Audio Research say they are pleased to announce that the GSi75 integrated amplifier, the third member of the G-Series, is finally a reality and in production. First shown as a prototype at  the Munich High End show in 2014 (And very nice it looked too), the final production version has grown in size, versatility, and performance with Audio Research calling it the Swiss army knife in their lineup.4218_Audio_Research_GSi75

The GSi75 is more than a simple integrated amplifier, it is a one-box solution that includes both a high per- formance DAC and phono stage; all you need is a digital source, a turntable, and speakers…it even has a tube headphone section.

The DAC in the GSi75 is the companyy’s most advanced design, handling digital sampling rates up to 384kHz and DSD 1x and 2x, in both native and DoP formats via USB 2.0. True, native DSD bitstreams are resolved with no PCM conversion. In addition to the USB input, the GSi75 also has Toslink and RCA inputs. Fast and Slow filters are selectable, as is Upsampling to 352kHz or 384kHz. A separate driver is not required for Mac.4219_Audio_Research_GSi75_(top_view_without_protective_valve_cage)

The phono section has switchable 45dB or 62dB gain for use with MM or MC cartridges. Input impedance is selectable (47k, 1000k, 500, 200 or 100 ohms) via the front panel or the remote.

In addition to the digital and phono inputs, there are three other SE inputs, one of which can be configured as a home theater pass- through. The GSi75 has an IR input, and is also controllable via RS-232. The GSi75 has two 6H30 driver tubes and four KT150 output tubes that should last 3,000 hours. There are 4 and 8ohm speaker outputs.4215_Audio_Research_GSi75_(detail)

“The GSi75 is a sonic knockout, with clarity, dynamics and the same engaging immediacy that you have come to expect from the GSPre and GS150” say the company. Visually, it has the same elegant esthetic as its siblings, featuring a welded, hand-finished, brushed aluminum chassis, matte black transformer cover, black side handles, and a remov- able (perforated black) tube cage.


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