After their first loudspeaker, Ensis, which we reviewed here, Aequo Audio has announced the launch of two brand new loudspeakers. The Dutch manufacturer extends their portfolio at both ends with the smaller Stilla and larger Diluvium.

From first view it seems Aequo Audio’s team has developed entirely new and unique speaker models, yet both products can be easily recognised as Aequo speakers.  First to be launched is the Stilla, with a bit more mainstream design and more affordable pricing.

Paul Rassin of Aequo told us more: “The Stilla is a very small and incredibly elegant floor standing speaker, yet it promises the same output above 20hz as the Ensis. Responsible for this challenging job are two 7 inch subwoofers mounted inside the horn loaded bass reflex cabinet, powered by Ncore amplifiers. The specification reveals that the active electronic system for analog room size and placement correction, is used to tune the speaker to roll off as a closed box speaker, so it would not suffer from problems normally associated with ported speakers.  Many other technologies and materials of the Stilla are more directly derived from the closed-box Ensis speaker and the Stilla is equipped with the same formidable midrange driver. The result is a comparable character with rich audiophile musicality as well as transparent uncoloured precision and an incredibly holographic soundstage”.

Diluvium, the company’s new flagship speaker, is far from mainstream. Developed as a “hallmark of their capabilities” it clearly shows an exciting direction for the brand. Exact specification is yet to be released, but first rumors say it is a 4-way with double the amount of drivers and dynamic output of the Ensis.

Visitors to High End Munich can find Aequo Audio at the show with a special copper plated anniversary edition of the Ensis in hall three, just across from the main entrance.





Aqua - Acoustic Quality At Munich High End 2017
O2A Cables  High End Munich  2017

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