Whilst developing their Castello Ground Conditioner, Akiko Audio noticed that “a correctly applied ground has a major influence on the rendering quality of your music”.

“We view the Castello as a technical improvement for all connected devices” says designer Marc van Berlo. Marc went on to explain: “The heavy Ground Conditioner forms a zero-reference for your system. High frequency surface electricity seeks a low energy point and will therefore use the Ground Conditioner as a ground. Three devices can be connected to it”.

The Ground Conditioner Castello has three compartments, which are separated from each other yet still work together and they are encased in a single aluminium housing. Akiko say that the contents are stabilised with a “special black resin”. The Ground Conditioner has three connectors and every unit comes with three ground wires. It is a modular system, which means you can add multiple units to your set if more connections are required. Price is 1195€.



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