Californian brand Aesthetix’ Saturn Series of hifi components has had a range of  enhancements in the form of the Saturn Eclipse edition, which has just arrived on UK shores.

Enhancements include the use of new exotic StealthCap capacitors; electrical upgrades including hand-tuned capacitors, super-matched output devices and distributed node film capacitor technology; advanced mechanical chassis isolation; and sophisticated power supply grounding.

The Saturn Eclipse Series incorporates numerous StealthCap capacitors in critical inter-stage and output coupling functions. Each capacitor is individually hand-crafted and tailored specifically for Aesthetix Eclipse.

In the Eclipse editions of the Janus and Calypso preamplifiers, high-frequency tuning capacitors are installed and hand-adjusted to tailor the frequency response to a tight 0.1dB standard. The Eclipse edition of the Atlas power amplifier features super-matched output devices, which serve to lower specific aspects of output stage distortion by as much as 40dB. In all editions of the Atlas, each bi-polar output device (16 per channel) receives its power supply through a copper bus bar design. In the Eclipse edition, distributed node film capacitors are added at each output device, further reducing impedance for increased.

In earlier editions of the Saturn Series, the transformers are mounted directly on the chassis with a layer of damping material separating them. In the Eclipse edition, the transformers are isolated from the chassis using specially designed isolation mounts thus reducing the amount of mechanical vibration introduced into the chassis. Damping material is added at critical chassis points, particularly those with large surface areas.

Eclipse editions of the Rhea phonostage and Calypso and Janus preamplifiers receive a new power supply with improvements in heat dissipation capability, overvoltage and spike protection.

All Saturn Eclipse components now feature Harmonic Resolutions Systems’ Nimbus Couplers made specially for Aesthetix, replacing the earlier four rubber feet.

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