paragon and Audionet commonly present “3D+ High End – the new dimension of in-car audio” – a “groundbreaking” new development in the area of in-car audio systems at this year’s High End Show in Munich.

They will introduce their audio system in an elaborately prepared show car, which includes a whole series of innovative technical and  sound related features:
•        Seat individual 3D+ sound experience in a 5.1+4 configuration
•        Full digital signal transmission directly to the loudspeaker driver by eliminating “lossy” analogue wires
•        Optimized signal quality through the novel distributed system architecture
•        Semantic 3D upmix with minimum crosstalk between adjacent seats
•        Playback of native 3D content:  a choice of well-known songs/compositions mixed from the source files into 3D by surround producer and Grammy award winner Herbert Waltl and his team
•        Flexible scalability through building blocks
•        Implementation of additional innovative audio functions (such as ICC or engine sound synthesis) via plain integration of further software modules
•        Common development, specific adjustments and calibrations within the partnership of paragon – Audionet

No photos as yet but we will let you have them as soon as we do.

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