in London, 14th – 16th October. DALI has confirmed it will be demonstrating its flagship Epicon 8 loudspeaker system, the pinnacle of its flagship loudspeaker range. The show will also mark the official UK debut of the DALI Katch wireless speaker and visitors will be able to get hands on with a host of other models from DALI’s Epicon and Rubicon ranges.
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roksponsmallThis year sees the continuation of the ‘International KEF Month’ anniversary celebration taking place throughout October. Following the success of the celebrations in previous years, KEF are celebrating their 55th Year Anniversary with a full month-long festivity, allowing even further participation for enthusiastic consumers.
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roksponsmallAmadeus importer, Source Systems Ltd.,will demonstrate the new Amadeus ‘Philharmonia’ Hifi speakers at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF) October 7-9 in Denver, Colarado. The new Amadeus speakers were co-designed by architect Jean NOUVEL and Michel DELUC, Amadeus’ Director of Research & Development. This event marks the first time the speakers will be demonstrated at the RMAF show.
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Ever wondered what goes into making a loudspeaker cabinet? Ian Ringstead visits specialist loudspeaker cabinet maker Timberworx.  More »

PMC’s recently launched twenty5 series will be given its first UK hifi show outing when then entire range is presented to the public at The Indulgence Show, 14-16 October.pmc1

First making an  appearance at the High End Show, Munich, in May 2016, the twenty5 series, so named to celebrate the company’s twenty-fifth anniversary, has been well received. New technologies onboard include the Laminar™ vent design and latest Advanced Transmission Line.

Visitors can visit PMC’s presentation in the Mouton Cadet Suite, second floor, and will be able to audition the full complement of twenty5 series models, from the smallest, the twenty5.21 to the three-way flagship model, the twenty5.26.

PMC will be partnering the twenty.5 series with the new Bryston Cubed Series power amplifiers, Bryston BDP2 digital player and the DSD compatible Bryston BDA-3 DAC.

Many other exhibitors will further enhance the company’s presence at the show, through their selection of PMC products for use with their own equipment:
Leema Acoustics will be using the twenty5.21 and fact.12s in the Talbot Suite to partner with its Constellation range and to help launch a new range of exciting products. In the Cremant Suite, Townshend Audio will be demonstrating its Seismic Platforms with the fact.8s and Vertere Acoustics is using the three- way MB2se with its range of turntables

The MB2 XBD-A (Active), as used at Metropolis Mastering, Abbey Road and many other studios around the globe, will provide the aural backdrop to an exclusive exhibition that features the photographs of Ross Halfin, the world’s leading rock music photographer in the Chalon Room.


See PMC at The Indulgence Show, 14-16 October, Novotel London West, Hammersmith.

Talk of powered speakers and the chances are you will think instantly of Bang and Olufsen or Meridian, or perhaps PMC and ATC. I was pleased to get hold of the Meridian’s M2 in the 1990’s, though had seen them in KJ LeisureCentre in Watford in the late 70’s and craved for them then. But the idea of powered speakers in the hifi industry goes further back than that.  Up until the mid-70’s record players with built in amplifiers and speakers were all the craze, though I never really got into Bush, Murphy, HMV, ITT, Ferguson and all the other mono record players that were up for sale in Tesco, Timothy Whites, Co-op, etc. The sad thing is that they seem to be making a comeback with HMV and others selling Crosley retro record players.





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Laurence Dickie was the man behind the B&W Nautilus with it’s instantly recognisable design. Janine Elliot takes a look at the Vivid B Decade loudspeakers retailing at £18500 also designed by Dickie. More »

Von Schweikert Audio has announced their newest loudspeaker, the UniField 2 MkIII. First introduced in 2006, the stand-mount designed UniField 2 proved very popular. So much so, it’s earned the distinction of being the highest selling model of any Von Schweikert Audio design since its introduction.unifield_loudspeaker_online

The design concept for the UniField Line is about delivering the highest level of sonic performance and build quality in the smallest footprint for music lovers with limited space. Not only does it enjoy a new cosmetic style, the UniField 2 MkIII is a dramatic improvement over its predecessors says the Californian company’s press release. The three way design sp incorporate trickle down proprietary low-distortion network technology from their VSA flagship designs.

In production, the UniField 2 MkIII is shipping to stores now with an MSRP of $10,000/pr.

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TAGA Harmony has unveiled its Platinum SE series reference bookshelf speaker in a deeply revised version: Platinum B-40 SE v.2.tagav2


TLIE (Taga Low Interference Enclosure) – handcrafted enclosure is now even more rigid and neutral to vibrations and colorization. Increased MDF walls thickness from 15 mm to 18 mm.

The 3rd generation TPTTD-II (Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome) utilizes a differently shaped and lighter titanium cone.

The 2nd generation TWCD-I (Taga Woolen Cone Driver) with different composition of cone materials. The redesigned voice coil utilizing thicker and purer flat wire offers even higher power handling and longer operation time without increased temperature.

New configuration of the drivers: the tweeter is positioned closer to the mid-woofer than in the previous version.

The dramatically upgraded crossover.

The Platinum B-40 SE v.2 is available in an additional new finish: natural Real Wood African Walnut Veneer with high-end clear gloss piano lacquer.

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YG Acoustics has announced its latest creation, Sonja™ XV. Sonja™ XV is an extreme, four tower version of Sonja™, created to celebrate YG Acoustics™’ upcoming 15 year anniversary (2002-2017). It combines everything that YG Acoustics™ knows about speaker design, and incorporates several next generation technologies that cannot be found elsewhere. Handmade in the USA, innovations include, a breakthrough tweeter made in-house, and proprietary bass inductors.


The bass, mid bass and mid range units are made in-house using YG Acoustics™’ proprietary BilletCore™ technology: uniquely, the drivers are precisely machined out of massive slabs of aircraft grade aluminium. A pair of Sonja™ XV utilises a total of 18 BilletCore™ drivers. The brand new BilletDome™ tweeter is YG Acoustics™’ most complex mechanical invention to date: a resonance free soft dome is supported by a stiff, light airframe machined from aluminium billet. The air frame weighs a mere 30 milligrams, but its critical sections are up to 14 times thicker than a typical hard dome. Finally, a tweeter that combines the best of both hard and soft The tweeter’s motor is YG Acoustics ForgeCore™ system: in-house CNC cutting introduces 3D geometries into the magnet system. YG Acoustics™ crossover circuits are all created using proprietary software developed entirely in-house. DualCoherent™ technology provides the best frequency response and relative phase available. Sonja™ XV’s bass crossover uses a brand new technology: ViseCoil™ inductors are CNC wound in-house, then encased in a vice-like milled structure to eliminate vibration and tighten tolerances. Residual loss is reduced by 24%, and linearity is improved by 60%. The result is better control over the woofers, for greater bass impact, and an easier job for most amplifiers. Sonja™ XV’s mid and tweeter crossover uses ToroAir™ technology: in-house CNC wound toroidal air-core inductors eliminate cross talk. Sonja™ XV’s cabinet is constructed of precision machined aircraft grade aluminium alloy. The multi layered structure is optimised for each module’s specific frequency range. FocusedElimination™ anti-resonance technology keeps mechanical losses low, by combining the minimised turbulence of a sealed design with the low friction otherwise associated with enclosure free concepts. YG Acoustics™ speakers are not voiced. All measurements are verified using extensive listening tests, but the speakers are not artificially manipulated.

YG Acoustics say that their speakers ‘simply convey the recording – nothing more, nothing less. The end result: Sonja™ XV is the closest that we has ever come to the natural sound of a live performance. It will be heard by few and attained by even fewer, but those who hear it will likely echo the statement that YG Acoustics™ President Yoav Geva made upon finishing his masterpiece: “From now on, when I listen to music, I want it to be either live or with Sonja™ XV”. ‘

Existing pairs of YG Acoustics™ Sonja™ can be expanded to Sonja™ XV, without the need to replace the speakers. Sonja™ XV, in addition to its two channel (stereo) performance, is also fully compatible with multi channel audio and home theatre systems.



±1 dB in the audible band

±5° relative phase throughout entire overlap

Exceptional pair matching

Usable output extends from below 20 Hz to above 40 kHz


A four-way, four tower system with a total of 20 drivers per pair of speakers

BilletCore™ ultra high rigidity woofers, mid-woofers and mids

BilletDome™ ultra-low distortion tweeter, unique to Sonja™ XV


Sonja™ XV is fully passive

Proprietary DualCoherent™ crossover at 65 Hz, 337 Hz and 1.75 kHz

Designed using software developed in house ViseCoil™ bass inductors reduce residual loss and improve linearity, for greater bass impact and an easier job for most amplifiers

ToroAir™ mid and tweeter inductors eliminate cross talk


88 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m 2π anechoic


4Ω nominal, 3.5Ω minimum


4 towers, each 179x43x72 cm (70x17x28”) HxWxD


4 towers, each 210 kg (463 lbs) per channel unpackaged

Shipping weight of a pair is 1.3 tons


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Pioneer today announces the release of three new Network CD Receiver Systems with speakers – X-HM76, X-HM76D and X-HM86D. As well as the playback of existing CD libraries, each model supports various music streaming services combined with stylish design and support for high-resolution audio sources.      X-HM86D(B)_mid_online

The X-HM76, X-HM76D and X-HM86D Network CD Receiver Systems support an extensive range of network streaming services including TuneIn, Spotify®, TIDAL and DEEZER. Furthermore, each system supports Google Cast, allowing the user to access the variety of streaming services Google Cast supports. The fascia-mounted 3.5” LCD screen can show album art along with a wide range of information to enable intuitive operation. Each model also includes Wi-Fi functionality including AirPlay. The playback of high-resolution audio files is also supported (FLAC/AIFF/WAV up to 192 kHz/24-bit) along with Apple Lossless and DSD up to 11.2 MHz.

The X-HM76 (SRP – £429.99), X-HM76D (SRP – £469.99) and X-HM86D (£649.99) will all be available during September 2016.

*The X-HM86D is also available without speakers (XC-HM86D) from select retailers for an SRP of £399.99.

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The Diamond Active Series from Wharfedale delivers wireless connectivity with a difference. Whilst not the first stereo speakers to offer integrated amplification and Bluetooth connectivity with compatible devices including smartphones, tablets and computers, their ‘True Wireless’ technology ensures greater flexibility than many similar designs says the company’s recent press release.

The Diamond Active Series comprises two models: the Diamond A1, a classic ‘bookshelf’-size speaker (31.5cm high), and the Diamond A2, a larger floorstanding design (91.2cm high). Both models come in pairs, in the manner of traditional stereo hifi speakers, and include a 50W amplifier in each speaker to deliver a combined ‘system power’ of 100W.4613_Wharfedale_Diamond_A2_(black_baffle)_online

Many ostensibly similar stereo-paired Bluetooth speakers incorporate the amp circuitry and Bluetooth receiver in one speaker, with a cable connecting this powered speaker to a second, passive speaker. This means that while you can connect your playback device to the speakers wirelessly, the cable between them limits the speakers’ placement. Wharfedale’s Diamond Active Series speakers work differently. They include a wireless hub, to which the playback device is paired via Bluetooth (with support for aptX codec). The H1 hub then conveys the left and right audio signals to the appropriate speaker via uncompressed wireless transmission, allowing greater freedom in terms of positioning. As well as removing the need for the speakers to be connected together via a cable – that’s why they’re calling it ‘True Wireless’

To enable interference-free wireless transmission, the H1 hub avoids the often-crowded 2.4GHz frequency band, focusing on 5.8GHz instead. The intelligent wireless module has the ability to switch automatically between frequencies when required, thus avoiding any local interference wherever the speakers are sited. Each speaker may be placed up to 20m from the hub; the only other siting requirement is that both speakers, with their dedicated amplifiers, need to be plugged into the mains.

Digital inputs are supplied in both optical and coaxial flavours, while two RCA-phono inputs cater for analogue sources. Touch-sensitive controls on the hub’s top surface allow adjustment of volume and input switching, while a remote control is also included.4599_Wharfedale_Diamond_A1_(black_baffle)_online

Additional controls on the speakers’ rear include bass adjustment (+/- 6dB), allowing the user to tailor low frequencies to suit the speakers’ position in the room. Each speaker can be selected as either ‘left’ or ‘right’ in a stereo configuration; a mono mode is also available if the speakers’ positioning is not suited to stereo. This mode can even be used to create a simple two-room setup – useful, for example, if the user is entertaining friends and wishes to place one speaker in the living room and one in the kitchen.

Both Diamond Active models sport proprietary bass/mid drivers with woven Kevlar cones – one 130mm unit in the A1 and two 165mm units in the A2 – as featured in the Diamond 200 Series. The cones incorporate semi- elliptical ‘break-up’ areas, which smooth the response throughout the audible range, while rear-firing reflex ports augment the bass. The 25mm fabric dome tweeter is also derived from the Diamond 200 Series

Wharfedale’s Diamond Active speakers are available from October, with RRPs of £599.95 per pair for the Diamond A1 and £999.95 per pair for the Diamond A2 (including the H1 wireless hub).

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Following the launch of MartinLogan’s frankly awesome Neolith flagship, the Kansas-based speaker specialist adds four new models to its hybrid range, combining the company’s famous XStat electrostatic panels with dual bass drivers and, in the case of three models, sophisticated room-correction technology. Absolute Sounds, the UK distributor, got in touch with us to tell us all about the new models.

ElectroMotion ESL XMArtin_logan_1_online

The new ElectroMotion ESL X features a larger electrostatic transducer and dual woofers, with increased power-handling capabilities and is the flagship of the ElectroMotion series.

The ElectroMotion ESL X features a new larger XStat™ electrostatic transducer, with a radiating area over 50in2 larger than the EM-ESL model. Twin 8-inch high-excursion woofers are housed in a non-resonant asymmetrical bass reflex (ported) chamber, in a surprisingly compact enclosure. Woofers have custom engineered high-rigidity paper cones, with extended-throw driver assemblies. Component elements within the EM-ESL X replicate the design and performance of components used on many of MartinLogan’s more expensive loudspeakers, such as custom-wound transformers, air-core coils, large steel laminate inductors, polyester and low DF electrolytic capacitors. Custom 5-way bi-wire binding posts allow for secure wire connections. System Frequency Response is 41–22,000 Hz ±3db. Recommended amplifier power is 20–400 watts per channel.

The specially developed ElectroMotion XStat MicroPerf electrostatic panel is housed in an aluminum and composite AirFrame™, similar to those found on MartinLogan speakers costing much more.

With a sensitivity rated at 91dB into 6 Ohms, the EM-ESL X will perform with AV receivers as well as high-end amplifiers.

With the addition of the EM-ESL X, the ElectroMotion Series now consists of two floorstanding speakers (EM-ESL X & EM-ESL), a Centre Channel Speaker (EM-C2) and a Surround Speaker model (EM-FX2).

EM-ESL X is available now, with a UK RRP of £4,498 per pair in a satin black finish. A premium high-gloss black finish is also available, with an RRP of £5,298 per pair.

Expression™ ESL 13A and Impression™ ESL 11A.

The company will expand the Masterpiece Series with the launch of two New Electrostatic Loudspeakers: Expression™ ESL 13A (pictured) and Impression™ ESL 11A.4587_MartinLogan_Expression_ESL_13A_online

Both new models feature Curvilinear Line Source (CLS™) XStat™ vacuum-bonded electrostatic transducers with advanced microperf stator technology and redesigned ultra-rigid AirFrame™ Blade construction; plus, dual low-distortion aluminum cone woofers powered by dual Class-D amplifiers and controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko™ DSP Engine with ARC™ (Anthem Room Correction).

MartinLogan has reinvented the woofer system in the new Masterpiece Series. Using two independently enclosed woofers in the compact chamber, exclusive PoweredForce Forward™ bass alignment controls the interaction between the rear-firing woofer and the wall behind that woofer. This phase- shifting technology minimizes the effect the front wall has on bass information that might bounce back into the listening room.

The launch of the new Renaissance ESL 15A has brought Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology to an electrostatic loudspeaker for the first time. With the introduction of Expression ESL 13A and Impression ESL 11A, this technology will be available in three electrostatic loudspeakers from this autumn. ARC measures sound output from the speaker’s powered woofers and compares the resulting in-room response it to an optimal response curve, accounting for spatial anomalies. The advanced algorithms of ARC effectively remove the anomalies, leaving only the ideal standard: transparent, natural-sounding bass.The advanced algorithms of ARC then utilize the speaker’s 24-bit DSP to adjust your speaker’s low-frequency output to account for the unique sonic characteristics of your room. ARC calibration is optional and can be easily defeated using a switch on the speaker.

Expression ESL 13A features dual 300-watt class D amplifiers. Impression ESL 11A features dual 275-watt Class D amplifiers.

Expression ESL 13A features a dipolar 13×44-inch electrostatic transducer, resulting in a radiating area of 572 square inches per side. Impression ESL 11A features a dipolar 11×44-inch electrostatic transducer with a radiating area of 484 square inches per side.

The Expression ESL 13A and Impression ESL 11A are available from mid-September, priced from £14,998 and £9,998 per pair respectively. Both models are available in a choice of eleven finishes (four standard and seven premium).

Renaissance ESL 15A

Renaissance ESL 15A features 15-inch wide Curvilinear Line Source (CLS™) XStat™ vacuum-bonded electrostatic transducers, with advanced MicroPerf™ stator technology, and redesigned ultra-rigid AirFrame™ construction; plus, othe company’s laser-engineered low-distortion aluminum cone woofers in a compact enclosure, powered by new dual 500-watt Class-D amplifiers, and controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko™ DSP Engine and ARC™ (Anthem Room Correction) – available in eleven finishes.4594_MartinLogan_Renaissance_ESL_15A_online

Features of the Renaissance ESL 15A include:

  • Two 12-inch Laser-Engineered Low Distortion Aluminum Cone Woofers in a sealed enclosure
  • 15” Wide Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) Electrostatic Panel
  • Redesigned Ultra-Rigid AirFrame Technology
  • PoweredForce Forward™ Bass Technology
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC)
  • Dual 500-Watt Class-D Amplification with 24-Bit Vojtko™ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Engine
  • Precision-Built Advanced-Topology Vojtko Crossovers
  • Premium WBT Binding Posts

The MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A is available now in a choice of eleven finishes (four standard and seven premium) priced from £24,998 per pair.

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PIEGA, the loudspeaker manufacturer from Switzerland is set to launch in the UK in September. The move involves the set-up of Piega Loudspeakers (UK) Ltd and enlisting a number of specialist audio retailers to demonstrate the range.Classic 5.0 makassar

The Swiss company is most famed for its Linear Drive Ribbon (LDR), coaxial ribbon and Air Motion Transformer tweeters, as well as its use of seamless aluminium housings in some of its high end designs. The company was the first loudspeaker brand to produce a commercially available aluminium housed speaker back in 1989.

The design of both of Piega’s core ribbon HF systems is based on its development of an extremely thin, partially embossed foil diaphragm that gave rise to the company name, Piega – an Italian word meaning partially pleated or corrugated. Piega has refined this ribbon driver technology over nearly three decades, as well as perfecting the painstaking methods and elaborate tooling required to build them in its factory near Zurich.Piega_come_to_uk

The first series of Piega loudspeakers to hit UK shores will be the Classic line. Built using timber and fibreboard construction, the three premium models in the range feature smoothly curved, C-shaped cabinets to reduce colouration and Piega’s coaxial ribbon tweeter. Three more affordable Classic models in the line combine traditional flat-sided cabinet construction with Piega’s Air Motion Transformer tweeter, the AMT-1. Finish options include black, white or Makassar piano lacquer, with Napalette trim on premium models.

Classic series prices range from £900 per pair for the stand-mount Classic 3.0 to £12,000 per pair for the Classic 80.2 in premium Makassar piano lacquer finish. Review samples will be available from September.

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ECLIPSE, the loudspeaker division within Fujitsu Ten, has joined forces with leading British A/V retailer Richer Sounds to introduce their TD-M1 (Read the Hifi Pig review here) to the portfolio.TD-M1_BK_02333

ECLIPSE’s partnership with Richer Sounds enables more music lovers to enjoy Eclipse loudspeakers and the company’s proprietary Time Domain (TD) technology. Richer Sounds, winner of Which? Magazine’s Best Retailer 2015 award, is offering the TD-M1 online, via its telesales centre, and to order from any one of its nationwide retailers.

Commenting on the new partnership, Paul Burnip, ECLIPSE’s Sales Manager said: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Richer Sounds who are making it even easier for consumers to experience the benefits of the ECLIPSE approach. The critically acclaimed TD-M1 is capable of transforming desktop audio systems everywhere and I’m thrilled that music lovers across the UK can now access one of the best-loved models from the ECLIPSE range through Richer Sounds’ website, telesales centre and store network.”

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KATCH from Dali is their first-ever compact Bluetooth loudspeaker.DALI-KATCH---three-colours

Under the extruded aluminium hood sits a Class-D amplifier – capable of pumping out some 2x 18 Watts of power – 2 x 21mm soft-dome tweeters and 2 x 3.5-inch aluminium woofers, one pair facing front and one pair at the rear.

The KATCH features two placement profiles that run in conjunction with the front/back driver configuration, one for freestanding play and one that utilises placement on a shelf to reflect sound back from a wall.

Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X gives a wireless connection within seconds, while the NFC option is even quicker.

DALI has included a stereo mini-jack input, while the KATCH’s USB charge connector means you can drive a Chromecast Audio dongle too, integrating your KATCH into your home network.

Available in three striking colour schemes, Dark Shadow, Cloud Grey and Green Moss, the DALI KATCH Bluetooth 4.0 with Apt-X

  • 2x 18W RMS Class-D amplifier
  • Extruded aluminium body
  • 2x 3.5-inch aluminium woofers
  • 2x 21mm soft-dome tweeters
  • Stereo mini-jack
  • 2600 mAh internal battery
  • USB charge output

Priced at £329, the new DALI KATCH portable Bluetooth speaker is available from October 1st.

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After my review of the Dali Rubicon 5 floorstanding loudspeakers I was asked if Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries had anything smaller and a little more kind to the bank account. So, I asked if I could take the Dali Menuets for a spin.

I really enjoyed my time with the Rubicons – they suited my room, not only in how they looked but also with how they sounded.

Can the compact Menuet speakers wow me in the same way?

Read the review at


Taga Harmony have added a bookshelf speaker to their Azure v.2 series. Azure B-40 v.2 are bookshelf speakers ideal for rooms up to 25 sqm and, Taga say, “easily  driven by virtually any amplifier”.



Design: 2-way, 2 drivers, Bookshelf speakers, Front double bass reflex port, wall mounts, crossover point 2kHz,  TLIE Enclosure.

High-Frequency Driver: 25mm (1”) TPTTD-I, TPAF

Bass / Midrange Driver: 165mm (6.5″) Polypropylene, TDSC

Recommended Amplifier Power: 20 – 140W

Frequency Response: 40Hz – 40kHz

Impedance: 6 ohm

Sensitivity: 88 db

Dimensions (H x W x D): 36 x 21 x 25.3 cm

Weight (net) 13.8 kg pair

The speakers come with a matt black front panel and are available in walnut, black and wenge finishes and are priced at 270€ a pair.


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Following the successful launch of their Reference loudspeakers at the Munich Highend show, where they won the Hifi Pig Loves You award, Avid Hifi have expanded their range further to include their new entry level Reference. Reference 4 Speaker HiRes

Reference Four employs the same unique cabinet construction and vibration damping techniques, sandwiching the drivers between metal plates and guiding unwanted resonances away from critical points to their internal tuned mass damping element as other loudspeakers in the range.

“Matched to an appropriate room size it is more than capable of performing to the same high levels as our other Reference models” says the company’s press release.

Vibration normally felt in the loudspeaker cabinet are channelled to its mass damping element to ensure the cabinet, loudspeaker chassis and especially the speaker cone “remains free of colouration and the sound remains pure and smooth”. Reference 4 HiRes

Manufactured from up to 15mm aero-grade aluminium plate at their Huntingdon factory in the UK, each visually fixture free hand crafted cabinet contains one 6” Bass/Mid driver and a 28mm soft dome tweeter, each retaining the titanium voice coil former for lightness and rigidity, identical to other Reference models.

The Reference Four cabinet is also reflex loaded, the bass performance being optimised and the tuned port exits below onto the defusing plate minimising room positioning issues.

Dedicated optional stands are specifically designed to optimise the loudspeakers performance.

Price is expected to be less than £10 000


HF: 1 x 28mm (Titanium voice coil former)

MF/LF: 1 x 160mm (75mm Titanium voice coil former) Frequency Response: 40Hz – 22kHz +/-3dB Sensitivity: 88dB 1W@1m

Recommended Power: 40 – 300W Impedance: 6.5 Ohm

Crossover Topology: 2.5-way, 2nd Order

Cabinet Construction: Aluminium Plate. All internal volumes sealed with O-Ring gaskets

Dimensions: (cabinet)            367 x 210 x 440 (HxWxD)

: (overall)        995 x 210 x 440 (HxWxD) Finishes: Black, Bronze or Charcoal Silver with copper trim. Net weight: (loudspeaker)    26 KG

: (inc.stand)     48 KG

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The Swiss company Goldmund has been present in Asia for more than three decades. Issued in 1982, at a time when most audio brands were trying to conquer the USA, this one had the clear objective of serving Asian customers first. Since then, Asia has continuously been Goldmund’s preferred market, and the first one in terms of sales.Gold;und1

It is thus not surprising to discover that Goldmund is opening this summer a new sales and technical support center in Taiwan. Located in Taipei, the new center will provide quicker technical services to its distributors and customers. It is also a demonstration centre where the latest products of the brand can be experienced in a private home environment that includes a dedicated room with a Logos home cinema. The showroom will be at the disposal of Goldmund’s professional partners and will welcome end users for private listening sessions (by appointment).

The grand opening of the Goldmund Asia Centre will take place on August 9 with a first event reserved to the media. The company will let journalists report their impression to the public and does not wish to spoil the surprise by disclosing more on the new facility.

This new development is a very clear message from Goldmund on a major shift it is taking in Asia. The company aims at reinforcing its presence and service thanks to geographically close and Chinese speaking staff members who will collaborate attentively with current distributors and dealers to promote a coherent presentation of the brand, products, and prices throughout the continent.

Dr. T.I. Lin, Goldmund Asia General Manager, will also take advantage of the opening of the Taipei Support Center to announce how the company will restructure its distribution in China. In an effort to fight the grey market that is widely spread in this country, it is foreseen that Goldmund Asia will be the sole distributor of Goldmund lifestyle and home theater products for China and will directly take care of all retailers who wish to continue or start working seriously with the brand.

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Now before all you cat lovers and anti-vivisectionists try to lynch me, let me explain. Loudspeaker design has fascinated me for almost as long as I have been on this planet (60 years if you really want to know!!) and from my earliest days in retail I spent a lot of time not only listening to many designs but repairing them too. More »

The ATC SCM19A active loudspeakers have onboard amps and active crossovers more often seen in pro audio, but these £4990/pair speakers are designed most specifically for the home environment. Dan Worth plugs them in and assesses their merits.  More »

There are classic loudspeakers and there are classic loudspeakers. Janine Elliot takes a listen to the Chartwell LS3/5 Loudspeakers by Graham Audio costing between £1650 and £1800. The creation of a classic?  More »

Analogue vs Digital Battle.
We came across CODE recently at the North West Audio show where they had their fully active loudspeaker system on demonstration and they’ll be representing the digital corner at the upcoming digital vs analogue shootout at Hifi Hangar on Saturday 23rd July.code_nwas_2016_2s

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The Intimate Audio DS-108 back loaded horn loudspeaker is UK built and uses the four-inch Fostex FE108EZ driver. Ian Ringstead puts these £1595 standmounters through their paces for Hifi Pig.  More »

Watch the new Wilson Audio video, for an introduction to Yvette, which Wilson say is their ‘most technically advanced single-enclosure, compact loudspeaker’ and draws on their WATT/Puppy which has ‘long been touted as the most commercially successful loudspeaker over $10,000 in the history of audio’.


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For music, movies and gaming, AEGO sub-sat series combines miniature high-clarity satellite speakers with a powerful matching subwoofer. The subwoofer houses comprehensive wired and wireless connectivity plus high-output amplifiers for all three channels. This next generation model will be available in two versions. The traditional subwoofer plus stereo satellite package is now joined by a new subwoofer plus single-speaker stereo soundbar version known as the AEGO Sound3ar. Thanks to keeping the electronics and connectivity in the subwoofer the new AEGO Sound3ar is one of the smallest, soundbars available. Both formats share the same subwoofer module featuring a suite of input connections including optical digital, analogue and Bluetooth aptX wireless for instant music streaming from any Bluetooth enabled smart device.Aego3_acoustic_energy

Both the stereo loudspeaker and soundbar systems benefit from AE’s audio performance and the AEGO series’ metal-bodied satellite speakers. The aluminium alloy housing offers a rigid enclosure for acoustic performance as well as looking stylish. On the desktop, the AEGO3 satellite speakers’ brushed aluminium will complement a wide range of modern PCs. The AEGO Sound3ar, with its thin bevel and dark grille, pairs well with many TVs. Over three years in development, the new AEGO3 subwoofer is a compact hub of the AEGO3 system. Housing the input connectivity, amplifiers and LED status, volume and bass level indicators, only the subwoofer need be connected to the mains and your input devices. This simplifies connectivity to the AEGO3 satellites or Sound3ar with just the dedicated RCA to RCA AEGO speaker cables supplied.

AEGO3 £199.99 Available Now

AEGO Sound3ar £199.99 Available Now


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Hifi Pig’s coverage of the Munich High End show is now available for FREE download. There’s over 140 pages of comment, photographs, inerviews and reports in this bumper edition that has been sponsored by Tellurium Q.
As well as all the great content one lucky reader will have the chance to win a Hifi Pig Special Edition pair of loudspeakers kindly given by Kralk Audio and a pair of Tellurium Q speaker cables to connect the speakers to your rig.
Download your copy now! 

munichfrontPNGSmall More »

Danish Scansonic may be the sister brand of Raidho, but its affordable ‘HD’ range of loudspeakers is starting to make waves in its own right as we found out recently when we reviewed a pair of their standmounter M-5s. Now, it enters the Bluetooth arena with the new wireless active M BTL-series.

Scansonic is owned by Dantax, the same parent company as Raidho and the brand’s loudspeakers are designed by Michael Børresen, creator of the  Raidho range.  As a result, they have much of the Raidho family DNA and pedigree but at a fraction of the cost.Scansonic M6BTL living room

Børresen’s initial designs for Scansonic’s HD range were the first models in the MB-series (named with his own initials), closely followed by the astoundingly affordable M-series.

The new active M BTL-series, comprising a standmount and two floorstanders, features wired analogue, digital and wireless aptX Bluetooth audio connections.

One of each pair of speakers features a built-in amplifier stage – but not the class D design that one might expect in this price range, since this has never been the Scansonic way (keep in mind the Raidho connection). Each of the three models in the M BTL-series sports a powerful class A-B amplifier: 50W in the 2-way M-5 BTL standmount, 60W in the 2.5-way M-6 BTL floorstander and 80W in the 3-way M-9 BTL.

All three models are designed around the same ultra-light ribbon planar tweeter as used in the Raidho-inspired MB-series. Its membrane is formed by a kapton-aluminum sandwich just 20μm thick and with an extremely low mass – approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic, beryllium or diamond dome.

The tweeter is partnered with a paper-polypropylene coned 4.5-inch mid/bass driver (one in the M-5 BTL standmount and two in the M-6 BTL and M-9 BTL floorstanders) with underhung magnet system. The M-9 BTL floorstander adds an 8-inch side-mount bass driver.

The cabinets feature a heavily braced, ventilated box design with front-loaded port, and the system also comes with a learning remote control.

Technical specifications


  M-5 BTL M-6 BTL M-9 BTL
Type 2-way wireless active stand-mount 2.5-way wireless active compact floorstander 3-way wireless active floorstander
Enclosure Heavily braced, ventilated box design with front loaded port
Inputs Wireless: 2.4GHz aptX

Wired digital: 1 x optical (Toslink) & 1 x RCA

Wired analogue: RCA line-level

Tweeter 1 x sealed ribbon tweeter with kapton/aluminum sandwich membrane
Mid/bass driver 1 x paper-polypropylene coned 4.5” bass/mid driver with underhung magnet system 2 x paper-polypropylene coned 4.5” bass/mid driver with underhung magnet system
Woofer         1 x 8” woofer
Crossover 3.5kHz 2nd order acoustic slope 3.5kHz 2nd order acoustic slope;

300 Hz 1st order


Amplification 50W Class A-B 60W Class A-B 80W Class A-B
Frequency response 55Hz – 30kHz 50Hz – 30kHz 40Hz – 30kHz
Impedance > 6 ohm > 4 ohm > 6 ohm
Dimensions mm

(w x h x d)

151 x 265 x 151 151 x 900 x 198 151 x 900 x 298
Weight 5.4kg 17.8kg 23.6kg


Pricing and availability

The Scansonic HD M-BTL series is available now, priced as follows (incl VAT). All models are available in a choice of two finishes: black-piano or white-piano.

M-5 BTL 2-way wireless active standmount                    £599

M-6 BTL 2.5-way wireless active compact floorstander  £1,199

M-9 3-way wireless active floorstander                          £1,799

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PMC launched the twenty5 series to mark the company’s 25th anniversary at High End.

The five strong twenty5 series features a multitude of innovations, including a key development that has been achieved as a result of the research into aerodynamics that was originally conducted PMC’s flagship studio monitors, the QB1 – the reference loudspeaker of the world famous Capitol Studios, LA.  In keeping with all PMC products, the foundation of the twenty5 series is Advanced Transmission Line bass loading, which has been improved and enhanced with the new aerodynamically designed Laminair vent technology. More »

Always a bit of a highlight at High-End is Gryphon Audio’s room. Owner Flemming Rasmussen always has something new to show us and this year was no exception. We missed the press launch due to a prior engagement but were graciously allowed to sit in with Gryphon distributors for their launch of the Kodo Reference Loudspeaker system. More »

JoSound are based in Jersey and make rather distinctive single driver loudspeakers and we’ve been lucky enough to review their Cartouche and Ra models over the last few years.  Hifi Pig met up for a chat with Joe Jouhal from JoSound at the end of this years High End in Munich where he was demonstrating his latest Horus loudspeakers. More »

A quality loudspeaker for just € 390? Lionel Payne, in his first review for Hifi Pig, takes a listen to the Triangle Elara LN01 Loudspeakers  More »