Amare Musica Release New Mono Block Amplifiers, Octogenus Diamond.

The Octogenus Diamond Mono Power Amplifier is designed around Russian  DHT GM70 triode, Driver tube is 300B, output power is 80 Watts in pure class A.


Amare Musica told us more: “For volume regulation we use custom solution, it’s made by a set of relays and precision non-inductive resistors. All power supply’s including HV are stabilised. Main PCB is hardened and contains top components like PTFE sockets, WBT speaker terminals, coupling capacitors tin foil/ paper-in-oil/ pure silver leadout made by Jensen, Mundorf caps in power supply, precision non-inductive resistors, custom made aluminium chassis with Franc Audio Accessories feet. The feet are anti-vibration, ceramic disc tablets”.

Power stage topology: PSE (Paralleled single ended)
Silver output transformer
Output tubes: 4x GM70
Driver tubes: 2x 300B
Driver tubes: 2x 6dj8
Power: 80 Watts
Input Impedance: 40k ohms
Frequency response: 8Hz 40kHz (+0dB, -3dB )
Dimensions (with tubes): 430 x 500 x 320 mm
Weight: 56 kg/PC





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