In 2016, Audio Analogue celebrated its twentieth birthday with two ‘Anniversary’ editions of the company’s earlier integrated amplifiers, the Puccini and Maestro. Now, the Italian brand has launched its ‘PureAA’ line of products, drawing key ideas from the Anniversary amps and adding further features.

Audio Analogue may be in its twenty-second year but the brand’s philosophy remains resolutely the same as when the company first started out: “to marry classically simple design with reference-quality sonic performance and excellent value for money”.

The brand’s new PureAA line aims to draw on some of the key ideas and features of the Anniversary amplifiers but to apply them in a slightly different way. The PureAA line sports a set of added features designed to appeal to music lovers who seek a wider range of functions and connections in a single product.

First to come to market in the PureAA line is the AAcento integrated amplifier. Hand-made in Italy,  Audio Analogue say: “like the Maestro Anniversary amp it’s a zero global feedback design – with no global feedback in both the preamp and the power amp stage”. The AAcento’s 480W toroidal transformer has been specifically designed for this amp and delivers 100W per channel. There’s one balanced and three unbalanced line inputs, a built-in MM/MC phono stage with switchable subsonic filter and a class A, zero feedback headphone amplifier. All of the AAcento’s internal functions are controlled by a microprocessor, using relays to select.The AAcento’s remote control is a substantial-feeling unit and the volume control, while digital, uses no operational amplifiers in its circuitry. A direct mode bypasses the volume control allowing the AAcento to be incorporated into a multi-channel home theatre system. The amplifier’s casework is resonance-damped and in keeping with the brand’s classically simple design philosophy.

The AAcento will shortly be partnered by the second release in the PureAA line, the AAphono phono stage.

Technical specifications:

Power on 8Ω load100W @ 1% THD + N
Power on 4Ω load200W @ 1% THD + N
Power on 2Ω load300W @ 1% THD + N
Signal/noise ratioLine 100dB, MM 85 dB, MC 65 dB
Standby power consumption (230VAC)< 1W
Dimensions (H x W x D)92 x 455 x 400 mm

Pricing & availability

Audio Analogue’s AAcento integrated amplifier is available now, in black or silver, priced at £2,999 (inc. VAT).


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