8MM Audiolab got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us they are looking  forward to welcoming visitors to this year’s Audio Visual Show 2018 Warsaw, Poland.

Their speakers are made of made from carefully selected Lithuanian oak and boast an Art-Deco design. The speakers sport a “precisely modelled waveguide shape” which the company say “broadens the ideal listening area with improved 3D imaging and clarity with reduced horizontal coverage minimises wall reflections”. Their crossovers are custom designed and they claim to offer easy load to give “precise filtering for lower driver unit distortion and better integration” and feature custom made ultra purity copper, double baked coils, high precision premium grade capacitors and resistors. All the components are mounted on a silver tracked custom PCB plate.

The model used at this year’s show will include:

• Silver super caps;

• Silver coils;

• Silver pleated internal wiring;

• Beryllium high frequency drivers

Their electronics partner for the Show is LAMPIZATOR which many readers will be well aware of.


They can be seen Radisson Sobieski Hotel, room 710.

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