AVID Hifi, the UK based high end hifi manufacturer, unveiled their new tonearms at High End Munich 2017. This is their next step towards “a complete AVID system”. More »

There’s always loads of press events at the High End Show in Munich and this year was no exception. Here’s the ones we managed to get to in an absolutely hectic schedule. To make life easier for readers we’ve split the article into eleven pages. There are LOADS of pics for you to enjoy! This report includes Dynaudio, Muraudio, Burmester, Auralic, AVM, Wharfedale, KEF, PMC, Harman, Goldmund and Monitor Audio. 

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We have been making the pilgrimage to High End Munich for five years now. It is, quite simply, the greatest Hifi Show on earth. I love meeting people from all over the world, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones, this year I lost track of the number of people who grabbed us saying ‘I know you from Facebook!’ and it was brilliant to meet people that we knew ‘virtually’ in the flesh. High End Munich is one of those shows that can overwhelm you with it’s immensity. It’s quite tricky to explain just how big a show it is…it’s a beast! Every year has been incredible, but this year it just went up another level. It’s kind of crazy, but just when you think the best can’t get any better, it does, and this year High End turned it up to 11. More »

As Wharfedale celebrates its 85th birthday, they have launched the newest Diamond series, Diamond 11. Since 1981, Wharfedale’s Diamond speakers have served as the classic entry point to hifi, who hasn’t owned a pair of Diamonds at some point in their life? We caught up with Peter Comeau, Wharfedale’s Director of Acoustic Design, at High End Munich 2017, for the launch of the Diamond 11 series (of which you can read more later in our extensive High End Munich 2017 coverage) but do read on for more technical details of the new products. More »

Just preparing to head off for day three of High End Munich 2017, the last couple of days has been a whirlwind of hifi news and new products, so here is a round up of the latest from the High End Show news. Loads from KEF, Arcam, Estelon, Mytek, Mark Levinson, Sennheiser, SME, Harbeth and many more!

Plus, don’t forget we are giving out exclusive Hifi Pig and VPI pink slipmats at the show, so grab us and say’ hi’ and claim one if you see us! More »

KEF has announced the launch of its new, 8th iteration, Q Series loudspeakers. We were lucky enough to hear these first at High End Munich trade day yesterday, and we were very impressed. More »

Innuos has designed an exclusive 100 units Special Edition which is launched at High End Munich. More »

Audeze, the manufacturer of high-end, Audiophile headphones, launches the LCD-i4 at High End Munich 2017. More »

MBL Akustikgeräte offers 3 celebrated ranges of electronics and 6 models of omnidirectional loudspeakers. At this year’s Munich High End, they will be presenting the most recent additions to the Noble Line series, the N11 Preamplifier and the N15 Mono Block Amplifiers. These two new products will be on active display, powering the company’s 101 E Mk II speakers. More »

All roads lead to Munich this week with just about everyone involved in Hifi setting off on their travels to get to Bavaria and High End Munich 2017. There is plenty of news flying about in the run up to the High End Show, so here’s the latest roundup, with news from The Chord Company, Aequo Audio, Auralic, Ortofon and many more…plus our Great British Brands At Munich 2017 Advertising Promotion. More »

After their first loudspeaker, Ensis, which we reviewed here, Aequo Audio has announced the launch of two brand new loudspeakers. The Dutch manufacturer extends their portfolio at both ends with the smaller Stilla and larger Diluvium. More »

O2A cables will be exhibiting at High End Munich 2017 More »

For the first time Zanden Audio will participate in the High End Munich show from May 18th to the 21st. Zanden will have a static display at the MOC in Halle 4 U19. More »

The 432 Evo Master is 432 Evo’s first music server with their own power supply in a dedicated matching enclosure. More »

Auralic will have new products at the High End. More »

Lundahl Transformers contacted us about their High End Munich debut. More »

Hifi Pig Advertising Promotion

Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands exhibiting at High End Munich 2017. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Britain’s best A/V cable manufacturer makes High End debut

The UK’s leading high-performance A/V cable manufacturer, The Chord Company, who has been painstakingly designing and hand-building superior audio cables in Britain for more than 32 years, will be making its show debut at High End this year. A four-strong team of staff will be on hand in Atrium 4.2, F215, to introduce the company’s exciting new ranges and explain the myriad benefits that high-quality cabling can bring to high-end audio. More »

It has been one very busy week for High End Munich 2017 news, Hifi Pig will keep you up to date with everything hifi and audiophile that is happening in the run up to the High End Munich show next week….here’s what has happened in the last 24 hrs, in case you blinked and missed it! News from Mytek, SOtM, Chord Electronics, The Funk Firm and Convert to name just a few….. More »


The new Apertura Enigma mkII will be unveiled in Room F2014 Arium 4 at this years High end in Munich. More »

Hifi Pig Advertising Promotion

Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands exhibiting at High End Munich 2017. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Munich 2017 – the reveal. This Munich sees Funk at its most ambitious. There, not just one but two new arms will be on show. More »

SAE will show an amplifier at Munich that is “ too powerful to rate in watts, the 2 Horsepower 2HP-D”. More »