+AUDIO the American maker of sound systems has launched in the UK. The American brand has partnered with Henley Audio (formerly Henley Designs) the UK distributor based in Oxfordshire.

The first +AUDIO products to reach the UK are: THE+RADIO DAB+; THE+RADIO DAB+ Stereo; and THE+RECORD PLAYER (pictured). All three represent +AUDIO’s approach to design of style, substance, and simplicity.

Vinyl is well and truly back, but for all of those looking to build a vinyl-based separates system, there is also a verified group of would-be turntable owners seeking a compact, yet premium, all-in-one record player. And, this is where THE+RECORD PLAYER makes its entrance. Not to be confused with vinyl-scratching all-in-ones currently delivering mediocre performance, this machine houses first-class technology, including a Pro-Ject tonearm and Ortofon cartridge. This ‘proper’ vinyl tech ensures that your beloved record collection receives the loving care it deserves.

Featuring patent-pending technology developed by +AUDIO’s Bob Hazlewood – an industry veteran with over 35 years’ experience, including time served along famed US designer, Henry Kloss – the chassis houses a powerful sound system, including a ‘Wide’ mode, which enables significantly wider-reaching sonics. You also get Bluetooth for wireless streaming from digital devices. The optical-in connects the likes of TVs, and its USB slot enables vinyl ripping to computer, and also lets you playback audio from a connected computer. The analogue parking space lets you connect a wired source, and the headphone out means you can listen to your records without anyone else knowing what you’re spinning.

THE+RADIO DAB+ is first and foremost a radio. Equipped with DAB+ it’s prepared for tomorrow’s broadcasts as well as today’s, plus offers FM. Smart device owners can stream audio via Bluetooth, and there is an aux-in for wired connections. The headphone out enables personal listening sessions, while the alarm function let’s you know when it’s time to head to the shower. The supplied remote control magnetically attaches to the side of the +AUDIO radio’s cabinet. Featuring seamless curves, its minimalist fascia delivers an easy to read display, giving over healthy acreage to the built-in, high performance speaker. Available in five finishes – Cherry, Oak, Rosewood, Walnut, and White.

THE+RADIO DAB Stereo gives you the above-described model, but with a matching +AUDIO stereo speaker. The additional speaker doesn’t require any power, just connect it using the supplied wire, and you transform your listening experience from mono to stereo.

  • The +AUDIO THE+RADIO DAB+ launches this autumn, priced £225.00 (RRP).
  • The +AUDIO THE+RADIO DAB+ Stereo launches this autumn, priced £335.00 (RRP).
  • The +AUDIO THE+RECORD PLAYER+ launches this winter, priced £799.00 (RRP).





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