PTP is a Netherlands based manufacturer owned by Peter Reinders.

PTP Audio’s new Solid9 and Solid12 turntables bring the idler drive renaissance to a wider market.
“PTP Audio knows idlers can sound fantastic, but at the same time we also know about the disadvantages a 40 year old machine can have. Our solution is truly unique: We take the drive system from a vintage Lenco, restore it to its former glory, and combine it with the best modern technology has to offer. All Solid9 and Solid12 turntables are made to order, available in a wide range of colours and assembled by hand.”

We hope to review one of their turntables very soon.


Fidelity Art, the Yorkshire based hi-fi retailer has recently announced that they will be carrying the Bodnar Audio range of loudspeakers.

Designed around a full-range driver, Sandglass speakers are said to combine “breath-taking dynamic range, enormous three-dimensional soundstage, natural timbre and deep bass extension to deliver an exceptional sense of authenticity.”

Sandglass speaker systems use a cabinet design that is designed to strengthen and improve wave dispersion while boosting bass response, whilst the single speaker with no crossover reproduces the full sound spectrum.

The speakers are available in two versions, with either a 7-inch (17 cm) or an 8 inch (20 cm) Sonido driver. Both versions are the same height but the 7-inch version features a narrower cabinet that is better suited for smaller listening rooms. A wide range of finish options are available, including piano finish and custom leather front panel in a range of colours to match any interior.

Prices range from £3,299 to £3,499 for the standard finish and from £4,890 to £4,990 for the piano finish.


Solaja Audio is a Serbian company who make a handful of tube and class D amplifiers, preamplifiers and headphone amplifiers.

Hifi Pig will be reviewing the latest products from Solaja Audio; the Sedra 2 amplifier and the Sedra 3 Preamplifier. The Sedra 2 (Pictured) is a 1.5Watt per channel tube amplifier using EL84 output valves whilst the matching Sedra 3 is a 3 input, 2 output matching tube preamplifier.

Hifi Pig will be reviewing both the larger LFT-8b and the smaller LFT-16a (pictured) loudspeakers from Eminent Technology. Both loudspeakers are a hybrid design utilising the company’s Linear Field Planar Magnetic Transducers and sealed box woofers.

Both loudspeakers look very interesting and we’re looking forward to seeing how they perform for our hifi review team.

An interesting looking small loudspeaker from the Danish manufacturer Davone. The Davone Mojo is a small loudspeaker that can be used on a stand, on a shelf or even on the wall and utilises an interesting acoustic lens concept which is said to give a 36o degree dispersion of sound and a downward firing subwoofer.

We will be reviewing the Davone Mojo as a separate hifi component as well as with the Artora ArtAmp 150.

Hifi on the move is becoming increasingly popular and Hifi Pig is pleased to have been chosen as one of the reviewers of the CEntrance Audiophile Desktop System designed for audiophiles away from their main hifi rig.

According the CEntrance’s website “The Audiophile Desktop system was designed from the ground up to bring Hi-Fi sound right to the desktop for today’s Internet-connected consumer. The DAC, amp and speakers are closely matched and properly voiced to work together in concert. The Audiophile Desktop bundle provides a complete digital audio listening solution in an easy to carry, protective case with custom-cut foam lining.”

Hifi Pig have been given the opportunity to review a range of Black Rhodium interconnects representing different price points in the company’s hi-fi interconnect range.

Cables being reviewed will be the Opus, Rhythm, Prelude and Symphony.

Reviews of the Chinese based HiSound Audio’s Rocoo BA, Rocoo P and Studio-V digital audio players. These players have been designed with audiophiles on the move in mind and focus on sound quality over superfluous functions.

The Antelope Zodiac DAC uses Antelope’s own 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Oven Controlled Clocking which are said to bring pro audio standards to the home hifi user.

A European first review of the New Zealand company Perreaux’ Audiant DP32 DAC/Pre and matching 100P power amplifier.

The Audiant DP32 is a hi fi audio preamplifier with on-board 32-bit digital to analogue converter, fully balanced analogue audio circuits and ample input options – featuring AES/EBU digital and balanced XLR analogue along with asynchronous 24-bit/192kHz USB.

The Audiant 100p is a 100 Watt hi fi audio stereo power amplifier with MOSFET output transistors and high-current power supply and fully balanced input circuitry, shunt voltage regulation and power supply filtering.

Well today is Fete de la Musique in France and this is the one day of the year where towns and villages across the country put on a great deal of free music in their streets and bars. The whole country comes out in a big celebration of all things musical and a great time is had by all…needless to say it’s banging it down with rain here at the moment. More »

Bob Carver have launched the VTA20S and will ship in July at a cost of $2100. The new stereo amplifier is  rated at 20 WRMS in 2 channel stereo mode or 40 WRMS when used in single channel mono mode. The amplifier features auto biasing and low idle current greatly increasing EL84M output tube life.

Bob Carver hand-build their amplifiers in the US using point to point wiring and with no circuit board traces, no surface mount components and no depluggable connecters.

“The VTA20S represents Bob’s latest and greatest thinking on vacuum tube amplifier designs. ” says Bob Farinelli. A screen voltage regulator and DC restoration circuit minimizes crossover distortion and output tube power dissipation. “The 1.5 ohm output impedance coupled with current and voltage feedback loops also allows the amplifier to listen to the room via acoustic feedback from the speakers”. “The room to speaker to amplifier interaction delivers a huge acoustic space and allows us to believe the performance could have existed in another time and in another place. It sounds so beautiful!” Says Bob Carver.


  • Input Impedance: 20K ohms in stereo, 125K ohms in mono
  • Nominal Voltage Gain: 26dB (into 8 ohms)
  • Input Tubes: 12AX7B
  • Output Tubes: 1 complementary pair of EL84Ms per channel
  • Rated Power (Stereo): 20 Watts
  • Rated Power (Mono): 40 Watts
  • Speaker Impedance: 4 to 16 ohms
  • Noise: Better than 96dB A weighted ref. into 20 watts
  • Frequency Response: 8 Hz to 40 kHz (-3dB)
  • Full Power Bandwidth: 26Hz to 43 kHz without filters
  • Distortion: Less than 0.5%
  • Hum: -100dB
  • Generator Source Impedance: 1.5 Ohms
  • Weight: 17 pounds

Unity Audio have started to ship the new Rock MKII active 2 way near field monitor -not strictly Hifi but I know a lot of people have desk top systems where this kind of loudspeaker can be useful.

The Mark 1 Unity Audio Rock was introduced just over two years ago and this version aims to improve on the Mk1. Significant development has come from the “shared low frequency amplifier” design that Unity Audio use in their 3 way mid-field Boulder monitor.

The Rock II has better bass extension which Unity Audio claim gives the loudspeaker a more dynamic sound – bass response is now 40Hz (-3dB) instead of the previous 50Hz


The Denton 80th Anniversary Edition is a two-way speaker in the classic bookshelf tradition, hand veneered in mahogany by Wharfedaleʼs cabinet makers with an inset front baffle and traditional tungsten grey cloth grille.

The bass unit features Wharfedaleʼs woven Kevlar cone mounted on a rigid die-cast chassis. High frequencies are handled by a woven textile soft dome tweeter with a high-flux ferrite magnet, “engineered for smooth, detailed HF extension.”

“Iʼve always had tremendous admiration for the original Denton – itʼs one of the reasons I became a loudspeaker designer,” said Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at Wharfedaleʼs parent company IAG. “Reviving this famous speaker and remodelling it for modern-day music lovers has given me enormous pleasure. In voicing the new Denton I had in mind the original, which sounded musical but with a pleasing touch of warmth. The ferrite magnet tweeter gives a cleaner, smoother treble than Neodymium designs.”

Finished in a deep, rich mahogany wood veneer with a recommended retail price of £499.95 per pair, this very special loudspeaker is available from July in strictly limited quantity.


There are those in hifi that like to collect boxes and I’m not ashamed to say that I count myself in this category. I like the fact that my hifi takes up a whole wall in one room of the house and I don’t think I would get the same satisfaction from a one box hi-fi system.  I can see the benefits of having all the component parts of a hifi in one convenient unit, but I’m afraid it just doesn’t appeal to me. That said I do quite like my hifi to be functional…ok I quite like ugly hifi…or hi-fi that most would consider to be ugly…I prefer the word “different”. More »

Perreaux, the designer and manufacturer of home audio equipment, announce the U.K. release of their new high resolution audio preamplifier, the Audiant DP32. A fully balanced analogue preamplifier with on-board 32-bit/192kHz DAC and asynchronous USB audio streaming, the Audiant DP32 is said to be well-equipped to playback today’s high resolution digital music.

“The DP32 raises the bar both for sound performance and musical enjoyment,” said Martin van Rooyen, Perreaux managing director. “With ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range, the Audiant DP32 is ready to make your high resolution music sound the best it ever has.”

At the heart of the Audiant DP32 DAC is ESS Technology’s 32-bit Sabre32 ES9018 reference digital to analogue converter and with six digital inputs (one AES/EBU, one asynchronous USB, two coaxial & two optical) the DP32 accepts all digital audio interfaces.

Features include – digital re-clocking for jitter reduction, discrete shunt regulators to provide clean power, a buffered passive volume control for extremely low noise and direct coupled inputs.

The fully balanced analogue preamplifier offers two buffered analogue inputs and accommodates both balanced XLR and single-ended RCA cables and a selectable home theatre bypass allows seamless integration into home theatre system.

Covered by an extended five year warranty, the DP32 is priced at £2,190 and is available now.

T.H.E. Show Newport Beach California. 1st, 2nd and 3rd June 2012

Pardon my brevity- but you’re here for the gear pron right?  And there’s plenty of that! T.H.E Show Las Vegas 2013 here More »

Hi-fi can mean so many things to different folk, so a quick search on the internet seemed in order and Wikipedia had the following to say: “High fidelity –  or hi-fi or hifi  – reproduction is a term used by home stereo listeners and home audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) to refer to high-quality reproduction of sound to distinguish it from the poorer quality sound produced by inexpensive audio equipment.” More »

Harmon Kardon release today a series of 4 headphones with a 5th due shortly.

The BT (pictured) is an over the ear wireless headphone that features Bluetooth equipped with a built-in microphone, AAC and apt-X wireless coding and user-exchangeable headbands to allow for a better fit. Price for the BT is 220£.

The 170£ CL is said to blend sophistication and simplicity in an over the ear design and comes with an Apple 3-button remote.

The AEs are an in-ear design made from an aluminium alloy that is said to give superior acoustic dampening and will cost 130£.

The NI is the cheapest of the new releases at 90£ and is again an in-ear design featuring a 9mm driver system which is said to offer sonic clarity even at low levels.

The final headphone, yet to be released is a noise cancelling design and will sell for 300£.

Burson was formed in 1969 by a team of audiophiles with the idea of pooling their knowledge and developing a few projects for themselves to enjoy.  Their first commercial project was launched in 2005 and on 1st July 2012 they release their latest – the Soloist headphone amplifier and pre amplifier.

The Burson soloist will have fully discreet circuitry, a fully symmetrical FET input stage and will operate in pure Class A.

There will be no op amps in the Soloist as Burson believe then to be inferior with many low quality parts and unnecessary components which could degrade the audio signal.

The FET input stage has only 21 components in the signal path which compares to around 50 in typical IC OPamp.

Other features include a Variable Output Stage (which allows better matching with any type of headphone and is said to be capable of driving even the most difficult load including planar magnetic headphones) a High resolution volume control, a low noise power supply and a resonance free enclosure.

Price will be 960$


Solaja Audio is a Serbian Hifi manufacturer of valve based amplifiers and preamplifiers and owned by designer Dragan Solaja.

The company have recently introduced a range of three products under the Sedra name and called the Sedra One, The Sedra Two and you guessed it The Sedra Three.

The Sedra One is a single ended headphone amplifier with one input and a passive volume control. A 6N2P feeds a single EL84 per channel and delivers 0.5W per channel in triode mode without negative feedback. It’s available in 115 and 230v versions on request and will cost.

The Sedra Two is an integrated amplifier with three RCA inputs and a 62NP double triode valve feeding a single EL84 per channel and delivering 1.5W per channel. With its tiny output the Sedra Two will be of interest to flea power aficionados.

Finally the Sedra Three (Pictured) is the line preamplifier in the series and offers 3 inputs and 2 outputs. Input is a 6N6P and the rectifier is an EZ81.

Each unit is 300€ plus shipping and we have contacted Soloja with regards review items.


Reference Fidelity Components (RFC) the UK manufacturer of audiophile interconnects and ancillaries have announced today that they have partnered with a manufacturer of bespoke, wooden home furniture.

The partnership will broaden the RFC product range to include loudspeaker stands, equipment racks and turntable plinths; including plinths for the legendary Garrard 301 and 401 turntables. All of the new items presented will undergo the same rigorous design criteria the company’s cables have been subjected to and will include isolation or damping systems “to ensure great performance”.

Paul Coupe, owner of RFC commented “We are offering a truly bespoke service for audiophiles and prices will be dependent on the timber quality, complexity of construction and the finishes required. Whatever our clients choose they will be guaranteed a hand-made, furniture-quality item that, like quality furnishings, will be a pleasure to own”

The company has also introduced servicing for Garrard 301/401 turntables including motor strip, inspection, and bearing re-oiling, plus spindle bearing checks, replacements, upgrading and re-oiling. The thorough service will also include linkages cleaning and re-greasing, motor pulley inspection and adjustment and springs inspection and replacement.