The Accuphase C-47 phono amplifier is the latest from the Japanese brand and features a fully balanced configuration from input to output.

Accuphase says that the resulting product not only is highly impervious to external noise, it also features a dedicated head amplifier optimised for the characteristics of MC and MM phono cartridges, and a high-accuracy equalizer amplifier, thereby ensuring precise equalization with a minimum of noise.

Balanced Phono Inputs

A set of newly added dedicated balanced MC phono inputs enables a balanced connection to the analogue record player.

Accuphase C-47 Features

Low-noise fully balanced configuration

One dedicated balanced MC phono input and three sets of regular phono inputs

Separate settings memory for each input position

Balanced and line level output connectors

Balanced output polarity selector

Full mono construction

Separate toroidal power transformers for left and right channel

Low-noise regulated power supply circuitry unaffected by load fluctuations

High-accuracy phono equalizer with RIAA deviation of only ±0.3 dB

Load impedance settings for six MC and three MM phono cartridge types

7-segment LED indicator shows load impedance

Gain selector for low-output phono cartridges

Built-in subsonic filter

Disc equalizer assembly using glass cloth fluorocarbon resin PCBs with low dielectric constant and low losses

Gold-plated printed circuit boards

Aluminium top plate with hairline finish

Side panels with a natural wood grain finish

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