Abyss Headphones got in touch to tell us what they are demonstrating at High End Munich: “Along with the world debut of our sexy Diana headphone dressed in various outfits, Abyss Headphones will have a very special high-performance headphone system sporting a retail price in excess of 120,000 €, the finest in headphone systems”.

Visitors can sit and enjoy high resolution studio master quality music listening to the reference AB-1266 Phi headphone played through a world-class reference headphone system”.

The 120,000+ € headphone system is composed of the following equipment:

— Abyss AB-1266 Phi Complete Reference Headphone Package

— Woo Audio WA33 Elite Edition Reference Tube Headphone Amplifier

— LampizatOr Golden Gate Balanced DAC

— Aurender W20 Reference Music Server

— Stillpoints ESS Shelf Support System and Ultra 6 Isolation

— JPS Labs Super Aluminata Reference cabling

— KR Audio High Performance Tubes

High End Munich Halle 3, N06





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