After a power upgrade at the end of 2018 with 2x 300W RMS into 4 ohms, the Apurna Prelude stereo amplifiers are now available with an integrated DAC.

High End French Hifi

The French High End amplifier manufacturer, who we visited in Valence, specialise in atelier-finished, highly individual amplifiers. They started with their 200,000€ per stereo pair flagship models in 2017, with more accessible products, including Prelude, following last year.

The DAC chip used is a Sabre ES9038Q2M. The Prelude is 29,500.00€ for a stereo power amplifier. Their other current ranges are Apogee at 57,500.00€ for a monoblock power amplifier and Soprano at 24,833.33€ for a monoblock power amplifier.  (VAT excluded on prices).

Read more about Apurna and our visit to their HQ in Valence here


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