Indy Audio Labs, of the USA, the owner of the brands Aragon and Acurus, has announced a new 2-channel class A/B, 200W dual-monoblock amplifier, the Titanium.

Aragon Titanium Dual Monoblock Amplifier

The Aragon Titanium, based on the Aragon 8008 platform, is part of “The Elements Collection” and is able to drive challenging loudspeakers.

Aragon Titanium Dual Monoblock Amplifier

The American made Aragon Titanium Dual Monoblock Amplifier

Aragon Elements Collection

Along with the new Titanium, the 400W Iridium is the flagship high-bias, class A/B differential monoblock amplifier from Aragon. Both amplifiers include features in their core architecture such as lower THD+N, enhanced thermal balancing, and augmented power capabilities. The amplifiers are equipped to operate stand-alone or with a modern control system.


The Titanium and Iridium amplifiers form the foundation for Aragon’s new “Elements Collection”, a group of products that focus on 2-channel listening in home and professional environments alike. More details will be released of the forthcoming preamplifier in the near future.

“The Titanium represents the pinnacle in 2-channel amplification in a single chassis from Aragon. It is one of the only truly balanced, truly discrete, and genuinely American-made powerhouse amplifiers on the market today.” said Ted Moore, CTO of Indy Audio Labs, Aragon’s parent company, “When we release the third piece of The Elements Collection, our customers will have a complete Aragon audio solution”.

Aragon Titanium Dual Monoblock Amplifier

Aragon Titanium Dual Monoblock Amplifier in silver


$10,999 USD

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