Acoustic treatment manufacturer GIK Acoustics has announced the launch of a new product series that is “changing the face of acoustic panels and bass traps”.

First introduced in the USA in late September, GIK Acoustics-Europe is proud to offer the GIK Acoustics Alpha Wood Series, a line of acoustic panels and bass traps with a wood face which has a mathematical sequence of slots for one-dimensional scattering / diffusion.

The Alpha Wood Series combines absorption with diffusion and enhances any room both aesthetically and acoustically with “superior quality, high-performing, and stylish room treatments”.

First in the series is the 4A Alpha Panel (see pic). The 4A Alpha Panel is constructed as a 595mm x 595mm x 100mm wood-framed panel filled with rigid rockwool absorption material (core made from 100% recycled materials, environmentally friendly without any formaldehyde or urea formaldehyde). The panel is then wrapped in fabric and finished with a beech veneer wood face which is designed for even, one-dimensional scattering. The wood face also allows low frequency waves to pass through to the rockwool panel for better low end absorption.

GIK Acoustics-Europe General Manager David Shevyn says, “We are thrilled to bring the Alpha Wood Series to our European customers. Not only is the Alpha Wood Series one of the most attractive product lines we’ve introduced, but they are twice as effective as similar products on the market that use foam. The Alpha Wood Series offers so many more, better colour choices and better results. The Alpha Series is truly a game changer for GIK Acoustics.”


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