One of the best CD playback systems money can buy says the press release– Metronome Technologie’s Kalista Ultimate transport and new C8+ DAC – is joined by a mighty music server called The Beast, engineered without compromise in Switzerland by ReQuest Audio. Amplification is supplied by Constellation Audio, with the Virgo III preamp and Hercules II power amp driving Magico’s S7 loudspeakers. Constellation’s Irv Gross and Magico’s Peter Mackay are flying in from the US to conduct demonstrations.met1




Absolute Sounds’ second room hosts Sabrina – the new compact floorstander from Wilson Audio. Renowned recording engineer and Wilson Audio ambassador Peter McGrath will conduct demonstrations, with two different systems driving the speakers: a valve-based set-up from Audio Research, and a solid-state system from Dan D’Agostino. The Audio Research set-up includes the Reference CD9, feeding amps from the company’s new Reference SE range sporting KT150 valves. The Dan D’Agostino system, meanwhile, includes the Momentum Lifestyle Amplifier, or MLife for short; a new integrated DAC/amp with comprehensive wireless streaming facilities from Krell’s legendary founder.





Absolute Sounds’ final room showcases the latest creations from some of high-end audio’s most distinguished brands. Various systems will be available for demonstration, featuring components from Dan D’Agostino and PrimaLuna, including the latter’s DiaLogue HP range. Speakers include Sonus faber’s new Venere S floorstander and MartinLogan’s Motion 35XT, the latest bookshelf model to sport the company’s Folded Motion tweeter. Other highlights include Krell’s new Vanguard digital preamp, with support for PCM and DSD. Absolute Sounds’ crack squad of high-end audio experts will be on hand to answer questions and provide advice.





The Hi-Fi Show Live 2015 takes place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th October at the Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor, Berkshire.

Absolute Sounds will have all the following brands in attendance at this year’s show

  •  Audio Research
  •  Artesania Audio
  •  Constellation Audio
  •  Copland
  • Crystal Cable
  •  Dan D’Agostino
  •  darTZeel
  •  EAT
  •  Jadis
  •  Koetsu
  •  Krell
  •  Magico
  •  MartinLogan
  •  Metronome Technologie
  •  oBravo
  •  PrimaLuna
  •  Request Audio
  •  Sonus faber
  •  TechDAS

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Hi-Fi Show Live News
Alpha Wood Series From GIK Acoustics

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