Started in 2015, the original story of Le Player series continues in 2020 with a third generation of devices. Le Player 3 is a CD transport, intended for “the most demanding audiophiles”.

A member of the Classica range by Métronome, Le Player 3 was designed to meet new requirements from audiophiles now mostly using streaming, but still needing to listen to their old CDs, especially when a specific edition or recording can’t be easily found on streaming platforms.

CD Transport

This high-end CD Transport has been designed for people who prefer their own DAC, without necessity to go through the D/A converter of an integrated CD player.

Up Sampling

Le Player 3 integrates an easy up-sampling option, allowing to change the frequency rate from the 44.1 kHz of CD up to DSD 128. For frequencies over 192 kHz, the signal will be transmitted through the I²S HDMI digital output.

Jean Marie Clauzel, Owner and Designer of Métronome said: “Our Classica entry range was missing a pure Transport, which was widely requested by our customers. So my design goal was to give much more added value than a simple digital output on an existing device. Le Player 3 electronics are thus completely new and have been specifically designed for a CD Transport.”


Sorties Digitales:

Signaux transmis PCM

44.1 à 384 kHz , DSD64 et 128



1 x Optical Toslink

1 x HDMI (I²S)

Alimentation :

2 transformateurs toriques et lignes indépendantes


100 VAC – 50/60 Hz Japon

120/240 VAC – 50/60 Hz Autres pays

Autres :

Consommation : 35 VA

Dimensions (LxHxP) : 450 x 410 x 105 mm Poids : 11.0 kg


4,600 €

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