Absolute Abode is a new home entertainment showcase on the Isle of Man. Its living room space features premium products from a carefully selected portfolio of audio manufacturers and has calming views across the Irish Sea.

Having established its London store, O’Brien Hi-Fi, in 1966, the Absolute Abode team brings over 50 years of experience to the Isle of Man. Its aim is to bring music and movies to life and to integrate this with simple to use technology by Crestron including remote lighting and blind control.

Absolute Abode in The Isle Of Man

Energy Efficiency

Everything is designed, supplied and installed with a focus on energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Amplifiers, streamers, turntables, DACs, cables and loudspeakers from manufacturers such as MOON, Sonus Faber, VPI, Naim and Nordost are on show.

Absolute Abode in The Isle Of Man

Mark O’Brien, company director, said, ‘We are delighted to be able to open Absolute Abode on the Isle of Man. Our first living room space was created in our London store, O’Brien Hi-Fi, over 10 years ago – this created a fresh experience for enjoying hi-fi and was one of the first of its type. We felt this space was required to broaden the appeal of listening to music at home, previously a concept that suggested large boxes and lots of cables! We wanted to show a living room could also be a beautiful place to enjoy music (and movies) without resembling a laboratory!’

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