Most readers who have heard the name Alan Davey will naturally associate him as the bass player for space-rock stalwarts Hawkwind where he manned the bass from 1984 to 1996 and the again between 2001 and 2007. But he’s had loads of other projects away from Hawkwind including Bedouin, Ace Of Spades, Gunslinger, Eclectic Devils and The Psychedelic Warlords. He’s probably my favourite bass player… period and so I got myself both the double vinyl copy and the CD release of this album. 


The double vinyl version is a real back to giving fans real value and interest in the packaging, coming as it does on coloured vinyl (one green and one orange) along with a comic book, A3 poster (though this is limited to 200) and a glorious gate-fold sleeve. The CD is less elaborate in its packaging but you still get the comic.

A Fistful Of Junk tells the story of Sputnik Stan who is a cosmic scrap collector in his ship SS Garbage Can picking up space detritus…it’s a proper concept album with the tunes themselves interspersed with clever segues! Of course this was always going to be a space-rock album, but, for the main part, it’s pretty heavy space-rock…which is a good thing to my mind! It’s got humour too with Aluminium, Titanium, Uranium, Magnesium being one of the segues I mentioned sung along to the Muppets’ theme music and heavily distorted.

Space is a lonely place and our pal Sputnik Stan is not immune to its effects and so takes a deviation to his plotted course and makes his way to the International Sales Station (formerly the International Space Station) which seems a riot as the UFO (Unidentified Flying Orgasm), which is a kind of cosmic knocking shop manned by a couple of “exxpert” technicians offering such services as “Teabag with the Queen” for a mere $94, is located there. But Sam isn’t distracted too long from his mission and he’s soon off again with the final tune (“18 Engines One Mission”) collecting space junk. This track is the real deal and anyone who is a fan of heads down space-rock will not be disappointed! Davey’s bass playing on this track is fantastic!!

A fistful of junk isn’t all “heavy” stuff and we’re treated to the sublime and down tempo Hubble’s Looking Tasty These Days with beautiful vocals by Zoie Green.

So, regular readers will know I’m a bit of a fan and this was always going to be a positive review, but seriously, if you enjoy space-rock, or just appreciate great rock music, I can’t recommend this album highly enough. The fabulous concept, the great packaging on the vinyl package and the comic with the CD is the icing on the cake.

Highly recommended! Go buy it!

Stuart Smith

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