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Two of Harman’s brands, ARCAM and JBL announce further Roon Ready products.

Harman brands ARCAM and JBL have announced further Roon Ready products, the ARCAM ST60 Streamer and the 75th Anniversary JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier.


ARCAM has announced that its ST60 streamer has received Roon Ready certification from Roon Labs. The ST60 is ARCAM’s debut dedicated network player. Already equipped with a host of connectivity and audiophile-level performance features, Roon Ready certification adds a further crucial skill to the ST60’s talents.

To ensure that their machine is running the latest Roon certified software, ST60 users should run ARCAM software (minimum) 0.67/1155.

ARCAM ST60 And JBL SA750 Are Roon Ready

ARCAM ST60 streamer is now Roon Ready


In honour of its 75th anniversary, JBL created the SA750 integrated amplifier with retro styling together with modern features. JBL has now announced Roon Ready certification for the amp.

To get the best from Roon, owners of the JBL SA750 should make sure that their machine is running software(minimum) 1.70/1155.

ARCAM ST60 And JBL SA750 Are Roon Ready

JBL SA750 Integrated Amplifier is now Roon Ready


Roon Ready status exclusively applies to network devices that have Roon’s streaming technology built in. Consequently, the ARCAM ST60 and the JBL SA750 discover and connect to Roon, without any configuration, to deliver bit-perfect audio. Roon Ready certificated products also enable multi-room, letting users wirelessly connect Roon devices and control zones via the Roon app’s user interface.

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