ATC Loudspeaker Technology has announced the launch of their new Hi fi Passive series SCM 19 and SCM 40 ATC_Loudspeakersloudspeakers. The new loudspeakers feature the new ATC designed and built 25mm soft dome tweeter, updated bass/mid drivers and crossovers housed in a curved and a laminated cabinet.

The new tweeter shares technology with the ATC soft domed mid-range drive unit and employs a unique dual suspension system suppressing rocking modes even at high power output levels.

Cabinets are braced and laminated for high rigidity and damping and the curved enclosures are available in real cherry or black ash veneer.

Crossovers in the new loudspeakers feature metallised polypropylene capacitors, large air cored inductors and ceramic wire-round resistors. Each new model exhibits an impedance curve free from low values, presenting an easy load for amplifiers of 75 to 300 watts.

ATC’s SH25-76 soft dome tweeter is joined by the company’s highly linear 150mm mid/bass driver. It features a 75mm soft dome – exceptional for its horizontal dispersion of mid-band frequencies – and a huge 9kg high-energy, ‘Super Linear’ magnet system, which includes a 75mm flat wire voice coil, meticulously milled and formed by ATC. The magnet system and a carefully weighted doped fabric cone assembly contribute to the SCM19’s wide bandwidth, impressive dynamic range and convincing bass output coupled with very low distortion from the unique ‘Super Linear’ motor system.

Price for the SCM19 is £1996 inc. VAT and the SCM40 is  £3275 inc. VAT. Available 16th December 2013.

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