Danish loudspeaker manufacturer has leaked a little sneak peek of their new R 6-series of loudspeakers.

The new Audiovector R 6-series is a total revamp of the previous SR 6-series with more than 112 new additions, changes, and improvements compared to the predecessor.

The new R 6-series from left: The Audiovector R 6 Arreté in Matte Italian Walnut, The R 6 Avantgarde in Crayon Piano, and the R 6 Signature in African Rosewood Piano.

Isobaric Bass

Audiovector told us that these include Italian Walnut wood veneer and an Isobaric Compound Bass System for all three models. The R 6-series is placed in between the compact R 3-series and the even bigger reference R 8 Arreté.

Freedom Grounding Tech

The new R 6-series includes both the evolution of existing  Audiovector technologies and concepts, plus brand-new ideas, such as their newly developed Freedom Grounding Technology (Arreté).

The new series launches early September 2020 with more details and prices to follow soon.

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