AKG and their UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd, now have three foldable headphone models available in the UK, the K175 is a closed-back design with 40mm drivers, the K245 is a semi-open design with 50mm drivers, and the K275 is a closed-back design with 50mm drivers.

Music On The Go

Designed for all, including musicians and audio professionals on the go, the AKG K275, K245 (£129) and K175 (£109) offer a foldable design featuring a three-axis, all-metal hinge. These AKG headphones are designed to fit into tight spaces like a travel bag where other studio headphones may not fit.

High Quality Studio Headphones

“Musicians, producers and engineers need durable, high-quality studio headphones that can keep up with the demands of today’s mobile lifestyle,” said Peter Chaikin, Director, Recording Solutions at HARMAN Professional Solutions. “The new AKG K275 (£149), K245, and K175 foldable studio headphones are designed to be used where other studio headphones can’t, offering unmatched sound quality for mixing, monitoring and creating music, and the durability you need for years on the road. AKG foldable studio headphones are the first headphones in their class with a foldable design.”

The K275 and K245 models feature 50mm transducers. The K175 uses an on-ear design with 40mm transducers. Self-adjusting headband and floating ear cups increase comfort by ensuring the headphones fit correctly with every use. Slow retention foam ear pads provide a comfortable, secure fit that prevents sound from leaking out into the surrounding environment. AKG K275 and K175 feature a closed-back design for live recording and monitoring, while K245 features a semi-open design that is well-suited for editing and mixing. All critical parts of the design are metal, including the hinge. An extensive product testing regimen, including extreme drop tests, an 80,000-bend-cycle test for cables and a rigorous driver stress test, ensures that the headphones will last through heavy use. Additionally, the cable is replaceable.



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