Stereo Music Writ large” 6000 watts of Arcam Class-G Power driving the 2017 Updated KEF Muons;

The Munich mega stereo will showcase Arcam’s high-end audio electronics incl. the new AV860 pre-amp, chosen for sound quality and for the built-in DIRAC EQ, in combination with SIX FMJ P49 Power Amps in bridge mono mode (6000 watts total) being fed by the new rPlay Streamer and irDAC-II as digital sources. Awesome sound from a room and speakers EQed with DIRAC, staggering dynamics from Arcam’s unique Class G Power-amp design. 
From KEF there will be the latest updated MUONs, a visual icon designed by Ross Lovegrove and the most famous KEF speaker of all. The very special sculptural cabinet is made from super formed aluminium and for 2017 the KEF Uni-Q driver, bass unit and and specially designed crossover have been thoroughly updated.
Kit List 
Arcam AV860
Arcam P49 Power Amp x 6
Arcam rPlay
Arcam irDAC-II
KEF Muon 2017
Arcam P49 Class-G Power Amp – 1000 watts in bridged mono mode – 6 are used in the Munich System
Arcam rPlay – The 24/192 Streaming Source for the Munich Demos

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