3 Square Audio will be demonstrating their Translator loudspeakers (reviewed here by Hifi Pig)  and Temple equipment supports at The Indulgence Show.

The company’s design philosophy is focused, from start to finish, on the listening experience. So, their drive units are filtered using the most gentle ‘1st order’ crossovers which 3 Square say help to maintain the phase and time structure in recorded music.

The speakers’ enclosure of Baltic Birch plywood, cement and steel maximises performance, whilst the oiled and waxed finish creates a beautiful aesthetic for any living space. 

The same craft skills are brought to bear when designing their bespoke audio and video supports. “The strength and energy-transfer properties of Baltic Birch plywood are reason enough to use it for audio supports, but when it looks this good everybody benefits” the company add

Stuart Dunn, speaker designer at 3 Square Audio, says:
“Over 36 years of auditioning experience has taught us that you have to do things differently to achieve excellence in sound reproduction. This approach, we believe, gives us unique advantages over other speaker designs at any price. Come and see us and hear for yourself.”

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