Tame teen Harry Smith and somewhat more elderly Stuart take a listen to the Lehmann Audio Traveller Headphone Amplifier as part of Hifi PIg’s « Headphone Month » More »

Teen correspondent Harry Smith continues Hifi PIg’s « Headphone Month » with his thoughts on the HifiMan RE-400 In Ear Headphones More »

Dan Worth continues « Headphone Month » at Hifi Pig with the a review of the Epiphany Acoustics EHP-02Di  Headphone Amplifier & USB DAC More »

Continuing « Headphone Month » at Hifi Pig here’s Linette and Stuart’s thoughts on the well thought of Oppo PM1 headphones. More »

French manufacturer Focal aren’t the fist name that comes to mind when you think about headphones but perhaps they should be given Harry and Linette’s opinion on their Spirit One S headphones costing just 179 EUR. More »

As you will be aware August has been Headphone Month at Hifi PIg, but given the sheer volume of headphone monthproducts we have been sent, and the fact that stuff is still arriving today, we have decided to extend into September.

During September you can expect to see lots of conventional hifi reviews but mixed up amongst them will be a good number of headphone and headphone related product reviews too.

See this as Headphone Month the 12″ extended disco version.

Take a look at the headfi reviews we’ve done already.


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« Headphone Month » at Hifi Pig  continues with Janine Elliot’s review of the German AudioValve Verto and RKV Mk 3 headphone amplifiers costing £690 and £3262 respectively. More »

Hifi Pig’s « Headphone Month »  continues with Stuart and Harry Smith’s thoughts on the little Tisbury CA-1 Headphone Amplifier that is made in the UK and costs £349 More »

German hi-fi furniture brand Tabula Rasa is now available for direct purchase in the UK as well asTabula Rasa Deepspace across the EU.

Every item in the brand’s range is constructed from solid hardwoods – oak and maple – which Tabula Rasa say have been carefully selected for their acoustic properties as well as their natural beauty, and sourced from sustainable forests.

In the company’s press release they say “The structure and density of the pure oak and maple designs provide excellent damping properties, reducing unwanted resonances within both the furniture and your hi-fi system. The heavy mass of the hardwoods also provides strong grounding for a solid bass sound.”

The Tabula Rasa range includes four core designs: the Notrebo, Lowboard, Basis
600 and Deepspace. Each comes with a range of customisable options such as a choice of wood colours and finishes, varying dimensions (width, overall height and/or individual shelf heights) and the addition of bespoke storage units (Lowboard only).

Optional extras such as Tabula Rasa spikes and the company’s built-in quartz sand damping system (known as ‘the silencer’) are also available.


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This album arrived a good while ago and I was really excited when it did as I was a bit of a fan of the Hippy Slags back in the festival days and as readers will know a huge fan of Hawkwind with who Bridget Wishart performed on Space Bandits, Palace Springs, California Brainstorm and Take Me To Your Future.

Look at the line up on Make Believe It Real and it reads like a who’s who in space rock: Daevid Allen of Gong (wishing you a speedy recovery!!!), Harvey Bainbridge, Richard Chadwick, Alan Davey, Simon House, Keith The Bass, Nick May, Twink…the list goes on and on and on. More »

Ok, so the sleeve note’s are telling me that Matchbox were one of the most successful singles bands of the late 1970s and early 1980s, but I must confess that their popularity hit its peak just as my interest in the charts was waning and as a result they’re a new one on me. But that’s not to say I didn’t recognise a few of the tunes on here, most of all Rockabilly Rebel…which had me singing along and knowing all the words (I have no idea where that came from!). More »

Bob James is regarded as one of the founding fathers of the smooth Jazz sound and has been heavily sampled in more recent years ( NWA, Run DMC, Soul II Soul, Missy Elliot and many more). He began his professional music career at age 8 playing piano for a tap dance class but also plays trumpet, timpani and percussion.

His association with smooth jazz began in 1972 whilst working with Stanley Turpentine and Milt Jackson on the album Cherry and is closely associated with Grover Washington Jr and arranged several of Washington’s albums. If you’ve not heard of James then you may well have heard his music as his tune Angela, from his breakthrough album Touchdown, was used as the theme (he also supplied incidental music) to the US sitcom Taxi which starred Danny Devito More »

él (via Cherry Red) are an interesting label that are putting out some pretty out there and unusual recordings.

One flick through the titles of the tracks on Les Baxter’s Original Quiet Village album will give you a good indication that this is exotica as colourful as it comes; Shanghai Rickshaw, Deep Night and Gardens of the Moon are just random selection. More »

As part of Hifi Pig’s « Headphone Month »  Linette and Stuart Smith review the £650 HifiMan HE-560 headphones supplied  by Mark at Electromod.  More »

Gasoline, on the excellent Comeme is the labels very first compilation and by crikey it’s a good one…very much my kind of music. For those that don’t know Comeme it’s a label that has been making all the right noises for me for a year or so now with its pared down, acidic-tribal-techno grooves. More »

Regular readers will be well aware of my love of the Kompakt label and it’s pretty rare that I don’t absolutely love everything that gets released on rhe Berlin imprint. Here we have number 14 in the popular compilation series Total. More »

Hifi Pig were lucky enough to be invited to visit Roksan, the sponsors of our hifi news section of the site and whose promotional video you can see at the top right of website, at their London based offices and workshops last week. k3front

We will of course be writing at length about our visit to the company’s factory, but whilst we there we were given an exclusive opportunity to take a listen to Roksan’s new K3 amplifier and CD player.

Of course it’s difficult to get a real idea of a product’s performance in unfamiliar surroundings, but powering the Darius S1 loudspeakers there was certainly bags of punch and dynamics from the new electronics when playing a wide selection of music from Bjork to Scott Walker.

Each of the boxesK36back-shot will be priced at around £1250 and it seems that you will be getting a lot of “bang for your buck”.

Looking around the production area for the K3 (all are hand built in London) we were particularly impressed by the quality of the front panels which are made in Berlin, Germany to exacting standards and available in “silver”, “opium” and “charcoal”.

The K3 amplifier will come with the very latest APTX Bluetooth technology which has extended range and much higher quality than standard Bluetooth and all units will come with Roksan’s five year warranty…. as do all their products.




I’m sure Hifi Pig will be able to offer our readers a full and in depth review in due course but we also thought you’d enjoy a few snaps of the new electronics.


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headphonemonth facebook bannerAugust is Headphone Month here at Hifi Pig and we’ve dedicated all our hifi reviews to reviewing nothing but headphones and headphone related products.

We’ve reviewed headphones from Final, Stax, Sennheiser, GOJI and Audeze with more to come from HifiMan and others.

As well as headphones we’ve published a headphone amplifier review of a Graham Slee  product with more to come from Lehmann Audio, AudioValve, Schiit and Tisbury.

We’ve got a fabulous prize package to give away too so please make sure you keep an eye on our Hifi news and Hifi reviews section of Hifi Pig as well as the next edition of the FREE Hifi Pig Magazine which will be published on 3rd September.

You can see all our headpohone reviews here.


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