Aqua Acoustic Quality of Milan, Italy are introducing their new modular network interface, the LinQ at High End Munich.

Preliminary features that have been released say that the LinQ has a modular design with an upgradeable multi board platform, proprietary fully-floating hybrid 2-stage Network + FPGA module with proprietary code, AQlink PRO digital interface (I2S protocol), AQ Discrete Regulator (MOSFET, J-FET, BJT) and two separate low noise C-Core power transformers for network circuitry and digital decoding. LinQ will have four future-proof network protocols (modules) including M1 roon /raat and M2 UPnP /dlna.

The LinQ is housed in an aluminium anti-resonant cabinet with Nextel, has an OLED display, RC5 IR remote and is designed and handmade in Italy.

Find Aqua in Room A 4.2 F224

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