Audio Emotion will once again be in the Baird 1 Suite at the North West Audio Show. This year their room will feature a number of UK premieres including:

Tannoy Kingdom Royal Mk II Loudspeakers

The Kingdom Royal is Tannoy flagship loudspeaker in terms of technical expertise and acoustic performance.

Cayin CS-100DAC

The CS-100DAC is a reference grade digital source. It features two ESS ES9038Pro DAC chipset and can natively decode up to DSD512 and 32 Bit/ 768kHz.  User can select from 7 PCM digital filters and 4 DSD digital filters to fine tune the sound signature for different music genre or even specific music files.

Cayin SC-6LS Mk2 Preamplifier

Cayin’s original SC-6LS was recognized as one of the best preamplifiers available on the market. The mk2 version refines this with a new design and  components.

Acoustic Signature Merlin Turntable

The MERLIN turntable weighs in at 16 kg and marks the new entry to the Acoustic Signature series of mass turntables.

Aurender N10 Music Player

When computer audio first started to gain popularity, USB was the de facto standard for the digital audio signal transport. This was simply because computers have USB ports, not AES/EBU or other SPDIF ports.

MBL C15 Mono Amplifiers

Winner of The Absolute Sound “Editors Choice Awards” 5 Years in a row.

They look forward to seeing you at the show!

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