The new ALUMA 2200 from Quadral consists of a centre plus four satellite speakers that have the option of using the ALLUMAQUADRALMount 210 for wall installation.  Users can opt to aded the Qube 7 active subwoofer for a “discrete yet powerful system.”

Aluminium has been used as the material for the cabs and you can choose between a white finish and a black anodised version for these little satellites.

In addition there is the centre speaker which is only 10.2 cm high, 24.2 cm wide and 10.1 cm deep. The QUBE 7 with its stable MDF housing and 70 Watts nominal output and 100 Watts music power amp completes this 5.1 set.

The four satellites reproduce 50 Watts nominal output power and 80 Watts music power and the reference values of the horizontal centre are 60 Watts nominal output power and 100 Watts music power. Frequencies from 85 Hz up to 22 kHz are reproduced by the satellites and frequencies from 80 Hz up to 22 kHz by the centre. The 32.6 cm high, 29.6 cm wide and 31.5 cm deep, almost square active subwoofer provided with the set reproduces the bass ranges with a lower frequency limit of 33 Hz.

RRP £550 inc VAT


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