An Audio Legend

Dieter Burmester died in August 2015 aged 69 after a short, serious illness in Berlin-Zehlendorf.Dieter_burmester

Dieter Burmester was born in Austria but moved at the age of six months with his parents to Germany. He grew up in Lüchow. He did an apprenticeship as a radio and television technician and did his military service with the Federal Border Guard from (BGS). From 1968 he studied electrical and telecommunications engineering in Berlin.  After his studies, he founded a small engineering firm and developed medical measurement devices and computer interfaces.

Burmester was a passionate musician, even before completing his studies, he played from August 1964 full time as a bassist and vocalist in the beat band The echoes Later named Some Folks, on tour.  Even after his studies he played at concerts and participated in various band projects. From 1999 to 2007 he played with his band Past Perfect. In addition, he collected guitarsand composed and made ​​music recordings in his private, professionally equipped studio.

In 1978 he founded in Berlin-Schöneberg Burmester Audio Systems GmbH. In addition to the audio systems, the company also has Burmester Automotive that produces sound systems for premium cars such as the Bugatti Veyron, Porsche Panamera and Mercedes Maybach. Burmester also make systems especially designed for the luxury yacht market.

On March 6, 2003, the Berlin Association of Independent Entrepreneurs Association (ASU) awarded him the title “Entrepreneur of the Year”. His wife Marianne will continue to run the company along with the 50 employees.

The above is a potted history of an audio legend. Dieter Burmester was to me a hero in more ways than one. He was passionate about music and was unashamed at producing a luxury brand that only the very wealthy, or ardent audiophile, could afford. Outside of audio Burmester is probably unknown to most people. I recall the first time I saw the 808 pre amp he first developed in the 80’s when it was in Subjective Audio’s window in Camden. It stopped me in my tracks because it was so distinctive in its glorious chromed finish, bling at its best. The pre amp is still made in mk5 form and is a legend. If I won the lottery Burmester would be the brand I would buy straight away. burmester808

Along with the recent death of Yes founder and bassist Chris Squire and jazz keyboard legend Joe Sample of the Crusaders last year, Dieter Burmester’s death has deeply saddened me. He leaves a rich legacy in his company which will continue to produce superb audio equipment and I hope that when the day comes for me to leave this mortal coil that maybe my legends will be up there and we can all party together.

RIP  Dieter Burmester.

Ian Ringstead


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