Who would believe that the CD player is now 30 years old…almost to the day! Who out there sold all their vinyl collection and slowly started replacing it with easy to store shiny silver discs…I for one did just that! It seems a lifetime ago and if truth be known I only really bought my first CD player 5 or so years later in the late 80s.

Remember the whole hype behind CDs when they first came out and they being the ultimate in high end audio? I distinctly recall seeing a Tomorrows World presenter smear a gloopy helping of marmalade over one of the new fangled discs and marvelling at it being washed off and then being played as if nothing had happened. I also recall the radio station, where I worked as a DJ, having a sign declaring that “Hand Acid Kills CDs”.

So what the future of the CD?  If the rumour mill is to be believed it’s a format that is on the way out, but I think it will be around for a good while yet and whilst ever there are second-hand items to be had, I know it’s a format that I’ll continue to use.

The first CD I bought? “Maters of Reality” by Masters of Reality… what was yours?


Gato Audio PM-6
Tortuga Audio Launches LDR6 Passive Preamplifier

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