The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged the operational standards for all sectors of the economy. Infection control has always been a concern, particularly for Healthcare and Wellbeing Environments but now, every industry faces the need to ensure a “Covid-safe” workplace.

Artnovion has released the rang of MEDLINE Cleanable products, specifically designed to face this challenge.

Covid Safe Acoustic Room Treatment Panel


Traditionally, infection control is achieved through the use of antimicrobial materials with bactericide and fungicide properties that prevent these microorganisms to proliferate and create colonies on the treated surfaces.

Viruses present a different challenge as they do not proliferate by themselves on inert surfaces. Instead, viruses rest on surfaces waiting for a new host to inadvertently touch them and put them in contact with any mucosa where they will infect the host and use his cells to replicate and to thrive.

For this reason, besides the regular antimicrobial protection, the best way to defend against the new COVID-19 threat is to regularly clean all exposed surfaces with disinfectant products.

Artnovion MEDLINE

Artnovion’s MEDLINE Cleanable products are made from antimicrobial materials that provide protection against all other agents and can also be cleaned with COVID-19 killing disinfectants.

The surfaces of acoustical equipment need to be perforated, allowing for sound waves to penetrate the panel for optimal sound absorption. Surface resting pathogens are eliminated by the outer surface’s antimicrobial treatment and by regular disinfection. The inner perforation surfaces are inaccessible and cannot be touched, meaning that the acoustic perforations do not contribute in any way to the transmission of pathogenic agents.

Acoustic Antimicrobial & Cleanable Fabric Finishes

Artnovian’s faux leather finishes have an incorporated antimicrobial treatment, formed by embedded metal ions, that convey the ability to break down bacterial cell walls, creating an antibacterial, antifungal and anti-odour surface. These surface treatments also endure thorough and regular cleaning with COVID-19 disinfectants, which are the best way to prevent viral transmission. The leather is perforated, allowing for sound waves to penetrate the panel for optimal sound absorption.

Cleanable Laminated Finishes

Their Laminated Wood finishes endure thorough and regular cleaning with COVID-19 disinfectants, which are the best way to prevent viral transmission, while also providing protection against all other agents.

Twill Acoustic Fabric – COVID Safe

Twill acoustic fabric used in the products listed, endures regular cleaning and disinfection with highly effective antibacterial and antiviral agents like alcohol or bleach solutions, or sterilizing sprays and wipes.

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