roksponsmallArcam of Cambridge have introduced several price cuts in time for Christmas. Arcam say that they “want to take a big bite of the Christmas market for quality home audio and the new prices are designed to do just that.”

Solo, Arcam’s One-Box System range, with the companion MusicLife app, is a streaming solution for local and internet, including Tidal & Qobuz plus disc playing capability.

Solo Music Stereo – £1299 – (was £1599)

Solo Movie 2.1 – £1499 – (was £1799)

Solo Movie 5.1 – £1799 – (was £2199)


The Arcam A19 is End Of Life due to component supply problems, so Arcam have adjusted pricing to make their Class G range more competitive and have held the disc players, which have recently had major firmware upgrades, prices to match.

A29 – 75 wpc Class G amp – £849 – (was £999)

A39 – 125 wpc Class G amp – £1249 – (was £1599)

CSDS27 – CD/SACD/Streaming – £699 – prices held despite cost rises

UDP411 – Blu-ray/DVD/CD/SACD – £799 – prices held despite cost rises

Arcam have also released a slew of firmware updates, plus the latest MusicLife app. DTS:X on the AVRs is an important step for the future and the updates to the Disc Players and Solo systems have upgraded their streaming capabilities. Details as follows:

Arcam AVR 390/550/850 AV Receivers

DTS:X implemented v4.06 firmware delivers DTS:X & DTS Neural as promised, to the latest generation of Arcam AVRs 

DIRAC Live app updated Updates the PC / Mac app with improvements & fixes (downloaded with Firmware package)

DIRAC room correction for height channels v4.06 also includes the code to allow the relevant Arcam AVRs to use Dirac Live on the height channels. This makes an improvement to Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X systems.

Arcam Disc Players

UDP411 Blu-ray/DVD/CD/Streamer – UPnP and Video Improvements – Internet Streaming updates

v082 firmware re-writes the UPnP section which improves speed & NAS compatibility.The update enhances video playback performance both for 2D & 3D. Additionally MusicLife 1.3.1 brings major streaming updates.

CDS27 CD/SACD/Streamer – UPnP Improvements – Internet Streaming updates

– v083 improves the UPnP section of the player. The benefits of this upgrade is a faster speed and greater NAS compatibility. Additionally MusicLife 1.3.1 brings major streaming updates.

Arcam Solo Systems

– MusicLife App 1.3.1 brings streaming updates. The latest firmware V08 Music / V039 Movies, brings a collection of small improvements and updates. Consumer friendly Over The Air (OTA) Updates or via USB

Arcam MusicLife APP – iTunes Store

– MusicLife App delivers comprehensive streaming services for Arcam Solo Systems and Disc Players. – Developed in-house at Arcam, MusicLife is a UPnP, Internet streaming & product control app, that is regularly updated to add features and functions to Arcam’s range of networked of Hi-Fi and AV components.

New in MusicLife 1.3.1

– TIDAL streaming

– Qobuz streaming

– Internet Radio

– Podcasts

– NOTE: Streaming features specifically for Solo Music, Solo Movie, CDS27, and UDP411

– NOTE: Some services require paid accounts.

In addition to the streaming and extended UPnP functions, the app plays media from local servers to any Bluetooth device, enabling streaming to almost anything paired with an Arcam miniBlink or rBlink Bluetooth DAC.

All firmware updates can be found at the bottom of the relevant product pages on the Arcam Website.



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