High End UK distributor and importer of some of the world’s most High-End Hifi brands, Absolute Sounds, will be exhibiting at the UK Hifi Show Live 2019 at Ascot Racecourse this weekend.

Absolute Sounds has a massive 80m long exhibition space, with two listening rooms at either end, one featuring Wilson Audio speakers with Audio Research, Dan D’Agostino (the Relentless monoblocks) and dCS electronics, the other featuring Magico speakers with Constellation and Metronome Technologie electronics.

Audio Research

The new stereo Audio Research Reference 160S can be heard in the Wilson Audio listening room. Other highlights at the show include the new CD9SE and CD6SE CD player/DACs and the magnificent Reference 10 preamplifier.

Constellation Audio

A Constellation amp system has been selected to drive the M2 loudspeakers in the Magico listening room, comprising the Virgo III preamplifier and new Centaur II 500 power amplifier from the Performance Series, along with the Andromeda phono stage.

Continuum Audio Labs

Constellation Audio’s sister-company Continuum has been making turntables for years. Its latest creation is the Obsidian. You can hear the Obsidian spinning records in the Magico listening room, partnered by the Viper tonearm.

Dan D’Agostino

For the first time in the UK, visitors to the show have the opportunity to hear D’Agostino’s magnum opus, the Relentless monoblock, making music in the Wilson Audio listening room in tandem with the new Momentum HD Preamplifier. Also on show will be Dan’s latest creation, the Progression Integrated Amplifier.


dCS played a fundamental role in the development of hi-res digital audio with a number of technical ‘world firsts’. This year, the company was presented with ‘The Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2019’ for the technology inside its flagship Vivaldi digital playback system – you can hear why in the Wilson Audio listening room, where a full Vivaldi stack provides the digital source.

dCS’s most recent all-new hardware, the Bartók DAC/streamer/headphone amp, is also on hand, together with a suitable pair of headphones.


Magico’s M2 speakers are the Californian company’s latest release, hear them at the show, driven by Constellation Audio amplification.

For those looking for a more modestly priced entry-point to Magico’s sound, the recently introduced A1 standmount speakers and A3 floorstanders are among other Magico models on display.

Metronome Technologie

French digital specialist brand Metronome Technologie has two new products at the show: the t|AQWO CD/SACD transport and c|AQWO DAC. If you’d like to hear these new components for yourself, they’re on demo in the Magico listening room. Don’t forget to check out the creations from Metronome’s flagship Kalista brand, too.


Transparent Audio

Transparent offers a comprehensive range of cables for high-performance audio and video applications, many of which include the company’s innovative Transparent Network noise-reducing electronics. You can hear Transparent cables in the Magico and Wilson Audio listening rooms, and also check out the company’s latest designs including the Premium Ethernet cable.

Wilson Audio

The Wilson Audio listening room offers the unique opportunity to hear the Alexia Series 2 speakers driven by Dan D’Agostino’s Relentless monoblocks, bringing two of America’s high-end audio creators together. Other speakers on show include the Sasha DAW, Yvette and Sabrina… and, as we go to press, perhaps even the forthcoming Chronosonic XVX.

And don’t forget to check out…

Artesania Audio racks will be used in both rooms. Copland’s new integrated valve amp the CTA408 will be there. darTZeel are made in Switzerland all their latest models are present at the show, including the NHB-108 Model Two power amplifier, NHB-18NS preamplifier and flagship NHB-468 monoblocks. Browse the full range of EAT turntables at The UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019, from the recently introduced, entry-level Prelude to the flagship deck, the Forte. All three Franco Serblin models of loudspeakers are present at the show. French brand Jadis will be on show including the JA80 MkII and JA120 monoblocks, and the JPS2 preamplifier. KL Audio ‘s record cleaner will be on vinyl cleaning duties. Koetsu cartridges will be there along with Krell’s K-300i, an integrated amplifier and the flagship Krell Duo 300 XD power amp. You can see the new Prima Luna EvoLution Series and the ReQuest Audio Raptor server. High End Italian loudspeakers from Sonus faber’s latest collections are on show, along with a range of Techdas turntables.

Find Absolute Sounds in the On5 suite (core 5).

Keep an eye on our Hifi Show section for the report!


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