For the first time ever, the Clearaudio Statement v2 turntable will be gracing the demonstration room of a UK audio dealer. Catch it while you can at Dorset-based Stone Audio’s very special Clearaudio event on Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd July.

Originally launched in 2006, Clearaudio’s cost-no-object, flagship Statement is a “masterpiece of engineering that genuinely advances the state of the art” says their recent press release. You can read all about the turntable here. Clearaudio Statement v2 - 1

Where: Stone Audio, The Axium Centre, Dorchester Road, Poole, Dorset BH16 6FE

When: Friday 1st July, 6pm & Saturday 2nd July, 10.30am-5pm

Tickets: Entry is free but please book your place in advance.


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Pro-Ject’s first vertical turntable is now available in the UK.We caught a glimpse of it at Munich and it indeed very cool.

“The VT-E is a lifestyle product that still employs hi-fi principles to deliver a great sound from such a striking record player” says the company’s press release.

Retail price is £229.00 in all three available finishes. At launch we will only have access to the Right-handed version, and until the end of June VT-E will only be available through a select network of hi-fi retailers. From July 2016, VT-E will be available through the whole Pro-Ject authorised dealer network.

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The vinyl revolution shows no signs of retreating behind the barricades and here in our second look at vinyl at high end Munich 2016 we see a number of innovative and pricey vinyl spinners…and some not to expensive of course. Part 1 can be found here. Sperling Audio, Rega, AMG, Acoustic Solid, Clearaudio, Trans Rotor, WE Audio Systems, Well Tempered Lab, Audio Deva, Pro-Ject, SPEC Corporation, Acoustic Signature, Gpinto, Kuzma, Sibatech, Acoustical Systems More »


TEAC’s best-selling range of analogue turntables has now been joined by the TN-570, a new flagship model that aims to deliver the highest audio fidelity yet, the brands latest press release tells us.TN-570-View-12 (1)

The TN-570 belt-driven turntable combines a clear acrylic platter, an AT100E Moving Magnet cartridge, an all-new, height-adjustable S-shaped tonearm, all mounted on a dual-layer composite black marble/high-density MDF base.


  •     Belt-drive turntable with electronic speed change
    ·      New static-balanced S-type tonearm
    ·      Clear acrylic platter
    ·      Dual-Layer composite artificial black marble/high density MDF plinth
    ·      Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (P.R.S3)
    ·      Built-in phono stage (moving magnet)
    ·      Optical digital output (192kHz/24-bit max) and USB output (48kHz/16-bit) for transferring music from vinyl records to your Mac or PC
    ·      Supplied AT-100E moving magnet (MM) cartridge

The new S-shaped tonearm features a light alloy universal headshell (to allow easy cartridge swapping) and is height adjustable, to compensate for cartridges that are greater in height than usual.  In another break from the norm, speed selection between 33 1/3rd and 45 RPM speeds is achieved electronically, rather than requiring the platter to be physically removed in order to move the belt.TN-570-Rear-view-14

TEAC has also developed a ingenious Platter Rotation Sensing Servo System (using an optical sensor) to deliver a rotation precision that’s almost the same as you’d get with a direct-drive.

And the same goes for the combination of a clear 16mm acrylic platter and massive Dual Layer composite artificial marble ‘Onyx Emperador’/MDF base (secured on a honeycomb structure bottom cover). The materials have been chosen, after extensive listening, for their ability to help minimise unwanted resonance.!

Maximizing the TEAC TN-570’s versatility, a built-in MM phono stage is also included, along with an optical output (up to 192kHz/24-bit) and USB output (48kHz/16-bit), allowing owners to convert their vinyl to the latest digital formats (a version of the TN-570 without the digital output stage – called the TN-550 – will also be available in certain markets).
Price (only in black, available now)

TN-570 – £749

TN-550 – £599

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Bryston has announced the introduction of the BLP-1 turntable, a belt drive design housed within a mass-loaded chassis engineered with critical features and innovations to please vinyl enthusiasts. The Bryston BLP-1 will become available through Bryston dealers beginning July, 2016 with an MSRP of $3995 including tonearm and custom Bryston power supply. bryston_turntable_vinyl

“Each feature of the BLP-1 represents an effort to deliver remarkably accurate vinyl playback by holding precise speed stability while minimizing resonances” says the company’s latest press release. The BLP-1’s 33 ⅓ / 45 RPM low speed / high torque motor is driven by a proprietary Bryston-designed and manufactured pulse width modulation (PWM) power supply called the BTP-1 (included with turntable). The 35mm thick Delrin® platter with integrated record mat is mated to a hardened carbon steel spindle and ultra-hard bronze modular bearing system polished to 0.02mm tolerance. The unique vented plinth is said to both eliminate platter turbulence and prevent unwanted vibrations from reaching the bearing. The seven-segment titanium tonearm features tungsten steel bearings and an arm tube integrated to the headshell. The Bryston BLP-1 also comes with a removable tonearm cable, adjustable brushed aluminum feet and a hinged high-mass dustcover to complete the package.

“As we set out to design the newest Bryston phono preamplifier models BMC and BMM, the wide bandwidth and low distortion of our new gain stages reminded us of how breathtaking and fresh high- resolution vinyl playback could be,” explained Bryston’s James Tanner. “With the BLP-1, we have created a turntable that represents premium performance to supplement our lineup. Going forward, it is our objective to identify an array of cartridges that will ideally match our turntable and phono stages (impedance, loading, capacitance, gain requirements etc.) to provide customers with the predictability of a plug-and-play solution if so desired. Of course, dealers and enthusiasts will also have the option to select their cartridge of choice independent of our recommendations,” stated Tanner.

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Last month I looked at a turntable design from Garrard that if it had taken off might have meant no need for CDs at all, allowing as it did the possibility of up to 5 hours playing from an LP. Alas its lifetime was little more than my interest in MiniDiscs. This time round I conclude my look at turntables and arms with other ideas that could have changed the fortunes of vinyl before its revival (or should that be revinyl) in the 21st Century. More »

Pro-Ject Audio Systems has announced The Classic turntable which utilises a simple and elegant “frame” design, which bears a notable resemblance to some of the most famous turntables of the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Hifi Pig managed to have a dem of this at the recent High End show in Munich and it looks great in a retro kind of way (see first picture). Speaking of the design, Heinz Lichtenegger has said:

“In my first year as a hi-fi dealer, working out of my mother’s petrol station using her trade license, I sold 50 Thorens 166 MK 2. In a town of 2000 people, I made everybody into a hi-fi believer…
Later I expanded to some Linns, Aristons, Heybrooks etc. Today Pro-Ject is the leading company for hi-fi stereo turntables and sooner or later I simply had to produce what I once loved…”project_classic_turntable_munich

The Classic’s design is more than just aesthetically pleasing, it also combines proven hi-fi technologies with the simple set-up so often associated with Pro-Ject turntables, so you can get down to enjoying your music as soon as possible.

The two-plinth design utilises Thermo Plastic Elastomers (TPE) to isolate the sub-chassis, rather than the traditional method of a spring-loaded sub-chassis. The layout effectively decouples the motor from the main bearing and the tonearm, reducing unwanted interference between the components.

The idea of reduced resonance transference carries through to the platter configuration. The instantly recognisable dual-platter layout has been chosen instead of the old cast platters. The main platter on The Classic is machined from an aluminium alloy which is lined underneath with TPE damping. The sub-platter/bearing assembly combines a hardened steel rod with a bronze bushing that is lined with Teflon, resulting in a very smooth, low-noise solution. The configuration is similar to that of a Debut turntable, but the tolerances for these components have been improved by a factor of 10 over the Debut Carbon.PJ-Phono-TheClassic-Eucalyptus-Silver-Cover (1)s

The Classic also boasts an entirely new tonearm, exclusively designed for this special anniversary turntable. The conical tube is made from aluminium, wrapped in a layer of carbon fibre. The carbon fibre keeps the tonearm light and stiff, while the aluminium adds improved damping and grounding.

The Classic Tonearm also uses a new bearing assembly with precision-machined, ultra-low friction Zircon bearings. Underneath, a new Japanese-designed ball-bearing allows for easier placement of the tonearm wires and a much freer movement of the tonearm. The new nickel-finished counterweight is also TPE-damped, reducing the amplitude of the tonearm’s resonant-frequency by 50%. Finally, the tonearm also benefits from the usual azimuth and VTA-adjustments associated with all high-end Pro-Ject tonearms.

A variety of counterweights will be available for The Classic, supporting cartridges up to 25g. The Classic Tonearm will also be available for sale separately in the future.PJ-Phono-TheClassic-Eucalyptus-Silvers

To increase accessibility for The Classic, the turntable has been designed with a new set of feet, which effectively allows the turntable to perform as well as possible in a wide variety of installations, even when it’s not placed on an ideal platform. The feet are both dampened and height-adjustable, ensuring the turntable can be adjusted to sit level on unbalanced or imperfect surfaces.

The Classic is supplied as standard with the Ortofon 2M Silver cartridge, which has been designed exclusively for Pro-Ject Audio Systems. However, the ability of the turntable is such that it’s also capable of working with a wide variety of high-end Moving Coil options. The inclusion of a junction box on the back-panel, also allows for cable improvements as and when you improve your cartridge option.

The Classic turntable is available in Eucalyptus, Rosenut or Walnut (shown) finishes. It is supplied as standard with all necessary set-up tools, a fitted dust cover and Pro-Ject’s specially-developed Connect-IT E turntable cables.

SRP £799.00
The Pro-Ject Classic will be available in the UK from June 2016.

Technical Information
Speed: 33 / 45 RPM (manual speed change)
Drive Principle: Belt drive
Platter: 300mm aluminium (TPE-damped)
Main Bearing: Stainless steel (Bronze bush with Teflon lining)
Wow & Flutter: ± 0.03% (33rpm) / ± 0.05% (45rpm)
Speed Drift: ± 0.10% (33rpm) / ± 0.11% (45rpm)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio: -71dB
Tonearm: The Classic Tonearm (9”)
Effective Arm Length: 230mm
Effective Arm Mass: 13.5g
Overhang: 18mm
Included Accessories: Dust Cover, Connect-IT E (RCA) cable Power Supply: 15V / 1,600mA DC
Power Consumption: 5W Max. / <0.5W in standby Dimensions (W x H x D): 460 x 131 x 351mm (lid closed) Weight: 10.2kg (net)

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The continued success of the vinyl format shows no signs of slowing and, judging by the number of turntables on show at this year’s High End, there’s plenty of choice for vinyl lovers when it comes to getting into the grooves.
There were turntables pretty much at every turn at the show with everything from the highly exotic to the more affordable and sober.
Here’s a few of the vinyl spinners that caught our eye on our tour of High End. More »

Ian Ringstead had only ever read about the Munich High End show from afar, but this year decided to jump in with both feet pops his cherry. Here’s what he thought about his first time.  More »

The MAY edition of Hifi Pig Magazine and Gadgety News is out and ready for FREE download.
It’s packed with Hifi and Gadget reviews of course but this month we have a great interview with the man who discovered Prince and help write his first hit single, plus a special report on the possible effects of a Brexit on the British Hifi industry. Download your free copy now. There’s also great music reviews, fab columnists and more…MAY2016FRONT500SMALL
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This year ELAC celebrates its 90th anniversary and, as well as the first European showing of their Uni-Fi speakers and Discovery and Debut electronics products, the company have two new and rather special products being launched.

First of all is the Concerto, the  new  ELAC  flagship  loudspeaker, launched to mark the 90th anniversary and cement ELACs position in the high end of audio.ELAC HIGH-END SPEAKER OPTION2-1


Price TBA but expected to be approximately 50K to 60K EUR.

Secondly is the Miracord 90 Anniversary where ELAC revisits a golden era with a turntable to mark its 90th birthday.  In the 1970s the ELAC Miracord turntables were well received and this is a welcome return to the turntable market for them.Miracord90_Seite-2

Price TBA, expected to be approximately 2000 to 2500 EUR

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In this months Views Of Stu, Stuart Smith takes us on a rambling personal journey through his relationship with vinyl.View_MFA_Spons More »

The Audio Barn in Old Harlow, Essex got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us about a great sounding event they have coming up on the 13th and 14th May. It’s a Clearaudio/Larsen open day but with a twist. Clearaudio Concept Wood MC

They’ll be featuring the Clearaudio Concept (Pictured) and Performance DC turntables through Naims SuperNait integrated amplifier, and then through Larsen 6 & 8 Loudspeakers and anyone attending on the Friday evening or Saturday will be entered into a free prize draw!  The winner will be recipient of a Clearaudio Turntable Carekit Professional worth £120!

But it’s not all turntables and loudspeakers as on the Friday evening, Toby Webster of The Black Dog Wine Company in North Weald will be downstairs offering wine tastings. He has been working with small, often artisan-scale winemakers for over 30 years, and will have available to informally taste a selection of half a dozen or so delicious and original wines from his portfolio. Nice! 

On the Friday evening the event opens at 4pm and will finish around 8pm (later if demand dictates) with the Clearaudio Concept, Naim SuperNait and Larsen 8 speakers being the main event, whilst on the Saturday the event kicks off with a presentation of the system previous system with Larsen 6 speakers by Sound Fowndations Chris Green followed by some tech chat and the opportunity for visitors to play their own vinyl on the system.

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Clearaudio have been engaged in ongoing research into moving coil (MC) technology since 1978. Still, their design team found themselves facing quite a challenge when tasked with developing a brand new cartridge that would improve on the existing entry-level Concept MC, but without breaking a key price point, says the company’s latest press release. Clearaudio Essence MC square

Like the Concept MC, the Essence MC’s body is constructed from a high-density aluminium-magnesium alloy, which is then coated with a ceramic layer to minimize resonance.

Meanwhile, the boron cantilever, microline stylus and Clearaudio-patented moving coil generator with its hand-selected high-performance magnets have each been subjected to rigorous scrutiny in order to achieve tighter tolerances. The result they say is “improved dynamic performance, higher resolution and channel matching of better than 0.5 dB”.

The Essence MC will partner with almost any MC phonostage at a price that won’t break the bank. Its angular body shape with centre line at the front makes it easy to align, while threaded holes mean that you don’t have to fiddle with screws and nuts. It comes with a full cover stylus guard.

Technical specifications


Construction Aluminum-magnesium alloy with ceramic surface layer;

microline stylus; boron cantilever; OFC copper coils

Frequency response 20 Hz – 40 kHz
Output voltage 0.4 mV at 5 cm/s
Recommended tracking force 2.0 g (+/- 0.2 g)
Channel separation > 32 dB
Channel difference (balance) < 0.3 dB
Compliance 9/9 μ/mN
Cartridge impedance 11 Ω
Total weight 8.0 g
Warranty 2 years (provided warranty card completed and returned to Clearaudio within specified timescale)


The Clearaudio Essence MC is available now priced at £795 (including VAT).


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The EAT C Sharp turntable certainly looks the part for £2500 including tonearm, how does it sound? Janine Elliot spins some vinyl.  More »

Unfortunately we were unable to make the Stylus Show which showcased all that is vinyl but Hifi Pig reader Grant Birch was kind enough to take a few pics on our behalf. Thanks to Grant and we hope to be there next year for what many are saying was a great Hifi show. More »

Continuum Audio Labs say they are pleased to announce the introduction of their new analogue playback system, the Obsidian turntable and Viper tonearm at High End Munich 2016.” Designed by a team of engineers and designers whose expertise spans the disciplines of physics, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, vibration control, and industrial design, the system represents a major accomplishment in terms of sonic performance, mechanical sophistication, and aesthetic design” says the company’s latest press release.continuum_high_end_munich

Continuum CEO, Dr. Murali Murugasu, observes the significance of the Obsidian and Viper when he commented, “Having already established landmark designs such as the Caliburn and Cobra, creating a new design that would advance analog playback was a formidable challenge. Not only do the Obsidian and Viper do so on their merits, but doing so at its price is truly an accomplishment.”

The Obsidian utilizes tungsten in key points including the arm post, contact points for the arm suspension, and bearing ball and shaft. The bearing itself utilizes a magnetically opposed (but non-floating) design. The net effect of these constructs is that all platter resonances are below 10 Hz.

Beneath the platter and suspension lies the motor. Dubbed “The Quiet One”. For obvious reasons, this motor was specifically designed for Continuum Audio Labs. Speed stability comes from a 35mm, 60-volt zero-cogging DC motor that was designed and manufactured specifically for optimum performance with Obsidian’s platter mass and physical harmonic characteristics. The motor is controlled by a servo amplifier running at 53.6 kHz and has the highest power currently available in a motor of its size. Noise is addressed through the use of graphite brushes which provide the current conducting capacity required to drive a heavy platter and a specially designed damping system that attenuates brush noise.

Drawing on the familiar contoured shape popularized by the Cobra tonearm, the company utilized the latest finite-element analysis (FEA) software to create a tonearm with the “optimum stiffness to mass ratio in order to minimize unwanted resonances. In the Viper is a sapphire “V”- jewel paired with a hardened stainless steel pivot. The swash plate rides on damped miniature bearings manufactured to ABEC 9 standards, the tightest tolerance (0.0012 mm). A 30mm adjustable tungsten central tower provides a massive, stable support for the tonearm.

Finally, the Obsidian is set-up to allow the owner to add a second tonearm of virtually any length or design.

The Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian and Viper will be on display in the Constellation Audio Room (MOC, Atrium 4, 1st Floor, Room F-118) from May 5 – 8, 2016.

The US retail price of the Obsidian is $35,000 and $10,000 for the Viper. Deliveries to worldwide markets are scheduled to begin in Q3 of 2016.

Read more news about Munich High End 2016 Here and Hifi Pig’s coverage of last years High End Munich here






McIntosh Laboratory is proudly donating a one-off Alice Cooper MT5 turntable (usual price £7,495) to Cooper’s Solid Rock Rock & Roll Vampire Bash charity auction in Arizona, USA, this Sunday April 24th 2016, at Las Sendas Golf Club, Arizona, USA.  Alice Cooper MT5

The unique Alice Cooper MT5 features a custom-made version of the turntable’s famous black glass faceplate, specially designed for the event. The fascia incorporates classic McIntosh design cues, such as brushed-aluminium end caps, plus an illuminated ‘Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock’ logo.

Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Rock & Roll Vampire Bash charity auction includes a cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner, live auction and live entertainment featuring Alice Cooper and friends: Alex Lifeson (RUSH); Danny Seraphine (Chicago); Tommy Thayer (KISS); Frank Sidoris (Slash); Neal Smith (Alice Cooper), plus comedians John O’Hurley and Jeff Allen.

The charity event directly benefits Solid Rock and The Rock Teen Center. Tickets are $250 per person and are on sale now. Visit for more information.


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With its parallel tracking arm and LED lit platter, the £4700 Pre Audio GL-1102N Turntable hailing from Poland certainly looks a little out of the ordinary. Will it prove to be just that or something extraordinary? Janine Elliot finds out for Hifi Pig.  More »

It’s been ten years since Avid Hifi launched the Acutus Reference was launched and now they have announced the Acutus Reference Mono SP turntable.Acutus_Reference_mono_PSU

Conrad mas of Avid said “We have re-designed the amplifier stage way beyond most audio amplifiers and enabled twin mono operation to power each motor coil. Not limiting performance to save cost the new power supply is truly mono, employing the contents of two full Reference power supplies.”

There are two 1000VA mains transformers, twin regulated power stages, two massive capacitor banks and double soft start boards housed into casework matching the company’s Reference Pre and Mono amplifiers.

The Acutus Reference Mono SP will debut at the forthcoming Munich High-End Show 2016.

The Acutus is offered in three levels of performance and existing owners will be available as an upgrade.

Prices are expected to be:





It’s been ten years since Avid Hifi launched the Acutus Reference was launched and now they have announced the Acutus Reference Mono SP turntable.Acutus_Reference_mono_PSU

Conrad mas of Avid said “We have re-designed the amplifier stage way beyond most audio amplifiers and enabled twin mono operation to power each motor coil. Not limiting performance to save cost the new power supply is truly mono, employing the contents of two full Reference power supplies.”

There are two 1000VA mains transformers, twin regulated power stages, two massive capacitor banks and double soft start boards housed into casework matching the company’s Reference Pre and Mono amplifiers.

The Acutus Reference Mono SP will debut at the forthcoming Munich High-End Show 2016.

The Acutus is offered in three levels of performance and existing owners will be available as an upgrade.

Prices are expected to be:





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Ok, so we ran a news item today about the €895 Atmo Sfera turntable which has no platter so to speak and we came across another unusual turntable design, this time in the form of the $399 Gramovox that plays records vertically…and has built in speakers.

The Gramavox plays 33s and 45s and has RCA outs so you can play it through a conventional hifi set up.
It is a belt drive design that has an acrylic platter and comes complete with tonearm and a AT95E so it plays out the box with no set up.330A5823

Tech Spec’

  • MDF construction
  • Fully-adjustable Carbon-Fiber Tone-Arm w/ dynamically set tracking force
  • AT95E Audio-Technica Dual Magnet Cartridge with Elliptical Diamond Stylus
  • 2″ Neodymium Full-Range Stereo Speakers
  • Built in phono stage with RIAA equalization curve
  • Onboard 2x15W Stereo Audio Amplifier, Tripath TA2024 Class-D / Class-T architecture
  • Manual Belt-Drive System (33 ⅓ or 45 RPM)
  • A/C Synchronous motor
  • Low resonance, high mass, acrylic Plinth and Platter
  • RCA Line Out
  • Headphone Jack
  • Universal AC to DC power supply compatible with US standard 60 Hz, 110/120 VAC or European standard 50 Hz, 220/240 VAC (Snap-in power plugs are included for operation in countries around the world)
  • 17″ Wide x 10″ Deep x 16″ Tall
  • 14 lbs.
  • Vibration Damping Feet


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Audio Deva have a Kickstarter campaign for their €895 Atmo Sfera turntable (complete with arm and cartridge)… but the Atmo Sfera is no ordinary turntable because it doesn’t have the platter that would seem like a pretty essential part of any vinyl spinner.

Audio Deva claim that the classic turntable has drawbacks inherent in its design citing “heavy weight, size, playing mechanism and vulnerability to vibration” as issues and claim their design eliminates the problems associated with conventional turntables.

With 36 days to go the Italian company has raised around €15 500 of their €40 000 funding target.LMC_0739

Tech Spec’


  • Platterless design, a unique design where the record spins in air
  • Belt-Driven, Two speed (33/45 RPM) turntable
  • Small, low torque bipolar motor, driven by a synthesized, sinusoidal wave
  • Microprocessor controlled operation
  • Bluetooth® stereo connectivity with embedded RIAA phono preamplifier


  • Carbon fiber, static balanced Tonearm
  • Effective arm length: 228 mm – Arm overhang: 15 mm


  • Pre fitted Audio Technica AT 95 E MM Cartridge

Other Features

  • Low resonance, CNC machined, Anticorodal Aluminium plinth
  • CNC machined Ergal Shaft
  • Vibration damping feet
  • No setup required with the fitted cartridge
  • Dimension (base only): 12″ x 11″ x 4″ or 31 cm x 28 cm x 10 cm
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs. or 2.8 Kg
  • Universal Power supply: 110-240 V / 50Hz / 60Hz


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Russ Andrews is introducing a dedicated turntable RCA phono cable.

With the huge resurgence in turntables witnessed over the past couple of years and the monumental rise in sales of vinyl, “Russ Andrews has developed the TT-1 cable to help this new wave of vinyl enthusiasts get the best out of their turntables” says the company’s recent press release.Turntable_cable_vinyl

TT-1 is a fully shielded design, derived from the Kimber Kable flagship Select range and uses high-purity copper coax geometry and a multi-stranded core.

Fitted with Kimber’s UltraPlate™ Phono plugs, the TT-1 is also available with optional burn in, DCT (deep cryogenic treatment), Super Burn In and with the company’s MiniZap technology incorporated into the cable.

Many modern turntables no longer require a dedicated ground connection, but for those that do, Russ Andrews is including a separate 2.5mm2 grounding wire fitted with 4mm spade terminals with the TT-1, making it suitable for use with a vast range of turntables.

Peter Bevir, head of product development, says, “No one can have missed the vinyl revival, it’s the story on the lips of so many and is blazoned across social media on a daily basis. The figures for vinyl album sales from the bpi and turntable sales from GfK show just how popular this, arguably purest, form of music reproduction is. So we thought, ‘with so many people enjoying what vinyl has to offer why not help them get the most out of their collections and new turntables?’ ” He continues, “The TT-1 is a cost effective means of connecting a turntable to a phono-stage – or direct to an amplifier if either unit has a built in phono-stage – that really allows the music to shine and highlight just why vinyl is such a good medium for musical enjoyment.”

TT-1 is available direct from Russ Andrews at £104 for a 0.5m pair.

In this month’s instalment of Retro Bites where we focus on classic and vintage audio, Janine Elliot takes a look at the Nakamichi TX 1000 Turntable. More »

Roksan Audio’s Radius turntable (review) has been updated and released as the Radius 7.Radius7_20160201_-5

Roksan Audio are acknowledged around the world as pioneers of analogue technology, with over thirty years of experience and success in the market, starting with their iconic Xerxes record player (see the review of the latest Xerxes incarnation).

The Radius 7’s Perspex construction boasts the same innovative, decoupled dual-layer plinth design but in a new precision-machined ‘glass-effect’ finish. The same striking shape of the plinth layers remains, but as with previous Radius designs this is not only to help the look, but also to control resonance and reduce effective mass.Radius7_20160201_-8

The decoupled drive motor employed in the Radius 7 is a completely new design, engineered from scratch using trickle-down technology from Roksan Audio’s flagship speed control for the Xerxes record player, the RPM. It’s an exceptionally precise device, featuring a very high accuracy, temperature-compensated crystal speed control system, which maintains pitch-perfect speed stability for both 33 and 45rpm, irrespective of voltage variations. The added benefit to this new system is manifest in the new aluminium alloy pulley, which utilises a single rung; as the Radius 7 is capable of automatic speed changing. To add further visual appeal, a bright yet un-intrusive LED is built-in underneath the motor assembly and illuminates either blue (33rpm) or red (45rpm) to show the current platter speed.

The Radius 7 has the same acrylic platter as the Radius 5.2. The platter rotates on a precision- machined hardened steel bearing ball that sits within a brass housing that contains Roksan’s LX-7 bearing oil, with ultra-low friction properties for reduced resonance.

In the UK, the Radius 7 is supplied as standard with the Roksan Nima tonearm. The Nima is a low-friction, uni-pivot design. The Nima is carefully assembled by hand and boasts the same internal wiring as Roksan’s previous flagship tonearm, the Artemiz.

SRP £1,900.00

The Radius 7 will be available in the UK from March 2016. 

Technical Information

Radius 7

Main Bearing Spindle:Precision-machined stainless steel

Main Bearing Housing:Precision-machined solid brass

Main Bearing Ball:Precision case hardened steel

Pulley:Precision-machined aluminium alloy

Platter:Precision-machined acrylic

Motor:Custom-made 24 pole synchronous

Speeds:33.3 & 45 rpm

Power: 90-240V / 50-60 Hz

Rumble:  < -75dB

Wow & Flutter: < 0.04%

Dimension (W x D x H):400 x 350 x 150mm

Weight:  7kg

Nima Tonearm

Bearing:Stainless Steel Unipivot

Bearing Yoke: Acrylic

Arm Tube:Aluminium Alloy

Headshell: Acrylic

Effective Length:240mm

Overhang: 17.5mm

Headshell Offset Angle: 22.9°

Effective Mass: 10g

Mounting Hole Diameter: 23mm

Recommended Cartridge Weight: 5 – 12g

Recommended Tracking Weight: 1.5 – 3.5g



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Janine Elliot takes a listen to Roksan’s latest version of the iconic Xerxes, this time in its 20Plus guise and with the Caspian RPM Speed Control and innovative Pug tonearm. Price for this package is £5825 More »

Elipson Audio has announced the introduction of their first ever range of turntables. Entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Elipson in France, the Alpha and Omega versions are said to be the world’s “first premium turntables offering the option of wireless technology whilst retaining audiophile specification and sound quality”.ELI-alpha_50-2-BK

The new Elipson turntable can work on any voltage and any frequency in the world, from 100-240V and 50-60Hz and boasts “Digital Sinusoidal Signal Synthesis” which ensures optimum RPM. Speed is automatically controlled and a “digital slope” is employed to avoid belt skating and ensure motor reliability. The “Motor Suspension Device” is an additional device designed to suspend the motor and eliminate vibration.

Compatible with all MM/MC cartridges, Elipson has also developed its own Orbital Torsion Tone-arm which they say offers perfect precision, whilst integral torsion adjustment is controllable for anti-skating.

The RIAA preamps featured on the top models in each Alpha and Omega ranges feature an integrated preamp/phono-stage, whilst the flagship models also feature a Bluetooth APTX wireless transceiver, allowing the listener to stream their vinyl to a BT speaker system … or you can transfer the signal via the Opto-isolated USB output and record your vinyl onto a Mac or PC.elipson_omega_12

There’s a total of seven models in the line up.  The entry level OM50 features a matt black finish PVC chassis with a pressed steel plate and Ortofon’s OM5 cartridge.  The Alpha range features a similar spec but uses an OM10 cartridge, polyamide centralizer, RCA interconnects and preamp with BT and USB options.  Top of the range Omega versions boast an acrylic lacquer non-scratch finish chassis in gloss black, white or red, a high density glass plate, a machined aluminum centraliser, a Carbon fibre tone-arm together with the pre-amp and BT /USB options.

Elipson’s new turntable range will be officially launched in Room 412 at the forthcoming Sound & Vision Bristol on 26th February and available thereafter from March 2016.  UK SRPs will range from £199 for the entry level Alpha 50 up to £499 for the flagship Omega 100 RIAA BT USB model.


Crosstalk: >60dB

Signal / noise ratio: > 82dB MM / > 78dB MC

High end RIAA integrated preamp*

Bluetooth aptX*

Opto-isolated USB output allowing vinyl recording on your Mac or your PC*

Dimensions: W450 x H120 x D380 mm

*Depending on the model


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Korean company Nasotec Corporation recently got in touch with Hifi Pig to introduce us to their Swing Headshell that looks pretty interesting for all you vinylistas.


This ‘Swing Headshell’ has a very soft and flexible joint designed to make your cartridge always align with the tangent of the groove circle. The joint precisely machined joint has small miniature bearing inside making the “swing” of the headshell very smooth and sensitive which Nasotec say will ensure the stylus keeps delicate and unbiased groove tracking.

Nasotec say that the Swing Headshell will reduce tracking angle error when installed properly and should give a better sound quality than fixed headshells.

The company also claims that most of the vibration from the cartridge will be dissipated at the joint and should reduce arm resonances.
In effect Nasotec say that the Swing Headshell acts almost as if it were another, and very short, tonearm and will offer up a more stable stereo image than fixed headshell cartridges.

The company y also say that adding the Swing Headshell to your arm will extend the life of your stylus.
The Swing Headshell is available in three different styles to suit different tonearm and cartridge set ups and costs from $295 to $335.


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Pro-Ject Audio Systems announce their latest release, the 2 Xperience Acryl which will replace the Xperience 2 Pack.

The 2 Xperience Acryl boasts the same clear acrylic plinth as the 2 Pack, however, it also boasts some technical tweaks that bring it into line with Pro-Ject’s latest standards.

The perimeter belt-drive concept is based on over twenty years of turntable design experience, but the motor is a newly updated design inspired by the 2 Xperience SB, which was released in 2015. The new motor is therefore driven by a purpose-engineered AC generator PCB, which in turn is powered by an efficient DC power supply for optimal rotational and speed stability.PJ-Phono-2XperienceDCAcryl

The 2 Xperience Acryl’s transparent acrylic plinth is acoustically inert, the thick black precision-balanced platter is also resonant-free, and topped with melted vinyl records for the ideal turntable mat. The three aluminium coned feet are TPE-damped for a further reduction of unwanted resonances.

The 2 Xperience Acryl is fitted as standard with the 9cc Evolution carbon fibre tonearm. The tonearm is then finished with the Ortofon 2M Silver moving- magnet cartridge, which boasts silver voice coils.

The package is also neatly finished with a screw-on record clamp and a sturdy dust cover.

SRP £950.00

In further news Pro-Ject announced the2 Xperience SB S-Shape that takes all the same innovations and improvements of the 2 Xperience SB design, but utilises a brand new S-Shape tonearm to give vinyl enthusiasts a more versatile record player.PJ-Phono-2XperienceSBSShape-piano (1)

The S-Shape tonearm is made of a special alloy of aluminium with very high internal damping properties, for reduced resonance. The bearing design allows for pin- point mounting of the premium vertical race bearings, while the horizontal ball bearings are rigidly mounted yet easily adjustable. The rotational anti-skate mechanism is inspired by the anti-skate system used on the flagship Signature 12 tonearm.

One of the principle benefits of the new tonearm is found in the high-quality detachable headshell.

The 2 Xperience SB turntable has a large plinth, high-quality main bearing and thick, vinyl-topped sandwich platter. The new precision motor is driven by an efficient DC power supply and regulated by a built-in electronic speed changer offering easy switching between 331/3 and 45RPM, but it also acts as an AC generator for the motor to ensure a clean and stable power signal.

An acrylic dust cover, silver screw-on record clamp and expertly engineered coned feet finish off the turntable.

SRP £1,299.00


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Roksan Audio have been considered a leading force in the analogue audio world since their  first product, the Xerxes record player, was released in 1985.oxygene2_20151123_0687

The Oxygene 30 Turntable boasts an elegant, minimalist aesthetic inspired by the popular Oxygene range of hifi electronics. But beneath its striking gloss-white exterior is an innovative design that draws heavily from the Xerxes 20Plus.

The Oxygene 30 utilises a complex, multi-layered, four-piece plinth design with a new high-mass mounting block for housing the motor. The new motor mount ensures that unwanted resonances from the motor are transferred into the block and significantly attenuated before reaching the top plinth. It also improves motor alignment for optimal belt tension and reliable speed stability.oxygene2_20151123_0688

The central objective behind the multi-section plinth is to isolate the core components of the turntable, allowing not only the motor, but also the tonearm, cartridge and record platter to perform at the highest possible standard. Between the plinth layers, high-quality isolating materials are used for tuned decoupling.

The Oxygene 30’s two-piece platter utilises a solid aluminium alloy, which forms a completely dampened, resonant free surface when the inner and outer platter are combined. Like the Xerxes 20Plus, the Oxygene 30 also uses a removable spindle cap, which reduces bearing noise transmission through the record surface.oxygene2_20151123_0693

The Oxygene 30 is supplied as a package in the UK; just install your preferred cartridge and you’re ready to integrate it into any vinyl-ready hi-fi system. The turntable is supplied as standard with Roksan’s XPS-7 power supply/speed controller, and inside the box is a Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution tonearm. The engineers at Roksan have worked extensively to accommodate this popular 9” carbon fibre tonearm on the Oxygene 30, including the development of a brand new mounting plate.

The Oxygene 30 turntable perfectly represents the ethos behind the Oxygene range, as well as Roksan Audio’s wider brand philosophy. The overall design is compact yet highly resolved, and the sound performance is striking in its clarity, detail and musicality. The Oxygene 30 is a new must-consider product in the world of high-end vinyl playback.

SRP £2,500.00


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Pro-Ject Audio Systems have completely  renovated their popular RPM series of turntables throughout the course of 2015. The final adjustment to the range has now been confirmed, in the form of the brand new RPM 5 Carbon.

Designed to replace the award-winning RPM 5, the RPM 5 Carbon takes a technological, audible and aesthetic leap on from the standard set by its predecessor.PJ-Phono-RPM5Carbon-Red

The plinth and  decoupled-motor design has been chosen due to the performance benefits discovered with the range-topping RPM 9 Carbon and RPM 10 Carbon. The low-resonance plinth is finished with a premium quality gloss and topped with carbon fibre. The chassis contains a new inverted platter bearing with ceramic ball for minimal rumble. The whole plinth sits on top of three adjustable spiked feet to further keep resonance away from the record  surface.

The thick acrylic platter is acoustically inert, to ensure the purest playback of any vinyl record. The platter is driven by a fully-detached 15V AC motor, to offer a smooth and consistent rotation thanks to the, DC-driven AC generator built into the motor housing.

The RPM 5 Carbon is supplied with the 9CC Evolution tonearm pre-installed. The 9CC Evolution boasts a 9” one-piece carbon fibre tube and inverted bearing design. The heavyweight assembly and TPE-damped counterweights ensure unwanted resonances are swiftly drawn away from the signal wires. The tonearm is terminated to a junction box, and a quality set of RCA interconnect cables are supplied in the box.

The RPM 5 Carbon is available in three high-gloss paint finishes – black, red and white. UK customers can also have a Quintet Black cartridge pre-installed by their dealer for an additional £400.00, saving

£249.00. The RPM 5 Carbon is supplied with a screw-on record clamp.

SRP £899.00

The RPM 5 Carbon is available in the UK now.

Read the Hifi Pig interview with the President of Pro-Ject Heinz Lichtenegger


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Ian at HMF Solutions brought this rather splendid looking turntable to our attention. It’s the Acoustical Systems “The APOLYT” and it’s limited to just twenty two units worldwide.apolytpic

As well as a host of other innovative features the APOLYT features a unique custom designed air-suspension system which is “based on optical table designs, but featuring a most advanced air-spring-capacitor-induction suspension system with a resulting resonance frequency below 0.5 Hz.”

It has up to 4 of these tonearm bases offering the user great flexibility and choice of tonearm/cartridge combinations.

The APOLYT is designed and manufactured in Germany.

Technical specifications:

– platter weight: 58 kg

– chassis weight: 188 kg

– 4 motors – motors weight 26 kg

– powersupply weight: 38 kg

– net weight: 388 kg

– shipping weight: 580 kg (delivery in 8 flight cases)

– dimensions (w x d x h): 108 cm x 69 cm x 128 cm

– wow & flutter: below 0.01% (W.R.M.S)

– speed: 33 1/3 rpm and 45 rpm – all speeds w/ precise adjustment option

– operation voltage: DC-operation and selectable 100 / 120 / 220 / 230 / 240 V – 50/60 Hz

– drive: belt drive, custom aramide belt AND symmetrical idler-drive

– power consumption in operation: 0 W, in re-charge logic mode: 120 Watt


– user choice / selectable: 1, 2, 3 or 4 arm bases

– user adjustable – build-in – air flow and air pressure for optional air-bearing tonearm

– user adjustable tuning resonance frequency


– automatic levelling

– optional 2 shelves incorporated for phono stage / line stage – full isolated within the air spring frame.

– platter based on bi-radial, full aero-static, air-bearing – vertical and horizontal.

– complete plinth and optional integrated rack suspended on true air-spring-induction-field suspension with resonance frequency below 0.5 Hz.

– speed quartz controlled and user adjustable +/- 5%.

– double belt drive AND double idler-drive – user selectable and engaging/disengaging on push button.

– center of moving mass resting in bearing plane.

– platter inertia 38x of Micro Seiki SX-8000 platter.

– compound platter featuring definite energy transfer and internal liquid dampening.

– center of platter mass identical with plane of bearing/rotation = perfect resting mass principle.

– compound arm bases with identical energy transfer concept as platter.

– super fast exchange of arm boards.

– no possible build-up of static energy during play.

– both double motor-drives powered by custom amplifier and pure DC-power supply.

(battery sourced with automatic recharging and automatic redundant AC-power supply)


– optional additional speeds: 16 2/3 rpm and 78 rpm

– optional wooden or smoked glass side panels – detachable

– optional rack front cover choice of prime wood veneer or smoked glass

– acrylic dust cover

– optional 24kt plating or polished chrome finish on selected parts (frame, dome caps)


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The American built VPI Prime turntable has a novel 3D printed arm included in the £3750 asking price. Janine Elliot takes a few discs for a spin. 

Read the full review of the VPI Prime turntable.



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The American built VPI Prime turntable has a novel 3D printed arm included in the £3750 asking price. Janine Elliot takes a few discs for a spin.  More »

Air Audio Distribution are introducing a new brand of Moving Coil Cartridges to the UK market called Hana. Hana1

Hana means “brilliant and gorgeous” in Japanese.

The Hana brand cartridges are hand made by the Excel Sound Corporation in Tokyo, Japan; who have been making cartridges on an OEM basis for 50 years, specialising in MC types.

Hana is launching with four new MC cartridges, two with elliptical diamond styli and two with a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus. HANA2

All four use high rigidity aluminium cantilevers and cross-shaped armatures, providing a ‘brilliant and gorgeous’ sound, with excellent tracking, tonality and stereo presentation.

 Hana MC Cartridges Specification
Stylus Synthetic
Nude Diamond
Nude Diamond
Cantilever Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
Output level 2mv/1kHz 0.5mv/1KHz 2mv/1KHz 0.5mv/1KHz
Output balance <2dB/1KHz <2dB/1KHz <1.5dB/1KHz <1.5dB/1KHZ
Vertical Tracking force 2gr 2gr 2gr 2gr
Trackability 60μm/2gr 60μm/2gr 60μm/2gr 60μm/2gr
Channel separation 22dB/1KHz 22dB/1KHz 25dB/1KHz 25dB/1KHz
Frequency response 15-25,000Hz 15-25,000Hz 15-32,000Hz 15-32,000Hz
Impedance 130Ω/1KHz 30Ω/1KHz 130Ω/1KHz 30Ω/1KHz
Suggested load
47KΩ >400Ω 47KΩ >400Ω
Cartridge weight 5gr 5gr 5gr 5gr
Body Colour Moss Green Moss Green Black Black

The line-up is as follows:

Hana EL       Low output elliptical diamond styli, output at 0.5mv/1KHz  £276.00

Hana EH       High output elliptical diamond styli, output at 2.0mv/1KHz  £276.00

Hana SL       Low output Shibata diamond styli, output at 0.5mv/1KHz  £447.00

Hana SH       High output Shibata diamond styli, output at 2.0mv/1KHz  £447.00


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As the vinyl revival keeps on rolling forward, Ian Ringstead takes a listen to the £599 Pro-Ject RPM3 Carbon turntable.  More »

VPI wanted to get back to their roots with the Prime and to create a table that offers quality hi-end sound while taking advantage of improvements in technology. The Prime has been designed to have a curvier and more attractive appearance than other turntables and yet has the footprint to accommodate a 10 inch 3D printed tone arm.VPI_Turntable_Prime

The Prime is said to be a doddle to use… press the start button, move the tone arm into position by hand and then lower the needle with the special lever. The needle will then softly drop into the groove and the performance will begin. The attention to detail in the construction of the Prime ensures that the operation and playback is as beautifully smooth as you would expect from a super table.VPI_2

The 3D printed arm represents a step forward for Prime says the company’s press release, as the improved technology and increased volume in printing and supply allowed VPI to create the tone arm that they wanted and at a lower than usual price.

The Prime is the first solo performance design by Mat Weisfeld (the son of VPI’s founders and all round nice guy) and is equipped with an ultra-low noise 500RPM motor, the 3D tonearm and isolation feet and record clamp – all tooled especially for the Prime.

RRP: £3,750


  • 10 inch 3D arm
  • VTA Tower for VTA/SRA on the
  • Classic 20 pound platter and
  • Outboard 300 RPM motor
  • New “Prime” feet which offer improved isolation and better mechanical grounding.
  • Stainless Steel/Delrin record
  • The Prime is also available as a package with the SDS, Synchronous Drive System.

Tech Spec

 The Turntable: 

  • Chassis made of black textured vinyl over MDF with an 11 gauge steel plate bonded to the underside.
  • Four solid Delrin corner assemblies designed for isolation and mechanical grounding.
  • A 300 rpm 24 pole AC synchronous motor capable of high torque and quiet operation installed in a separate aluminium and steel machined
  • Inverted bearing – hardened stainless steel shaft, 60 Rockwell chrome hardened ball, spinning in a phosphor bronze bushing and sitting on a PEEK thrust disc.
  • 20 pound damped platter machined from 6061 aluminium to +/- .001” in a 39” circumference
  • Motor pulley has an accuracy of +/- .0005”
  • Wow and flutter: >.1%
  • Speed Accuracy: >.03%
  • Rumble: >85db down
  • Overall Dims 21 3/8″ x 15 3/4″
  • Footprint is 19 1/2″ x 13 3/4″
  • 54 lbs packing

The Tonearm: 

  • Pivot to spindle: 258mm
  • Effective length: 4m
  • Overhang: 4mm
  • Offset angle: 19.98
  • Average RMS distortion: 311%
  • Internal wiring: premium Discovery wire, optional Nordost
  • New design 3d printed one piece body for the ultimate in resonance
  • Full length copper shielding tube
  • Adjustable side weights for finer azimuth
  • Built in “Easy lift” finger
  • Offset stainless steel counterweight for
  • Easy setting of VTA/SRA in thousandths of an inch, calibrated and
  • Adjustable anti-skate.

Available Upgrades: 

  • Periphery Ring clamp
  • HR-X Centre Weight
  • Synchronous Drive System (SDS)
  • Single Motor Flywheel (must be used with SDS).


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Ian Ringstead gets all biblical about his love affair with the black stuff.

“I then had an epiphany moment and saw the light. Turntables were being written about again in the hifi mag’s and manufacturers were making real efforts to produce better decks, arms and cartridges. ”
More »

Technics have announced the launch of their « Grand » range of components which will be made up of the SU-G30 (pictured below) network amp which will retail for £3500 (or thereabouts) and will, as the name suggests be an amp and streamer in one The second unit will be a music server ST-G30 which will allow users to rip their CD collection and save to the onboard Network Attached Storage drive.SU6G30-Technics-q;p

In addition to these two units the company is also adding an all in one system to their Premium range called the Ottava SC-C500 which will have a CD player, streaming capability, will be wirelessly connected and will come with a pair of speakers. Price for this is going to be in the region of £2000.technics-qttqvq-;usic-syste;

There is also going to be a bnew direct drive turntable from the company, following Panasonics unveiling of a prototype at the IFA in Berlin. Interesting times…TECHNICSTTNEZS

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The Wand 10.3in tonearm has been explicitly designed to be the longest arm that you can fit on a Linn Sondek LP12 or Technics SL1200 family turntable without having to make major modifications.
After a positive response to the 12in version of The Wand Unipivot Tonearm® Design Build Listen ltd are releasing a 10.3in version which promises 2/3 of the benefits of the 12in arm in a format that will fit many existing turntables.Wand 10.3in angled small

While 12in arms may improve tracing distortion performance by around 30% compared to ‘standard’ 9in arms, a 10.3in arm achieves close to 20% improvement in a format that is achievable for many users.

Designer, Simon Brown of Design Build Listen described himself as a 12in arm convert but has found that many people are unable to fit 12in arms to their treasured turntables. The 10.3in arm makes this possible for many users, the benefits being heard in the increase in subtle musical detail. The Wand 10.3in remains a medium mass arm (14g) enabling it to be used with a wide range of cartridges.Wand 10.3in Side-bookshelf Small

Dedicated mounting kits are available for both Linn LP12 and Technics SL1200 family turntables, to make it even easier.

The Wand 10.3in Tonearm is available as the full-spec “Plus’ model available through Retailers at a recommended price of £845.Wand 10.3in Technics Side Small

At the same time Design Build Listen have made a raft of improvements to The Wand Tonearm® culminating in Series 2 status, this includes a new Tungsten Carbide cup bearing, Laser sintered (3D printed) Titanium headshell and a change to brass as the base material for most of the arm parts. These combine to improve both sound quality and finish.


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Oracle Audio Technologies has been producing audio components since 1979 when they released their first turntable, the AC Model, introducing pioneering new features and technologies to the analogue world! 69_delphi_mk_vi_full_view_1

The Delphi Mk I was released in 1980 and was improved over the decades maintaining both its simplistic, elegant design and an enviable reputation as one of the finest and one of the most beautiful record players.

The Delphi Mk VI was launched in late 2009 featuring their new Micro Vibration Stabilizer System which took its performance level to new heights! Oracle recognizes how the performance of the Delphi is intimately linked to the synergy between all of its components. 70_delphi_mk_vi_front_closeup_1

Now Oracle are proud to announce the arrival of the Delphi Mk VI Second Generation. This latest edition features a two-piece platter assembly which facilitates drive belt installation, whilst also reducing platter resonances. The motor drive electronic module was also modified harbouring a larger power reserve providing a 15% torque increase to the motor.ステレオサウンド4c1p-oracle コピー

The new Turbo Power Supply Mk II is so stable it outperformed Oracle’s reference batteries and other power sources and although it is offered as an option, Oracle strongly recommend that each Oracle Delphi Mk VI should be purchased with a Turbo Power Supply Mk II.

RRP from £8,595 inc VAT


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The Concept’s concept is simple: to deliver an elegantly styled turntable package featuring a level of technology usually only found in high-end turntables, combining plug-and-play simplicity with outstanding sound Clearaudio Concept Wood MCquality and affordability.

In 2012, one Concept became two, as Clearaudio added an ‘MC’ version featuring the Concept MC (moving coil) cartridge in addition to the existing MM (moving magnet) package.

The company’s recent press release has this to say about the new Concept “Now, the new Concept ‘Wood’ option takes the range even further both visually and sonically: its fine wood construction in multilayered Baltic birch is not only visually stunning, it also provides more harmonious resonance control, resulting in a more natural timbre and improved transparency”.

All versions of the Concept have now also received a number of upgrades including a brand new tonearm and one or two enhancements to the turntable itself.

The tonearm is now Clearaudio’s Verify Direct Wire Plus, a new edition of the earlier Verify. The ‘Direct Wire’ in question is pure oxygen-free copper in a pseudo-balanced cable with perfectly symmetrical construction, running in an unbroken length from cartridge tags to phono plugs. The arm cables have been re-routed to pass through a redesigned arm bearing assembly and arm pillar, giving a cleaner and sleeker external finish. The turntable also now sports new adjustable and lockable rubber tipped feet..
All critical parameters from cartridge tracking weight to anti-skating are ready-adjusted, leaving you to simply sit back and enjoy a true high fidelity plug-and-play experience.

Pricing & availability

The Clearaudio Concept turntable package is available now priced as follows (including VAT @ 20%):
Concept MM £995
Concept Wood MM £1,295
Concept MC £1,395
Concept Wood MC £1,595


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