Audio4Soul is a new company in 2 channel high-end audio products based in Greece and with a philosophy of bringing front_panelsimplicity in home audio to the masses whilst retaining truly audiophile credentials and sound quality. The company has announced worldwide distribution of Xtreme16 USB, its first product –  an asynchronous 24/192 USB-DAC and integrated amplifier plus a media player all in one box.

“The amplifier is a totally unique design, a TRUE digital amplifier overcoming many of the obstacles raised by traditional DAC+PREAMP+POWERAMP+INTERCONNECT problems.There is only one stage in the whole chain (PCM to PWM format) and then directly to speakers replacing over 10-12 stages and 100’s of low quality components in the signal chain.”

Pricing: €1350  (Xtreme16 USB), €998 (Xtreme16).

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