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If you want reference-quality headphones that take you closer to the music, Audeze’s LCD-X have to be heard.LCD-X AABK-SeatedL-12514

Audeze’s Award winning headphones are based on planar magnetic technology, which offers numerous benefits over traditional headphone design – see our tech boxout below for more details!

The LCD-X is an extremely efficient headphone that extracts the maximum power out of low-powered amplifiers and portable devices – and truly sings when powered by a headphone amp!

It’s also the most neutral of all Audeze’s LCD Collection. That’s why it’s favoured by recording engineers and musicians alike for its fast, dynamic and accurate sound.

Featuring Fazor Technology

Audeze’s patent-pending Fazor elements improve clarity, focus and the already spectacular holographic imaging. Two Fazor Fazor-Element-Diagram (1)elements are placed just outside the two magnet structures that surround the diaphragm. They guide and manage the flow of sound around the magnets and are standard on all LCD headphones.

Think of sound waves as ripples in a pond. Drop a pebble in the water, the ripples spread out undisturbed. Drop two pebbles and the ripples interfere with each other just like speakers in a room. Wave interference, while not as severe in headphones, remains an obstacle to top performance.

Fazor Features

  • Loads the diaphragm with a symmetrical acoustic load
  • Improves acoustic impedance-matching that extends high frequency response and increases efficiencyLCD-X-AABK-HangingF-12514
  • Acoustically transparent so sound waves generated by the surface of the moving diaphragm pass through the magnetic structure undegraded
  • Improved phase response at high frequencies
  • Improved Impulse response

All Audeze headphones are hand-crafted in California by sound engineers.  They are available from all good specialist retailers; the LCD-X has a suggested retail price of £1399.

Acclaim for the LCD-X headphones:


‘For accuracy, musicality and supreme comfort I love my Audeze LCD-X headphones – they make music sound so good!’John Davis, Mastering professional – responsible for remastering Led Zeppelin’s back catalogue, plus mastering for U2, REM, Primal Scream, Royal Blood, FKA Twigs, Lana Del Rey and more.


“Beautifully-finished and equally beautiful-sounding, deliciously smooth, unambiguously stable and accurate imaging with a lack of coloration in the midrange and treble. John Atkinson, Stereophile


“The LCD-X is now my favorite headphone for recreational listening and studio monitoring.”–MICHAEL MERCER, POSITIVE FEEDBACK
“High-end audio is all about the pursuit of excellence, and Audeze headphones exemplify that philosophy.”–STEVE GUTTENBERG, CNET
“The sense of space is enormous, sounding more like speakers in a room than drivers next to your ears.”–GEOFFREY MORRISON, FORBES
“The smallest details, the shortest transients, were all a clear and well defined as I could imagine possible. Deep bass had no boominess or chestiness. There was not a hint of over-sibilance.”– JOHN E. JOHNSON, SECRETS OF HOME THEATER AND HIFI
“The LCD-X is proof that Audeze listens to its customers and respects their opinions … Instrument separation and imaging are amazing … X marks the spot!”– DAN-ALEXANDRU GHEORGHE, HEADMANIA.ORG


Audeze LCD-X Features and SpecificationsLCD-X AABK-StandL-12514

StyleOpen circumaural
Transducer typePlanar magnetic
Magnetic structureProprietary self-closing design
Magnet typeHigh-grade Neodymium
Diaphragm area39.8sq cm (6.17sq in)
Maximum power15W (for 200 ms)
Optimal power1-4W
SPL> 130dB with 15W
Frequency response5Hz – 20kHz extension to 50kHz
THD< 1%
Impedance20 ohms
Efficiency95dB / 1mW
Cable length2.5m (8.2 ft)

Package Includes

2.5m (8.2ft) 6.35mm (1/4in) to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
2.5m (8.2ft) 4-pin XLR to dual 4-pin mini-XLR cable
6.35mm (1/4in) to 3.5mm (1/8in) stereo adapter
Ruggedized travel case
Warranty documents


More about Planar Magnetic Technology

Planar magnetic speaker technology is a dramatic departure from traditional dynamic speakers. The unique design and functionality of planar magnetic transducers (or “drivers”) overcome many limitations inherent in cone drivers.

Planar magnetic transducers typically consist of two main components: a diaphragm with circuit and magnet arrays. The “planar” in planar magnetics refers to the magnetic field that’s distributed in the same plane (parallel) to the diaphragm. Planar magnetic diaphragms are thin and lightweight compared to much heavier moving-coil or dome diaphragms found in “dynamic” drivers. This thin diaphragm is suspended in the magnetic fields created by the magnetic arrays.

Unlike a dynamic driver with a cone or dome attached to a voice coil, a planar magnetic diaphragm has a printed circuit spread across the surface of a thin-film substrate. When the circuit is energized with an audio signal it interacts with the magnetic field and produces an electromagnetic force that moves the diaphragm back and forth creating sound.

Planar magnetic transducers offer numerous benefits:LCD-X-AABK-SeatedL-Glam-10914

  • Responsiveness:  Since the force created by the magnetic field is distributed across most of the diaphragm surface, the planar magnetic diaphragm moves faster and with far greater accuracy to the input signal.
  • Frequency and Distortion:  The magnetic force that drives the lightweight diaphragm delivers rapid acceleration thus achieving a wide frequency response, low distortion and excellent sound quality.
  • Durability:  Because the circuit pattern is spread flat across the diaphragm surface it can dissipate the heat generated by the current passing through it more efficiently. Additionally, planar magnetic transducers have few moving parts and can maintain performance without any sonic degradation. Dynamic drivers continuously degrade in performance over their life due to a multitude of moving parts and use of glue joints.
  • Amplifier Friendly: The circuits found in planar magnetic diaphragms present an almost purely resistive load to amplifiers, making it easy to drive.  The impedance over the entire frequency range is completely flat vs. dynamic speaker, which could have variances in impedance values over the frequency range.

Audeze employs a number of proprietary techniques that improve upon basic planar magnetic design, including the integration of unique, ultra-thin diaphragms and stronger and more optimized magnetic fields and circuit patterns. Audeze’s goal is to bring the best in planar magnetic design and continuing to improve the personal audio experience.

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