Audio MusiKraft have announced their entry to the audiophile market with their brand new turntable products and online boutique. They say that their shells create “The world’s first and only “tweakable” And “customisable” Phono Cartridge”.

The MusiKraft shells are specifically designed for the Denon DL-103 and DL-103R phono cartridges are all customisable and available in three different metals along with a selection of twenty-four different wood species.

Some examples of them are:

  • S-Al in clear or champagne anodised aluminium: from US $229 (bare, without wood insert, nor cartridge)
  • S-Al-103 in clear or champagne anodised aluminium: from US $539 (kit form including the DL-103)
  • S-AlLi-103 in hand polished aluminium-lithium: from US $739 (kit form including the DL-103)
  • S-Mg-103 in chemical conversion coated magnesium: from US $789 (kit form including the DL-103)

Guy Pelletier of Audio MusiKraft told us more “The MusiKraft shell is based on the legendary Denon DL-103 phono cartridge. Four years of research and development were invested and during this period many prototypes were realised and voiced. The present shell morphology is the culmination of all this work and offers many advantages to bring the Denon DL-103 to a much higher level of performance, along with personalising the sound and looks to the audiophile’s taste. To adapt the shell, a modification to the original cartridge is required as the shell system replaces the standard plastic casing. When liberated from its plastic casing and merged to the MusiKraft shell system, the customer is then able to hear and exploit the full potential of the classic Denon cartridge”.

Features and Innovations

  • Material combinations on the same housing (metal and wood)
  • Precise machining (strict ± 0.001″ tolerance)
  • Straightforward and quick phono cartridge installation
  • Unique lightweight magnesium shell model
  • Three (3) metal materials offered
  • Interchangeable wood inserts to combine tonality and/or aesthetics (24 available species)
  • Various finish and tonal wood treatments
  • Three (3) fine tuning micro-screws for voicing
  • Five (5) different geometric positions for overhang adjustment
  • Simplified front and lateral reference alignment
  • Reusable and interchangeable shell








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