Audio Physic, the German loudspeaker manufacturer, celebrates its 35th birthday and gives three of its loudspeakers an upgrade.

Audio Physic is reissuing the classics Avanti, Tempo, and Step and is launching the AVANTI 35, TEMPO 35, and STEP 35 this summer.

Audio Physic STEP 35

“Since our foundation in 1985, we have been driven by one thought: “Nothing, but Music. We want to build loudspeakers you can’t hear, which disappear in the music. Bringing music to life, making every detail physically tangible,” explains managing director Wolfgang Lücke.

Audio Physic AVANTI 35

The new Avanti has anew woofer, invisibly realized as a bass insert, in combination with a new crossover. The mid-range chamber has also been revised and now features the honeycomb construction.

Audio Physic AVANTI 35

The AVANTI 35 is now available with glass surfaces, wooden surfaces will follow in late summer 2020.

Audio Physic TEMPO 35

By customer request, Tempo now has a new magnet front cover made of fabric. Inside it has a HHCM III midrange driver, new crossovers, and a VCT III connector terminal.

Audio Physic TEMPO 35

The TEMPO 35 will be available from late summer 2020 in high-gloss black and white and walnut and ebony.

Audio Physic STEP 35

The smallest of the anniversary loudspeakers are equipped with HHCM III woofers and mid-range drivers, new crossovers, and VCT III connection terminal.

Audio Physic STEP 35

The STEP 35 will be available from late summer 2020 in high-gloss black and white and walnut and ebony.


Available in the UK from Elite Audio

Audio Physic AVANTI 35 Inside View

Audio Physic AVANTI 35 – from £6,066

Audio Physic TEMPO 35 – from £5,131

Audio Physic STEP 35 – from £2,141

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