The TPDA or the Tuneable Pistonic Diaphragmatic Membrane is a patented system from Portuguese acoustic room treatment company, Artnovion,that was developed to satisfy to the demand for low frequency absorption. They TDPA is the only system on the market that can be effectively tuned to work at low as 40Hz.

Artnovian told us “The TPDA is a new approach to low frequency absorption, it is composed by a calibrated mass suspended on an elastic membrane. Tuning a traditional membrane system to very low frequency requires to compromise on mass and volume, resulting in very large, and not very efficient products. This method separates the mass and elastic support into separate elements, preserving the range of movement (with low activation energy) and guaranteeing true pistonic movement”.

A further advantage of this technique is that the mass of the membrane can be easily modified by the client, allowing you to calibrate the resonant frequency of the bass trap to suit individual rooms.

.The TPDA technology is used in the recently overhauled Artnovion bass trap range. The corner bass trap is designed for frequencies between 60 Hz to 80 Hz. Then for frequencies from 40Hz to 60Hz there is their Sub-Trap Range. This panel is divided into three independent closed volumes, in a prismatic configuration that exposes each membrane to the maximum pressure zones in the room. It has an additional superior acoustic core packed with a porous absorber.

Artnovion say that the TPDA Technology used in Artnovion Corner Bass Traps and Sub Trap provides performance that could only be reached using around 2 meters of traditional Fiberglass or foam material.


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