Audio Physic have released their first new loudspeaker of 2017. The Avantera III are an upgrade to the Avantera plus+ loudspeakers.

Audio Physic’s HHC (Hyper-Holographic Cone) midrange driver has had a third-generation upgrade and the Avantera III now comes with the new HHCM III midrange driver (featured in the Codex loudspeakers). The tweeter has also been upgraded to the HHCT III (featured in the Cardeas 30 LJE loudspeakers).

The Avantera plus+’s original Clarity Cap capacitors have been redesigned and replaced with the crossover capacitors from the Cardeas 30 LJE loudspeakers. The Clarity Cap capacitors now utilise copper foam technology. That’s not all the Avantera III takes from these other Audio Physic loudspeakers though. Specially designed solid aluminium feet, similar to those on the Codex, keep the Aventera III standing in place. Audio Physic have also given the chambers a redesign, with new absorber elements in the midrange chamber and ceramic foam elements in the woofer chambers.

The Avantera III loudspeakers are available to order now in the UK from £16,490, in a range of classic Audio Physic finishes.





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