Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) is a sound optimisation system which Anthem says is “sophisticated enough to produce real results that you can hear, easy enough to be used by anyone”.

Room Correction

The most significant detriment to the sound of an audio system is almost always the room it resides within, especially true in the realm of bass. Even in a professionally treated sound room, bass can quickly become boomy or anemic. Anthem says ARC Room Correction helps audio systems sound their best in any space. ARC offers a suite of tools to tame your sound.

Anthem Room Correction measures the output of each speaker relative to the listening area then, through a series of calculations adjusts its output. Not only does ARC correct peaks and dips in a speaker’s frequency response, but it also preserves the beneficial acoustic attributes of a room, attributes based on provides psychoacoustic science (the study of how humans hear and experience sound).

To use ARC, you need either your PC, Mac or phone, the software or app and an ARC or PBK microphone.

New ARC Genesis Software

ARC Genesis is the newest software that works with any ARC enabled Anthem or Paradigm product. New features include support for both Mac and Windows; new target curve adjustment options including deep base and high frequencies; improved algorithms and more. ARC Genesis is backward compatible with many Anthem and Paradigm products that are ARC or PBK enabled. This is the third generation of Anthem Room Correction software.

Proprietary Digital Signal Processing (S=DSP) software works in tandem with a calibrated microphone (provided with many ARC and PBK enabled products) to provide improvements to the sound you hear.

ARC Mobile

ARC is also available on your mobile phone. ARC Mobile allows you to optimise select ARC compatible audio devices by using either the internal microphone of IOS devices (for all measurements) and Android devices (for bass measurements) or an optional calibrated microphone (for better results). Optional calibrated microphones, which connect via the headphone jack or lightning connection (IOS) or USB (Android), are included with selected products. The ARC Mobile app is available for free to IO and Android users.

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