Alta Audio has announced Alyssa, a new loudspeaker that combines compact dimensions with “intimate detail and deep, natural bass response”.

To meet this goal, Alta Audio’s founder, President, and CEO Mike Levy integrated a proprietary ribbon tweeter with Alta Audio’s proprietary midrange/woofer featuring a titanium former (bobbin).

CEO Mike Levy

“Alta Audio is devoted to the design and manufacture of speakers that immerse listeners in their favorite music,” said Mr. Levy. “Alyssa is one of our greatest achievements in that we created a model that ranks with the most respected full-size speakers, yet it’s no bigger than the average bookshelf monitor. I’m floored every time I hear it.”

Aluminium Ribbon Tweeter

Alta Audio’s elegant third-generation aluminium ribbon tweeter is responsible for top end clarity and dynamics with a flat high-end response that, say Alta, extends over an octave above the scope of human hearing.


The 6” woofer includes a 3.1” diameter long-throw voice coil that employs a neodymium hybrid high-powered motor and a titanium former (bobbin) for smoother airflow that blends with the ribbon tweeter.

“The benefit of using titanium in the construction of a woofer can’t be overstated,” said Mr. Levy. “It adds stiffness and is exceptionally light, allowing for a larger voice coil that ultimately contributes to a demonstrable improvement in sonics, especially when listening to analogue and high-resolution digital recordings.”

XTL Bass

Alta’s proprietary XTL (Extended Transmission Line) bass tuning system relies on specialized sonic geometry to tune Alyssa’s cabinets. To ensure the cabinet is free of resonances that cloud and distort music, Alta Audio use their exclusive DampHard multi-layered, multi-density material for damping the cabinet.


Aesthetically, Alyssa has a rounded top and curved sides. Customers have the option of customizing the exterior with a choice of veneers, including Rosewood and Beech that run across the top and down the side to create the appearance of a single piece of wood, in addition to the standard high-gloss piano black.


Height: 14 ½”, 15” inches with spikes

Width: 8” at the top, 9.6” at the bottom

Depth: 13 ¼” at top, 14 ¼” inches at the bottom

Weight: 28 lbs.

Driver complement: One 2 ½” ribbon tweeter, One 6” midrange woofer with Titanium Former

Sensitivity: 87.5 dB / 2.83 Volts

Frequency response: 32Hz to 47kHz +/- 3 dB

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Requirements: 50 – 150 Watts per Channel

Price & Availability

SRP: $5,0000/pair, available from September

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