The guys at iFi contacted us to tell us about their iDSD Dac that goes “Where no DAC has gone idsdbefore”.
Their press release comments “With advanced technology not seen on Digital-Analogue-Converters at any price, iFi is bursting with pride to announce the micro iDSD. With Dual-Core Burr-Brown processors at the heart – it is the world’s first”.

The new True native DSD512(24.6/22.6MHz), PCM 768kHz and 2xDXD(705/352kHz) portable/main system DAC Headamp with 4000mW of power is
iFi’s 1st Crowd-Designed project and say “the micro iDSD represents an “Octa-Leap.”” To celebrate, the first 512 units will be special “Octa-Adopter” units and will be in stores by mid-July.

iFi say the iDSD is a world’s first on three counts:

#1 Native OctaDSD512 + PCM768 world’s first DAC supporting both formats
#2 Turbo/Normal/Eco power modes, perfect-match for IEMs to Headphones
#3 Max Power 8.0V/4,000mW which drives even HiFiMan HE-6

6.3mm headphone output
3D Holographic for Headphones® AND Speakers®
3.5mm analogue line input
Direct/Active pre-amp with analogue volume control
Audio Outputs
Intelligent SPDIF® Input/Output
USB type A “OTG” socket (with iPurifier technology)
Dual-Core Burr Brown True Native chipset: Octa-Speed DSD512/Double-Speed 2xDXD/PCM768 kHz
6 Filters: PCM: Bit-Perfect Processing/Minimum Phase/Standard digital filters selectable
DSD: Extreme/Extended/Standard Range analogue filters selectable
The retail price of the micro iDSD is US$499 (ex-tax) or Euro499/£435 (incl VAT).


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UK distributor Decent Audio is delighted to announce a new agreement with Japan-based transfuration_cartridgeImmutable Music to take over distribution of their cartridge brand, Transfiguration, in the UK.

Hand crafted in Japan, Transfiguration’s moving coil (MC) cartridges have been variously described as the most important cartridge design since the invention of
the moving coil, and the world’s most musically engaging. Their “revolutionary” design completely restructures the conventional MC layout to turn the theoretical benefits of a moving coil into reality.

Design concept

“The unique yokeless design and double ring magnet result in an extremely accurate coil / magnet interface in which the coils are positioned right inside the magnets. This ground-breaking design was conceived to remove the variations in flux introduced by traditional magnetic field-dispersing yoke type assemblies. The result is a new level of focus, resolution of the subtlest details and a stunningly live performance” says the company’s press release.

The starting point of the current Transfiguration range, the Axia S, features two coils within double ring magnets, the front in samarium cobalt and the rear in neodymium.

The Phoenix S is next up and has rear neodymium magnets and a lower internal impedance combine to create an “unprecedented focus of the magnetic field”.

The Proteus is Transfiguration’s top-of-the-range flagship cartridge. By lowering the internal impedance down to just 1 ohm, the Proteus can reproduce music with incredible transparency and musicality say the company.
In the words of Immutable Music’s Seiji Yoshioka, “The best audio components are those that simply don’t seem to exist – so good that they add nothing, subtract nothing.”

Simon Griffin, Managing Director of Decent Audio, said, “I’m thrilled to be adding Transfiguration to our portfolio and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with Immutable Music. I’ve been a fan of these superb cartridges for years. It’s not often that a hi-fi professional gets so caught up in a musical experience that they forget about the mechanics of the system playing it, but if anything’s going to do that, these cartridges will.”

Pricing and availability

• The Proteus, Phoenix S and Axia S are available now.
• UK retail prices including VAT @ 20%:

o Axia S £1,375
o Phoenix S £1,995
o Proteus £2,995


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I’ve had this record on vinyl for years but apart from the odd outing for Child in Time I’d not really given it the respect that others clearly think it deserves. Truth be known apart from Hawkwind my classic rock collection was pretty much confined to the shelves of the music room…this was until about a year ago when I had been chatting to Tony from NuNu Distribution who was saying how much he loved the album. I duly dug the record out, dusted it off (gave it a bath actually) and since then it’s had regular airings. Made In Japan often gets cited as being one of the very best live albums ever created and I can now appreciate why! More »

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Epiphany Acoustics have just got in touch with the Hifi Pig office to announce that production of their W_EHP-O2Di Frontnew EHP-O2Di headphone amplifier/DAC is well under way and will be available from Friday, 4th July for £179.99.

The EHP-O2Di is an upgraded version of the current EHP-O2D. The innards remain the same with their award winning performance but Epiphany have modified the connections to make it a much tidier, neater and flexible amplifier for the home environment. The changes are as follows:
• Power entry has been moved to the rear.
• The front input jack has been removed and replaced by RCA sockets on the rear. These RCA sockets also double as the line out from the DAC section, allowing you to connect the EHP-O2Di to an external amplifier.

“These changes incorporate the most commonly requested modifications asked about and, although fairly minor, will allow the EHP-O2Di to fit in to your set up much more naturally” say Epiphany.
Expect a review from Hifi Pig shortly!


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Anthem AV Solutions has announced it has secured an exclusive distribution deal with French Trinnoc_anthem_announcementcompany Trinnov Audio. For those that don’t know Trinnov creates audio calibration solutions used in TV, mastering and recording studios across the globe. Trinnov Audio has recently developed a high-end line to meet the specific needs of discerning consumers and these new models are now available in the UK and ROI from Anthem AV Solutions.

Established in 2003 Trinnov won an award that year from the French Ministry for Research as one of the most innovative young companies. It now holds five international patents and continuously contributes to 3D audio at the highest scientific level. The company provides equipment to universities and labs for 3D research, including NHK’s 22.2, the surround sound component of Super Hi-Vision.

Trinnov has many high profile clients using its products, including the 860 seat UGC Normandie Premiere Screening Room on the Champs-Élysées, engineers working on films by Luc Besson and Oliver Stone, and the Cinephase film mixing facility that has been used by the 2009 and 2012 Palm D’or winners.

The room correction expert has engineered a wide variety of exclusive proprietary technologies, which allow the company to create systems that perform to a far higher level than anybody else in the industry says the company’s press release. Every part of a Trinnov Audio product is designed, manufactured and assembled in France.

Appreciating that the room is the main element that introduces large amounts of distortion into a system as a whole, Trinnov Audio has stepped in with a range of solutions based on its own research. Implementing techniques such as modern acoustic measurement, proprietary acoustic analysis algorithms and powerful equalization, Trinnov Audio promises to deliver optimal acoustic performance from any room.

“Trinnov Audio has an unmatched reputation in the professional industry and this resulted in us continuously being approached by customers wanting equipment for their home”, commented Arnaud Destinay, International Sales Manager at Trinnov Audio. “Our high-end line takes all of our proprietary technologies and puts them into specially designed, consumer friendly products that can make an instant improvement on any high-end stereo or multi-channel system by electronically correcting for the main source of distortion: the room itself.”

Anthem AVS will be distributing Trinnov’s High End range. This consists of the ST2 converter and room/speaker optimizer; the Amethyst preamplifier, converter, media renderer & room/speaker optimizer; and the Magnitude32 multi-channel room/speaker optimizer. The Altitude32 multi-channel A/V preamplifier processor will join these in September.


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Crystal Acoustics has announced what looks like a nifty bit of kit with the launch of the WiDAC Wi-Fi WiDAC_CrystalAudio Receiver. Using both Airplay and DLNA transmission, the WiDAC offers consumers the chance to turn any existing audio system into one you can wirelessly stream to from your smartphone, tablet or computer using Wi-Fi connectivity.

Building on the success of the company’s BluDAC – but with no increase on that product’s price of £59.99 – the WiDAC allows consumers to experience the benefits of streaming to your system over Wi-Fi, even if you don’t have a network.

With both Airplay and DLNA functionality on board, the WiDAC is compatible with iOS Airplay, Android DLNA and Windows, so you can stream music to your system over Wi-Fi no matter which device(s) you happen to own.

The bandwidth guaranteed by Wi-Fi transmission means that uncompressed audio can be reliably streamed to your system using WiDAC which will be an important consideration for many.

Simply connect WiDAC to your home network, and you can stream from bedroom to living room or from kitchen to office, even if the distances involved are quite large. This is a distinct advantage over Bluetooth, which realistically demands that your streaming device and receiver be within a few metres of each other.

On board is a Wolfson DAC so you can connect the WiDAC to your audio system via analogue interconnects but for those with a dedicated outboard DAC or high-end amplifier, the WiDAC has an optical digital output.


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We visited the offices of Triangle a couple of months ago in Bordeaux, France and had the opportunity not only to meet the guys behind the brand but also listen to their flagship loudspeakers. You’ll get to read our write up in this month’s magazine published 2nd July.

One of the things that stood out from our visit was the whole process of creating a loudspeaker from start to finish and the care they put into each part of the process.
Triangle has now decided to relocate part of its manufacturing process to France, with the view of producing speakers utilising the expertise and the experience of its local teams.

“The Signature and Magellan range has been created thanks to the efforts of craftsmen whose experience in the domain of acoustics and aesthetic design speaks for itself. This form of luxury craftsmanship combines the finest woodwork with Triangle’s acoustic expertise. Each product benefits from many hours of work and inspection to obtain the impeccable design and finishing that is essential to any Triangle product” said Hugo Decelle of Triangle.

Whilst in their offices the team were keen to give us a sneak peek of their brand new video that outlines the company’s philosophy of loudspeaker design and manufacture. Take a look

If you’d like to add your video to Hifi Pig then get in touch


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Dynaudio have announced that their new Chief Technology Officer is the widely respected and Ny mand på AM Prodoktion. Jan Abildgaard Pedersen Foto Jens Morten 29.09.04world renowned audio engineer Jan Abildgaard Pedersen. Jan has had a long and accomplished career, having gained an M.SC.E.E. from Aalborg University in which his Master Thesis focussed on Advanced Acoustics and DSP, Jan was quickly recruited by Bang and Olufsen as a DSP Research Engineer.

Jan has worked on some of the biggest breakthroughs in Digital Sound Processing technology such as the development of his ABC room correction system for the famous Bang & Olufsen Beolab 5 loudspeaker. Jan was also involved in the development of ICEpower at Bang & Olufsen. Away from Bang & Olufsen Jan has also achieved great things with Lyngdorf Audio/Steinway Lyngdorf and throughout his career has made the unique decision to balance both managerial and research roles, furthermore Jan is in the unique position of being both a DSP and Acoustics expert.

“It is vital to have deep knowledge in both Acoustics and in DSP to develop true breakthroughs in Audio Quality. On the one hand you need to fully understand the Acoustic challenges on the way toward Perfect Sound Quality and on the other hand you need to fully understand the potential and possibilities of DSP”, Jan Abildgaard Pedersen, CTO of Dynaudio.

Jan is not only well respected for his work at B&O, AM3D and Lyngdorf Audio/Steinway Lynfdorf but also because of the countless patents he has filed and the wide publication of his scientific research. Having sat on countless boards Jan is a prolific figure in the esteemed Audio Engineering Society, he is past president of the organisation and has served as conference chair at five international conferences and is currently serving as conference policy committee chair and awards committee chair.


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Lenco has announced the upcoming launch of PlayLink by Lenco, its range of multi-room lenco_playlinaudio systems. Through Lenco’s collaboration with Qualcomm Connected Experiences, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, the PlayLink range benefits from the features of the Qualcomm® AllPlay™ smart media platform.

The AllPlay smart audio module is integrated within each of the PlayLink products, creating maximum wireless connectivity and removing the need for an additional bridge product to connect to the router. Setup is therefore simpler than ever before say Lenco.

Bluetooth is another fast alternative for connection to mobile devices or other peripherals not equipped for Wi-Fi. The PlayLink range is also compatible with NFC-enabled devices, meaning music can be played instantly from just one touch between the two devices.

PlayLink by Lenco consists of two portable wireless speakers and the PlayConnect box which transforms existing audio systems from any brand into a wireless music streaming system.

PlayLink 4 is the more compact of the two speakers, offering increased portability and potential for outdoor use through a removable battery. The slightly larger PlayLink 6 meanwhile brings maximum power and connectivity.

The PlayLink 4 and PlayLink 6 speakers each use three drivers: an extended range woofer for  and two mid/tweeter drivers for mid-range frequencies and high frequencies. The mediums are offset at an angle of 6° from the speaker axis, optimising the wide stereo effect, which can also be achieved by pairing two separate speakers in one room. Each speaker features a full digital amplifier with three outputs.

Music lovers already equipped with their own Hi-Fi equipment can also add wireless streaming through the PlayLink range, without replacing their existing system. Through connection to the wireless router, the PlayConnect box enables wireless streaming for the existing system, as well as the possibility to link it to other wireless devices.

The PlayLink 4 and Playlink 6 speakers have been designed to support high-resolution ‘lossless’ audio files of up to 24-bit/192kHz, such as WAV, FLAC and ALAC.

PlayLink 4: 199 euro
PlayLink 6: 299 euro


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The wonderfully creative folks at Schiit got in touch with Hifi Pig to let us know they’ve begun to ship Wyrd-front-1000(1)on their Wyrd USB “Decrapifier.”

This little device isolates your USB DAC from “dirty” computer USB power, replacing it with an ultra-clean linear supply with 2.5uV RMS noise regulation. It also repeats the USB packets, using a 20ppm crystal-controlled master clock with its own local regulation.

The end result? “Wyrd eliminates typical USB audio interface problems, such as noise and dropouts. Some early listeners also say it makes their system sound better, but we’re going to stay Swiss on the subject. Bottom line, if you have problems with USB audio, this product may be for you” says Jason Stoddard. Co founder of Schiit.

Like all Schiit products, Wyrd is made in the USA. The Wyrd costs $99.

Now, I have been known to enjoy a bit of 10 000 Maniacs in the past but I never really got into them in any kind of big way and they were never top of my list when it came to choosing what got played next, so when Natalie Merchant’s eponymous album landed on my virtual doorstep, courtesy of HIGHRESAUDIO and on the Nonesuch Records label, I never put two and two together and connected her with the aforementioned Maniacs. I also must admit that I’ve not heard any of Natalie Merchant’s solo stuff since she quit the band in ’93…this may have been somewhat remiss of me I think! More »

Denon announces the introduction of new 2014 Network AV Receivers. Born from last year’s X 140308-AVR-X1100-detail_bluetoothseries models, the new AVR-X2100W and AVR-X1100W deliver the latest Denon surround sound technology plus great connectivity including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at an affordable price. At the same time, Denon developed a new Eco mode featuring a unique power consumption management that adds to the company’s green environment policy. Both AVR entry-models will be available to purchase from June at selected Denon suppliers.

Two of the new models announced in the line of AVR’s will  be equipped with Dolby Atmos and expected to be available in September, the AVR-X4100W and the AVR-X5200W models will be the first Denon AVRs to feature Dolby Atmos.

“It is a testament to the unique sound experience Dolby Atmos delivers that some of the world’s leading filmmakers have embraced it as a storytelling tool,” said Yoshinori Yamada, Global Business Team Leader for Denon Audio and Video Products. “Every detail comes alive, making the audience feel as if they are in the middle of the movie action. The experience is unmatched in the home theater today.”

The AVR-X5200W will have the processing capability to support a full 11 channel Dolby Atmos setup; taking advantage of 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos configurations. A 7.1.4 speaker configuration is based upon a traditional 7.1 speaker layout complemented by 4 overhead, or Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers.

AVR-X1100W – £399
AVR-X2100W – £499
AVR-X4100W – £1,299
AVR-X5200W – £1,699
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McIntosh Laboratory has launched McIntosh Music, a high-quality 24/7 audio stream “dedicated to mcintoshmusicimagebringing music aficionados the best tunes from across the decades” direct to their PC, tablet or phone. The service is freely available either as a direct stream from the McIntosh Music website, or via a free app for both Android and iOS devices.

The McIntosh Music stream is controlled via a very McIntosh interface, complete with the famous illuminated power output meters. The web version features a sliding volume control and pause/mute function, plus a number of additional functions, including links to the main McIntosh website and social media pages, a ‘share’ facility and scrolling track information, akin to an RDS display.

The apps add increased functionality including enhanced graphics, album artwork and direct links to Amazon, enabling users to directly purchase music featured on the service by simply tapping the album art.


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Out yesterday in the UK and today in US, this album on Kompakt is one I’ve been looking forward to taking a listen to for a while now. Icelandic band Gus Gus and their Arabian Horse record were what initially highlighted the Kompakt label to me after a long time in the electronic music wilderness. More »

It was not without a little trepidation that I was attending this Hifi show…I had heard stories about DSCF3036UK shows, and not all good.
‘You’ll be the only woman there’ some said…. ‘They’ll look at you like you’re from another planet!!’ said others!
Hmmmm, I thought, do I want to go to a UK show? Despite being involved in Hifi Pig for the last couple of years I have only attended shows and audiophile events in France and Germany. Having looked at the UK hifi forums and found them to be places dominated by blokes, I was kind of wary about the shows there.

However, I needn’t have worried; Cranage Hall Audio Show was actually a lot different to what I was expecting.

So where to start? The venue itself was stunning. This was no grotty, identikit chain hotel with dingy rooms and chipped furniture. It was high class, beautifully laid out in gorgeous grounds and easily accessible from all over the UK. Unsurprisingly, it’s a popular wedding venue, tastefully furnished and finished with a sumptuous and elegant feel….things were looking up!

Food and facilities such as the bar were also excellent, with plenty of places to take a break during the day.

The hotel is also a conference venue with most of the show in the more modern part of the hotel. DSCF2816The rooms, even the small ones, were a good size and not stifling hot and it was a pleasure to wander room to room during the show.

What also should be noted about the hotel’s suitability for a hifi show was the excellent sound isolation in the rooms, none of the noise wars between rooms that I have sometimes experienced at other shows, all in all a perfect show venue.

As for the people attending, it was great to see a mixture of people there. Groups from young couples to whole families had come out, perhaps prompted by Fathers’ Day, but great to see a younger generation enjoying the show, hopefully a few were hooked and will attend more shows.
We met up with my brother’s young family and in particular it was great to put my youngest niece in the sweet spot of a few rooms in her push chair and just watch her reaction to the music, she was jigging around and loving it and we could actually see her looking around for the instruments as she picked them out in the soundstage…a priceless reaction to music played on great hifi. More »

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LessLoss, who are celebrating their 6th anniversary, have announced a very special offer for June Lessloss1where you are able to upgrade your DFPC Original and/or DFPC Signature power cables.

Celebratory Offer #1:
Upgrade your DFPC Original to the DFPC Signature.
Send us your DFPC Original and we’ll credit you full value.
Your DFPC Signature will then cost you only $1149 – $595 = $554.

Celebratory Offer #2:
Upgrade your DFPC Signature to the new DFPC Reference.
Send us your DFPC Signature and we’ll credit you 85% value.
Your DFPC Reference will then cost you only $1824 – $919 = $905.


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Ortofon got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us about a cooperative effort between Universal Music 2M_monoSE_cartridge03Group and Ortofon to create a new mono cartridge, the 2M Mono Special Edition which has been specifically created as a tribute to the new mono Beatles albums set.

Guy Hayden, VP at Universal Music Group: “Apple Corps Ltd and Universal Music Group have been paying great attention to the re-mastering of the original mono master tape to keep the original sound, as experienced by The Beatles back in the studio. Therefore, it was important to us to ensure that the first interaction with the vinyl, being the cartridge, provides the best possible replay. During our dialogue with Ortofon we realised the importance of using a mono cartridge for the full listening experience and we are pleased that they have decided to develop the 2M Mono Special Edition”.

Ortofon’s Leif Johannsen, CO Acoustics and Technology, explains the importance of a mono cartridge: “While a stereo cartridge can play mono records it can’t achieve the same signal precision between the two channels. A mono cartridge produces but one signal that is directed to both channels in the system. A mono cartridge playing a mono record produces a more forceful and stable image with a fuller, more impactful sound.”

Christen H. Nielsen, CEO of Ortofon: “Ortofon wishes to pay tribute to this important Apple Corps Ltd and Universal Music Group release. The Beatles have an important place in many music lovers’ hearts and Ortofon is honoured to work with Universal Music Group to ensure high quality, modern replay from The Mono Box Set”.

The 2M Mono Special Edition will be available only from Ortofon’s web shop.


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British DAC specialist, Computer Audio Design, (winner of the Best Sounding Hi-Fi Room, Sound and CADUSBCABLEVision 2013 – the Bristol Show) has launched a new USB cable using patent-pending proprietary technology.
“The new CAD Cable is a high-quality no-compromise USB cable specifically designed to maximise sound quality from USB-equipped music playback systems”. It has been designed by CAD’s Scott Berry, a British-based US-born electrical engineer who has worked for some of the biggest names in the electronics world and is responsible for the design of the company’s 1543 DAC.
Hand-made in London by CAD’s engineers, the new CAD Cable has been conceived to combat the high-frequency noise inherent in computer audio sources..
Although CAD say little can be revealed about the proprietary technologies, the Cable uses a highly shielded independent cable for the power line, designed to mitigate the impact of high-frequency noise emanating from the computer’s USB power interface.
The CAD Cable is available now priced at £480 for the standard 1.1m length. Other lengths are available to order (at additional cost).

Systemdek will have a presence at the Cranage Hall Audio Show that takes place this Sunday 15th sys3drefartJune. Their Precision turntable will be a world’s first and it will be fitted with a 12” Audio Origami and Funk FXR tone arm and there will be electronics in the form of McIntosh MA8000 amplifier, McIntosh MCD 550 CD playeralong with another world first, Art Alnico 8 loudspeakers and all this will be connected by Viero cables from Italy.
Also in the room will be the Isol 8 Integra substation along with Audio Suspension tables.


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